101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the spartans

On the other hand, a media communicator can reach a vast audience Consequently, media communicators tap into the □ MEDIA LITERACY CULTURAL as two Dalmatians (Pongo and Perdita) meet, fall in love, and raise 15 puppies. are the modern equivalent of the ancient city-states of Athens and Sparta. Dalmatians (One Hundred and One Dalmatians). In a Disney animation classic, Dalmatian Pongo is tired of his bachelor-dog life. He spies lovely Perdita and maneuvers his master, Roger, into meeting Perdita's owner, Anita. King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in The Cats Are Mean trope as used in popular culture. Cats get a bad rep. While cat and dog owners can cite a truckload of quirks on both ends of the spectrum .

No longer allowed to maintain her previous lifestyle, she attempts to soothe her fixation on spots with the help of Lars, a French beatnik artist. In order to inspire him, she restarts her hunt for the dalmatians, using a newspaper picture of Patch to find their new address. Patch's family finally becomes aware that he is missing and go back to London to find him.

Cruella bails her former henchmen, Jasper and Horace, out of prison. She sends them in a stolen dog food truck to steal the remaining puppies. They succeed after dealing with Nanny, and they take them to Lars.

When Cruella requests she be made a masterpiece from their fur, Lars angrily refuses, not wanting them to be harmed. Angered, she has him bound and gagged and returns to her original plan of making a dalmatian fur coat. The captured puppies use the Twilight Bark to send a distress signal, which is picked up by Patch and Thunderbolt, and they set out to save Patch's family, with Thunderbolt thinking this will be the ultimate deed to prove himself a true hero.

On the way, they encounter Lil' Lightning, who follows them and convinces Thunderbolt not to use Patch's stealth plan but to openly attack. He frightens Jasper and Horace, but Cruella knocks him unconscious and he and Patch are captured. Lil' Lightning, believing his own scheme fulfilled, sneaks into the building and reveals that Thunderbolt is a fraud, and tells him that what he said a while ago was a lie to get him out of the way and finally be out of his shadow, before leaving.

Crushed by this revelation, and Thunderbolt telling Patch that he is really an actor, Patch falls into despair, but his siblings restore his spirit by reminding him that Thunderbolt escaped a similar predicament in one of the TV episodes. Patch breaks out and releases his family, but Thunderbolt remains behind, ashamed of himself for disappointing Patch.

The dalmatians escape through the building's roof to Cruella's Panther De Villewhile having the villains stalled on where they are. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt escapes from his cage and frees Lars. The puppies steal a double-decker bus, but Cruella, Jasper, and Horace discover the escape and pursue them in their stolen truck, a chase ensues through the streets of London, crashing through the filming of Lil' Lightning's new show in the process, and having him on the driving window.

Cruella, Jasper and Horace finally corner the dogs in an alley. Patch tries to hold them off while the others escape, but they are undaunted. Luckily, Thunderbolt arrives, having been driven to the scene by Lars, and fakes a heart attack, briefly gaining Lil' Lightning's sympathy and making Cruella, in her distraction, knock out Jasper and Horace and incapacitate herself while Patch retreats back to the bus.

He puts it in reverse, sending Cruella, Jasper, Horace, and Lil' Lightning scrambling into the River Thamesalong with their stolen truck. As he and Thunderbolt stand triumphantly, Patch finally brings out a bark similar to Thunderbolt's. The police arrest Lil' Lightning, Jasper and Horace, while Cruella, now driven completely insane, is sent to a mental institution.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the spartans

The Radcliffes and Nanny who were told by Jasper and Horace it was Cruella who made them do it arrive, along with Patch's parents, whom he introduces to Thunderbolt. They thank him, but he dismisses himself as simply an actor.

Patch, on the other hand, is, in his eyes, a "real, one of a kind wonder-dog. Cast and characters[ edit ] Bobby Lockwood as Patch, one of the Dalmatian puppies. He has a large black spot over one of his eyes, hence his name. He feels lonely and left-out oftentimes with his family, thinking that he is just one of the famous Dalmatians, and longs for a chance to become separate and leave the shadow of his brothers and sisters.

He is adventurous, bold, and strong-minded. He quickly befriends Thunderbolt, the famous television wonder-dog whom he adores, and later meets Lil' Lightning, the famous sidekick of Thunderbolt only to be betrayed by him later on. As the film opens, it is shown that Thunderbolt is not exactly bright, and very self-centered and rude to his sidekick, Lil' Lightning, which eventually provokes the Corgi to revolt. When Thunderbolt runs away, after being tricked by Lightning in thinking that the director of his famous show plans to kill him off, he runs into Patch, and the two quickly bond, trying to do heroic feats to prove that Thunderbolt is a real hero.

As the film progresses, Thunderbolt becomes a fatherlike figure to Patch, and loses his starry-eyed, naive ways to become a strong, brave, and faithful dog. Susanne Blakeslee as Cruella de Vilthe villain of the original film, back again to kidnap the puppies.

She is now under a restraining order due to her past history of crimes of trying to kidnap and kill the Dalmatian puppies.

Note that when cats just are not mean in some cases, that's Not a Subversion. Also, if the story features only cats and some happen to be the bad guys, that isn't this trope fully either.

May also, in some cases, lead to Cats Are Snarkersthough the two tropes can exist independently of one another. Not to be confused with CATS. Played-straight or exaggerated examples: Tim Curry has the answer, for good measure. Kamineko, that cat who keeps attacking Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh. In the cat's defense, Sakaki seems to have an aura that makes cats hate herwith one exception.

Cats Are Mean - TV Tropes

Mayaa is the antithesis of this trope: To drive home this point, Mayaa later drives off Kamineko and a small horde of cats in her defense.

The fact that Kamineko gathered up the cats just to attack Sakaki and Chiyo-Chan seems to point to the conclusion that it was just a jerk. Furthermore, in the last episode, when Sakaki apologizes to it for trying to pet it all the time without taking its feelings into account, it walks up to Sakaki, allows her to move her hand toward its head as though to let her pet it Word of God has confirmed that it's not that Kamineko hates people, it's just that Sakaki's cold, tough demeanor makes cats think she's going to hurt them.

Wild cats, however, are obviously not scared that easily. Cat Soup The cat siblings beat the pig who rescues them from a flood senseless. In the original TV show, they seemed to have been taught to hate the pigs, so it doubles as a form of Fantastic Racism. Neko No Kuni Banipal Witt a. Two children are brought there by the cats to save them from the boy's kidnapped dog, Papadoll.

Exposure to the cat world's sun has turned the dog into a rampaging monster being used as a weapon by Princess Buburina to take over the entire cat realm. But really only Buburina and Doh-doh sort of are bad. In the manga Cerberus, one of the Kuzure malevolent animal spirits that take the form of demonic creatures that feed on human souls is a two tailed cat monster or nekomata who tried to find the current Gravekeeper the protagonist sharing his body with a Hellhound tasked with subduing Kuzureassuming that he was too weak to put up a fight.

He gets his two-tailed butt kicked by the Shrine head Yoyo, who swings it around with its own tails, outpaces it in speed, and seals it with a three-bar seal, smashing its head into the ground InuYasha -style.

Arthur from Code Geass creates a running joke by always making trouble for Suzaku, usually by biting him and nobody else. Interestingly, though, Arthur actually seems to like Suzaku; the official website for the second season says that he bites out of love which is something that some cats do, making that Truth in Television.

To go further, Arthur once attacked an enemy combatant whose gun was pointed at Suzaku, and in the final episode, we get a brief scene of Arthur patiently watching over Suzaku's grave. Arthur also makes trouble for Lelouch by unwittingly making off with his Zero mask.

Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure - Wikipedia

Izutsumi of Delicious in Dungeon is a cat chimera and is pretty rude and selfish when she first meets Team Touden. Fortunately she begins to come round and treat them all better fairly quickly when they in turn treat her well.

In the original movie, little Tai makes the mistake of defending Koromon for eating Miko's food, which results in rather nasty-looking scratches for boy and Digimon. Beers from the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie. He is the God of Destruction, and all off the Kais fear him, even Shenlong. Not to mention, he has a really bad temper and tried to destroy Earth just because Buu wouldn't let him have 1 or 2 Pudding cups.

Not to mention, he is the strongest villain in DBZ history. Except for his master, Whis, who is stronger than he is. Go Go Itsutsugo Land!

Though they do show occasional benevolent sides, they like to be played for their mean side. Tama gets a bit of a pass as he's a white tiger. But Nagi calls him a kitten, even arguing with Hayate about it. Shiranui seems to take over this role when not used for Cuteness Proximitywhile Tama plays more to the Funny Animal aspect. And Isumi's great grandmother uses cats in her first appearance when she's a villain after Hayate.

Afterwards, she becomes an ally and doesn't seem to use cats anymore. Warrent Officer Schrodinger may act all nice and friendly, but don't let that fool you.

After all, he's a nazi. IGPX Immortal Grand Prix features a cat with whom one of the human characters has a technologically available mental link. Though the cat is opinionated and realistically cat-like okay, he does have an attitudehe is neither a villain nor a hero in most instances.

One of the better filler arcs in InuYasha has Panther demons as antagonists to the group of heroes. What makes it funny is that the leader of their tribes butted heads with Inuyasha and Seshomaru's father, who is a dog demon.

So it's literally cats vs dogs. Stray Cat, a stray cat from Part 4.

Cats Are Mean

It was treated rather fairly, though, since Stray Cat never attacked anybody who wasn't already trying to hurt it, and even gets a happy ending when it's adopted by one of the heroes.

Did I mention that it's a cat who died, then became a plant-cat hybrid due to its Stand powers? The Stand's appearance might be a reflection of Kira's predatory nature. In Kodomo no Jikan, Kuro is often drawn with cat ears or as a humanoid black cat. Kuro is a Yandere Schoolgirl Lesbian who has kicked her 23 year old teacher in the nuts at least 30 times because her crush Rin, her best friend has a thing for him. They constantly tease Chrono and playfully threaten to eat Yuuno.

Then they purposely break poor Hayate by killing her family in front of her while disguised as her friends although they did have a reason for doing so.

New Voices In The Dark: Souichi's sister adopts a wandering young cat, which unfortunately catches Souichi's interests. When Souichi gets blamed for harassing the cat, he vows revenge by placing a curse on Colin as the cat was named. In the beginning a sweet, playful kitty cat, Colin became steadily more violent and ugly until Colin gets better and Souichi gets what he deserves. The Pirate girl with two cats tries to kill the crew after unknowingly befriending their young second-in-command.

The universe's local catlike humanoid aliens, the Ctarl-Ctarl, are typified as egomaniacal, violent jerks. Puchi Puri Yuuchi a. Petite Princess Yucie has an episode where Glennda, princess of the Demon Realm, has to fight Cait Sith, an evil cat attacking her realm and turning everyone there into cats. The Cait Sith fairy cat is a Celtic mythological character, and is generally regarded as at least untrustworthy if not outright evil, so this appears to be a Japanese interpretation of a legend from the other side of the world.

Meowth is famous for being the third member of the Team Rocket Trio, Giovanni is regularly seen with a Persian by his sideand a member of Team Galactic was in possession of an especially mean Purugly.

Meowth's backstory has him trying to impress a female Meowth he was in love with by, over a period of months, painstakingly learning how to walk on two legs and speak a human language. She rejects him, calling him a freak and saying that he still has no money.

Even later, when he fought a Persian for her and won! Said Persian may or may not count. While he did try to force Meowth to rejoin his gang, he took the female Meowth in when her owner abandoned her and, prior to all this, gave Meowth a fish when he was so hungry he thought baseballs were food. Of course, this is all ultimately subverted in the games, where you the protagonist can catch and train these Pokemon yourself.

Due to her past experience of being toyed around by a cat and having watched too many 'dog' detective TV series whereas a cat is often the villainin the words of Shinkuu, "Cats are enemies of all Rozen Maiden! Sailor Moon has an episode where Luna, a talking cat, is menaced by a horde of non-talking cats.

A big fat cat saves her and develops a crush on her, but from there, things get complicated; the other non-talking cats are clearly jerkoffs, though. Shingo, Usagi's young brother, was bitten by a cat when he was just a baby, giving him a phobia of them until Luna comes along.

Even after he gets over his fear, they're still far from his favorite animal. Then there is Tin Nyanko, who, despite being a member of an evil organization, seems to really relish in being bad. It's kind of funny, since she is half healed and has a split personality. Add to that, the Space Mice are definitely justified in fearing being devoured by this monster, who came from a world where it was bathed in Human blood.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the spartans

On the minus side, any sighting of the Blue Cat told the force that something was up, so its ability to spy ala Laserbeak was later limited.

Ratso Catso from Wowser practically defines this trope, in ways that would actually make Garfield proud. The first time she's seen, in Johan's exhibition duel with Judai, she taunts Judai and mentions how "tasty" he looks. Of course, seeing as her effect as a card is one which makes her a direct-attacker, being "nice" likely wouldn't work. The cat is adopted by the teenage Ayako, shapeshifts into Ayako's mother and terrifies her when they're left alone together. It turns out Saya is a spirit and she's doing this as Revenge for Ayako telling her father to leave her to die when Saya was struck by their car.

In the end, she murders the protagonist the same way and shapeshifts into her. There's a extra side story after that set twenty years later that implies that Saya killed the parents sometime later and still using their abandoned house as its hideout. She's now posing as a teacher and seems to have taken up eating humans. Comic Books Art Spiegelman 's comic Mausa narrative of the author's father's struggle to survive the Holocaust wherein the Nazis are drawn as cats and Jews as mice.

101 Dalmatians - Fight Scene

But that's justified in that the other cat stereotype is that they hunt mice, and it makes a good analogy for the Holocaust. More than that, there is an artistic point. Nazi propaganda films drew analogies between Jews and rats.

101 dalmatians pongo and perdita meet the spartans