10th and 11th doctor meet episode game

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10th and 11th doctor meet episode game

The End of Time is a two-part story made up of the fourth and fifth of five special episodes of the The story features the Tenth Doctor (Tennant), who has been running from a prophecy of his and physical traits, setting up the show's following series with Matt Smith as the star and Steven Moffat as executive producer. Over the years, the Doctor has experienced numerous lives and incredible adventures ranging from the tragic to the sublime. But what about all. As the Doctor is a time traveller he does indeed meet himself every so recently aired with Doctors 10 and 11 as well as the "War Doctor".

The other two Doctors follow him with the intention of helping him detonate the Moment. When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors devise an alternative solution.

The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode game

When Gallifrey disappears, the surrounding Dalek warships would obliterate themselves in the inevitable crossfire. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's.

It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I'm going. Where I've always been going. Home, the long way round.

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The War and Tenth Doctors realise they will not remember what happened; they will continue shouldering the guilt. The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving.

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Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More. The Eleventh Doctor decides to find Gallifrey. Continuity[ edit ] As the show's 50th anniversary special, the episode contains a multitude of references to previous episodes. It opens with the title sequence and theme arrangement used at the series' debut in Echoing the opening of " An Unearthly Child ", the first episode of the first Doctor Who seriala policeman is shown walking past the sign for I.

Foreman, the scrap merchant in whose yard the TARDIS was located, and its first few seconds are in monochrome as had been the case in The Two Doctorsthe last time more than one Doctor had featured in an official story. Coal Hill Schoolwhich the Doctor's granddaughter Susan Foreman attended when they were on Earth in in the very first story, also featured in the serial Remembrance of the Daleks.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode game

Though unrelated to the episode, it was used to introduce both parts of the story, with Tennant himself providing a voiceover introduction for Part Two. After Part Two was broadcast, the ident continued for the remainder of the day but no longer featured Tennant, since he was no longer the Doctor. Concurrently with the recording of the story, a music video was produced, featuring the cast, extras, crew and CGI Adiposeall lip-synching and dancing to the Proclaimers ' song, " I'm Gonna Be Miles ".

The Tenth Doctor

Tennant appeared with each pair of featured actors, as well as with the Proclaimers themselves. Broadcast and reception[ edit ] Ratings[ edit ] Overnight ratings placed Part One as the third most watched programme of Christmas Day, behind EastEnders and The Royle Family with a provisional viewing figure of The episode achieved a This is the highest timeshift that the show has received since its revival the previous highest being When this figure is recognised, the program becomes the most watched of the week.

This makes The End of Time only the third instance in which the show has achieved such an honour in its extensive history. But Robins concedes that when the story is done it is the quieter more emotional parts from the beginning of the episode that the viewer will remember.

Robins also notes that Cribbins seems to be playing the same role that Tate did by "becoming the tragic hero while remaining the comic relief.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode game