Abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

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abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy is a horror comedy film directed by who wanted to steal the treasure are presumably arrested. Cast. Lobby card . and directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz. Richard Karlan as Hetsut; Mel Welles as Iben; George Khoury as Habid; Eddie Parker as Klaris, the Mummy; Mazzone-Abbott Dancers as. ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN HHHH For Bud Abbott and CAST: Jan-Michael Vincent, Dan Haggerty, Raquel Bianca, Lawrence King.

Ardeth hypothesizes that Imhotep wants to resurrect Anck-su-Namun again and plans to do so by sacrificing Evelyn. Evelyn believes that if the Book of the Dead brought Imhotep back to life, the Book of the Living can kill him again, and deduces the book's whereabouts. Imhotep corners the group with an army of slaves. Evelyn agrees to accompany Imhotep if he spares the rest of the group.

abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

Imhotep prepares to sacrifice Evelyn, but she is rescued after an intense battle with Imhotep's mummified priests. Imhotep leaves the world of the living, but not before vowing revenge by saying "Death is only the beginning. Ardeth rides away as Rick and Evelyn kiss and, with Jonathan, ride off into the sunset on a pair of camels laden with Beni's treasure.

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List of The Mummy characters Top to bottom: An adventurer who served in the French Foreign Legion. A clumsy yet intelligent Egyptologist. Evelyn undertakes the expedition to Hamunaptra to discover an ancient book, proving herself to her peers. Rachel Weisz was not a big fan of horror films but did not see this film as such. As she said in an interview, "It's hokum, a comic book world. Evelyn's bumbling older brother, whose primary goal is to get rich; he signs on for the trip to Hamunaptra after learning from Evelyn that the city is supposed to be where the ancient pharaohs hid "the wealth of Egypt.

Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep: He is cursed and slowly killed for his treachery, but is resurrected 3, years later to continue his plans. South African stage actor Vosloo understood the approach that Sommers was going for in his screenplay, but only agreed to take on the role of Imhotep "if I could do it absolutely straight.

From Imhotep's point of view, this is a skewed version of ' Romeo and Juliet '. O'Connor as Beni Gabor: A former soldier in the Foreign Legion, like Rick. Beni is obsessed with wealth, but also extremely cowardly; he betrays his employers when faced with Imhotep's wrath, who takes him in as his servant when he prays to God in Hebrewthe language of those who were enslaved in his time. Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay: A member of the Medjai, an ancient order dedicated to protecting the resting place of Imhotep.

When the mummy is awakened, he and his warriors pledge to destroy the creature. Americans who travel to Hamunaptra in a treasure-hunting expedition.

abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

Opening a cursed box, they steal priceless canopic jars. They are all eventually killed by Imhotep, who fully regenerates by sucking the life out of each of them. Jonathan Hyde as Dr.

abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

An Egyptologist who leads a rival expedition to Hamunaptra, led by Beni. While Chamberlain tries to open the Book of the Dead, he knows not to read from it, and turns to the Medjai when Imhotep is brought to life.

Since he opened the box that contained the Book of the Dead, he is cursed and eventually killed.

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Omid Djalili as Gad Hassan: A man from Cairo who went along with Rick, Evelyn, and Johnathan to Hamunaptra in order to find riches. When he wandered off in Hamunaptra he found Scarab beetle shells on the wall and mistakes them for blue gold. While plucking them from the wall, one drops and the scarab crawls out of the shell and crawls under Hassan's skin and eats him very slowly, leading to his death.

Erick Avari as Dr. Evelyn's superior who works at a museum in Cairo. Bay deliberately tries to stop Evelyn and her brother from learning the location of Hamunaptra, knowing what evil lurks beneath the desert. Bernard Fox as Winston Havelock: He later helps Rick, Jonathan, and Ardeth get to Hamunaptra, but is killed by the sandstorm Imhotep creates.

The mistress of Seti I; no other man is allowed to touch her.

abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

When Seti's body guards learn of her affair with Imhotep, Anck-Su-Namun commits suicide rather than be caught for Seti's murder. The Pharaoh that was going to marry Anck-Su-Namun.

But he was murdered by her and Imhotep so that she could marry Imhotep instead. Origins[ edit ] Inproducers James Jacks and Sean Daniel decided to update the original Mummy film for the s. Hafez attempts to sacrifice Evelyn but a fight ensues between Rick and Imhotep.

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

Imhotep awakens mummified soldiers to kill Rick and the others. Freeing Evelyn, they flee on a double-decker bus. Alex is kidnapped by Lock-Nah, and along with the cult travels to Egypt. The O'Connells pursue along with Rick's associate from past adventures, Izzy, a pilot who provides the group with transportation.

The bracelet gives Alex directions to Ahm Shere and they travel there by train.

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Alex leaves clues for his parents, who follow in Izzy's dirigible. Imhotep uses the Book of the Dead to give Meela Nais the soul of Anck-su-namun, but inadvertently allows Evelyn to recover her memories of her previous life as Princess Nefertiri, the bracelet's keeper and Pharaoh Seti I 's daughter.

Lock-Nah finds Alex leaving clues, so Imhotep makes a wall of water that attacks the dirigible, causing the O'Connells to crash into the jungle of Ahm Shere. Izzy stays with the dirigible to repair it.

The O'Connells attack the cult, and both groups are attacked by pygmy mummies. They escape the pygmies, who kill the cult except for Baltus, Imhotep and Anck-su-namun. Rick and Alex make it to the pyramid before sunrise, where the bracelet detaches from Alex's arm. Ardeth regroups with the Medjai in case Anubis's army rises.

abbott and costello meet the mummy cast rachel

Evelyn is mortally stabbed by Anck-su-namun. Baltus puts the bracelet on and revives the Army of Anubis. Imhotep's powers are taken by Anubis, forcing him to fight as a mortal.