101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the robinsons

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the robinsons

Dalmatians is a family film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The plot centers on the fate of the kidnapped puppies of Pongo and Perdita. gets Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting. . The Incredibles () • Chicken Little () • Cars () • Meet the Robinsons . One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as Dalmatians, is a Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, (Rod Taylor and Cate Bauer respectively) set out Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting. .. Meet the Robinsons (); Bolt (); The Princess and the Frog ( ). One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as Dalmatians, is a American Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, set out to save their children from Cruella, all the while rescuing 84 additional puppies that were He quickly gets Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting .

After a happy reunion with their own puppies, Pongo and Perdita realize there are dozens of others with them, 99 altogether including their own. Shocked at Cruella's plans, Pongo and Perdita decide to adopt all of the puppies, certain that Roger and Anita would never reject them. The Dalmatians begin making their way back to London through deep snow, as all open water is frozen solid. Other animals help them along the way, while Cruella, Jasper, and Horace chase them.

In one town, they cover themselves with soot to disguise themselves as Labradorsthen pile inside a moving van bound for London.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the robinsons

As it is leaving, melting snow clears off the soot and Cruella sees them. Enraged, she follows the van in her car and rams it, but Jasper and Horace, who try to cut it off from above, end up crashing into her. Both vehicles are smashed to smithereens and fall into a deep ravine, leaving Cruella and her henchmen stranded and defeated at last. Cruella yells in frustration as the van drives away.

Back in London, Roger and Anita are attempting to celebrate Christmas and his first big hit, a song about Cruella, but they miss their canine companions. Suddenly, barking is heard outside and, after their nanny opens the door, the house is filled with dogs. After wiping away the rest of the soot, they are delighted to realize their pets have returned home. After counting 84 extra puppies, they decide to use the money from the song to buy a large house in the country so they can keep all Dalmatians.

Voice cast[ edit ] Rod Taylor as Pongo, Roger's pet, Perdita's mate, and the father of 15 of the 99 puppies. Betty Lou Gerson as Cruella De Vila cruel and eccentric heiress who has Pongo and Perdita's puppies kidnapped with the intention of making fur coats out of them.

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She has an obsession for pelts, but is only shown wearing a single, voluminous white coat. Beneath this, she wears a skintight black dress. Cruella smokes constantly and drives a long red and black car based on a Mercedes-Benz K Cabriolet.

She was also Anita's former schoolmate, which is why Anita assumes good-faith that Cruella is well-meaning despite her eccentric behavior. Roger, however, is far less trusting, and suspects her of being the one to kidnap the puppies which she did. Gerson also voiced Mrs. Birdwell, a contestant on the show "What's My Crime? Mary Wickes served as Cruella's live-action model. He works as a songwriter and later becomes rich when creating a song about Cruella de Vil.

Bill Lee provided Roger's singing voice. Helene Stanley served as Anita's live-action model. Martha Wentworth as Nanny, The Radcliffes' maid. She is very maternal and fussy, detests Cruella, has no patience for teasing, and is very attached to the puppies, but worthless in a crisis except to give the alarm.

Wentworth also voiced Queenie, one of three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold, and Lucy, a goose who helps send the word along about the puppies. Frederick Worlock and J. Pat O'Malley as Horace and Jasper, respectively, Cruella's comic relief henchmen who carry out the kidnapping of the Dalmatian puppies.

Jasper is tall and thin, while Horace is short and fat; otherwise, they are obviously fraternal twin brothers. Although they appear to be stupid, Horace appears to be the more intelligent of the two, but is absolutely intimidated by his brother, who has the more ready tongue. Jasper has a closed mind to the possibility of sapience in dogs — as well as the equal possibility of cleverness in his brother. Jasper drinks alcohol, whereas Horace eats sandwiches.

Both enjoy watching a weekly television program called "What's My Crime? One of the guest stars of this program, Percival "Meathead" Fauncewater, is an acquaintance of theirs.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the robinsons

David Frankham as Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat who is the most prominent in masterminding a rescue mission to save the puppies from Cruella. Mimi Gibson as Lucky, a runty puppy of Pongo and Perdita who nearly dies after being born. He is given the name "Lucky" because of being revived by Roger.

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He loves watching TV, and is portrayed as a troublemaker. Barbara Baird as Rolly, a puppy who is always hungry, and is shown as pudgier than the rest of the puppies. His collar is tight around his neck with his fat bunched up around it. Mickey Maga as Patch, a puppy who loves Thunderbolt and has a spot on his eye. Patch is aggressive, barking and growling, but is often frightened by Cruella de Vil.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

He is the star of the animated sequel, Dalmatians II: Sandra Abbott as Penny, the only puppy not named for her appearance or habits. She is one of only two female pups, the other being Freckles.

Mary Wickes as Freckles, a puppy who has a pattern of spots over the bridge of her nose resembling freckles on a human child. Freckles is shown very tired, or asking many questions.

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Tudor Owen as Towser, a bloodhound who aids Pongo and Perdita in finding the puppies. Queenie Leonard as Princess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the robinsons

Marjorie Bennett as Duchess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold. Barbara Luddy as Rover, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped. Rickie Sorensen as Spotty, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped. Tom Conway as Collie, who offers the Dalmatians shelter for the night at a dairy farm. Conway also voiced the Quizmaster, the host of "What's My Crime? He looked very sick, I said "Gee it's great to see you Walt", and he said "You know that thing you did on dalmatians".

He didn't say anything else, but he just gave me this look and I knew that all was forgiven and in his opinion maybe what I did on dalmatians wasn't so bad. That was the last time I ever saw him.

Then a few weeks later I learned he was gone. Actress Helene Stanley performed the live-action reference for the character of Anita. She did the same kind of work for the characters of Cinderella and Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Disney insisted that all scenes involving human characters should be shot first in live-action to determine that they would work before the expensive business of animation was permitted to start.

The animators did not like this way of working, feeling it detracted from their ability to create character. He was cast as Pongo. The filmmakers deliberately cast dogs with deeper voices than their human owners so they had more power. Disney agreed with her after the two of them read the script for a second time.

Songwriter Mel Leven had, in fact, written several additional songs for it including "Don't Buy a Parrot from a Sailor", a cockney chant, meant to be sung by Jasper and Horace at the De Vil Mansion, and "March of the One Hundred and One", which the dogs were meant to sing after escaping Cruella by van.

Different, longer versions of "Kanine Krunchies Jingle" and "Dalmatian Plantation" appear on the Disneyland Records read-along album based on the film.

Lady, Tramp and Jock also appear, and get the message, and send it on. Release The film was first released to theaters on January 25, After its initial theatrical run, it was re-released to theaters four more times: