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bulbapedia serena and ash meet

Serena and Ash have a long history (which will be explained even more throughout this article!), and relationship with her mother AND, in a positive way, allowed her to meet people that affect her future. via Bulbapedia. Yep, there are plenty of ships. There are even pages of lists in Bulbapedia. There are even pages for specific Ships. Here are the main anime. XY From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. . Serena leaving the house to start her Pokémon journey and meet Ash, then meeting.

At that moment, Serena realized that she had misjudged the sport of Rhyhorn racing and that perhaps she did not hate it as much as she thought. Serena expressed in the same episode that she did not dislike Rhyhorn racing but that she wanted to find a goal that she likes even more. The next day, Ash was captured by Team Rocket and Serena had to help rescue him.

At the end of the episode, she gave Ash a pouch of cookies, saying it was her way of thanking him for all he had done for her.

bulbapedia serena and ash meet

In Clemont's Got a Secret! Although initially angry with Clemont for keeping this secret from her along with Ash, she helped take back the Gym from the malfunctioning Clembot. She battled Clemont's Magneton with her Fennekin, but it managed to avoid Fennekin's attack, forcing Pikachu and Froakie to step in and defeat it. Later, she watched Clemont battle and defeat Clembot for the control of the Lumiose Gym.

She rented a camera and began filming with Fennekin. The two of them dressed up in multiple outfits and the video featured them posing and baking together. However, during the filming of the video, Fennekin was captured by Team Rocket. Serena was able to rescue Fennekin, and in the process she remembered all that they had been through together. After this event, Serena was able to finish her filming and was proud of her final product.

Ash's friends

Before the event, she met another competitor named Miette. Serena accepted Shauna's challenge, and alongside Fennekin she faced off against Shauna and her Bulbasaur. Despite having a type advantage, Serena was unable to win.

Her conversations with Shauna were a catalyst in helping her realize that she was the only one of her friends that didn't have a set goal. At the end of the episode, Serena sat alone brushing Fennekin's tail and wondering what her dream was. In Day Three Blockbusters! In Dreaming a Performer's Dream! She saw a performance by Ariathe current Kalos Queen, and witnessed a wild Pancham causing a ruckus on stage.

Later, outside, the Pancham stole Ash and Clemont's belongings. Serena managed to track Pancham down and witnessed how he put on a performance with no one around.

This made her realize Pancham loved performing and wanted to show this to everyone. With this in mind she announced to her friends she wanted to catch it. Battling with Fennekin, she managed to weaken and successfully catch it.

After that, Serena gave Pancham a pair of her favorite sunglasses. In A Race for Home! Later, Serena finally told her mother about her dream and challenged her to a Rhyhorn race in order to prove her determination under the condition that if she lost she would go back home and train to become a Rhyhorn racer. However, her mother suggested that they race on Skiddoknowing that Skiddo could sense the rider's feelings.

In Under the Pledging Tree! The present was a new dress for the upcoming Coumarine Showcase from her mother, care of Nurse Joy.

At the end of the episode, Ash gave Serena the blue ribbon he had won in a giveaway from the Coumarine Monorail staff. However, during the Theme Performance, Fennekin tripped over a bow that Serena had decorated her with. This eliminated her from the competition, and she watched as Shauna went on to win the Showcase. Although Serena first acted like she took the loss well, in private she was very upset. Early in the next morning, she walked out to a pier with Fennekin and Pancham, finally releasing her bottled up feelings and began to cry inconsolably.

Having comfort and reassurance from her two partners, she drew scissors from her bag and cut her hair to her shoulders after a reflection on her journey so far.

Later, she donned a new outfit, featuring the ribbon she received from Ash, signifying her resolve. However, in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! Realizing what she had done and feeling useless as a Performer, Serena ran off in shame.

She was later approached by a young woman calling herself Ariana and the two spent the rest of the day shopping together. The two girls later had a Double Battleduring which Fennekin evolved into Braixen, but the match was called off after Ariana was forced to leave when she got a call.

The next day, Serena discovered that "Ariana" was in fact Aria all along having previously felt she looked familiar and secretly thanked her for all her help. In Performing with Fiery Charm! However, prior to her Freestyle Performance, Jessie bumped into her, ripping her dress. Due to the never-give-up attitude she learned from Ash, as well as her own quick thinking and skill at tailoring, Serena was able to modify the dress just before she was called up.

During the second round, she delivered a performance that left the audience very impressed. As a result, she was the most voted Performer, winning the competition and receiving her first Princess Key despite the anxiety she still felt from her debut performance.

However, before she could go on stage, her Eevee had gone missing after being scared by the performance Jessie had delivered and she left to find her, almost missing her performance in the process.

Serena s memory of the first times to meet Ash XY 07 New 2017

After reuniting with her and receiving her support, Serena gave her performance using choreography based on Eevee's dancing, which gave her enough votes to win the Showcase and obtain her second Princess Key. In A Dancing Debut! Thanks to their performance, Serena received enough votes to advance to the second round. Everything was going smoothly until Eevee got distracted by the crowd and fell to the ground.

Eevee was discouraged until Serena motivated her to keep on dancing. Later, Serena was seen comforting Eevee and assuring her they will do better next time. She was upset, because she couldn't go dancing with Ash.

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In Master Class Choices! In the Theme Performance, in which Performers had to lure as many Rhyhorn as possible to their part of the field before time ran out, Serena easily defeated Concetta and Kazalie and advanced to the Freestyle Performance. There, she performed along with Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon. Their performance was well received by the audience and she was the most voted Performer of the round. As a result, she was declared the winner of the event, receiving the Fleurrh City Princess Key and qualifying for the Master Class.

In the first round, she was grouped with Miette and Sara Lee. In her second performance she bruised her wrist, and after nearly falling Sylveon saved her and the performance.

Unfortunately, she was unable to win the third performance and lost to the current Queen. Once the battle was over, she was propositioned to train as a protege to potentially become a better performer and become the next Kalos Queen, but she declined, deciding instead to stay with Ash and her friends. During a trip to an abandoned house, Serena was absolutely terrified at every single noise. Whenever something happened Serena would automatically assume something supernatural was at work, and assume the worst was going to happen at all times.

She believes every spooky story, no matter how unbelievable. Each time they come across a scary house, scary ravine, scary forest, or scary anything, Serena cannot help but become afraid and speak her mind. Even in cases where her fear is irrational and makes Ash react in a negative way! Ash lost a battle against a trainer named Wulfric and truly let the loss get to him, so he ran away into a forest to be alone.

bulbapedia serena and ash meet

As she was worried, she followed and found him in the forest, trying to convince him to come back. She explains that his advice to her when they were kids helped HER, and that he should pick himself up.

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After throwing a few snowballs she leaves him to be alone. Jessie receives no votes from the crowd except for James and Meowth, while Alouette and Shauna both receive a respectable number of them. Once the scores are tallied, Shauna is determined as the Performer to move on to the next round. After several more competitions between Performers, it is finally Serena's turn. At first she is nervous, but when she and Fennekin look at each other, she is reassured and remembers that Fennekin is with her the whole time.

Getting ready to style Fennekin for the Showcase, Serena remembers how Ash had once told her that nothing he and Pikachu do on their journey is ever a waste of time. Thinking about this, Serena takes care to put all of her experiences into her performance with Fennekin. When it is finally time for the two of them to walk down the runway, things go well at first, and the audience has a positive reaction to Fennekin's outfit.

However, when styling, Serena had failed to recognize that the long ribbon on Fennekin's neck might hinder its ability to walk, and Fennekin trips on the ribbon just as they are nearing the end of the runway, scattering the rest of its decorations everywhere.

Devastated, Serena shares a hug with Fennekin before accepting defeat as she receives the fewest number of votes from the audience and is thus eliminated from the Showcase. As soon as the Showcase ends, Palermo leaves, having fulfilled her obligation of watching it through to the end, and noting that as she expected, there was no one like Aria.