Fitness blogger meet and tweet

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet #FitBlogNYC - Marathons and Macarons

fitness blogger meet and tweet

FitBlogNYC – Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet - Fitness Magazine's annual fitness blogger event First up – the food. Yup, starting. Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet. May 10, What a cool event! Fitness did an awesome job with the Blogger Meet & Tweet! I'm so glad I had the . Last Thursday, I had the honor of attending the Fitness Blogger Meet & Tweet, aka #FitBlogNYC! If you follow me on social media.

First up — the food. Yup, starting with the important stuff given that I am hungry about every two hours these days, it was wonderful to be well taken care of in the eating department!

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet

There was a lovely spread set out for breakfast, as we all mingled before the start. Fresh fruit, gluten free pastries, juices, water and coffee, as well as fresh green juice provided by one of the sponsors, Oster Versawho kept them coming all day. Exercise is not one size fits all. What works for you may not work the same for someone else. Pay attention to the way you work out. The recovery aspects of sleep, like the Human Growth Hormone released during REM cycles, is as important as the workout itself.

For fitness professionals, Holly recommends branding yourself — find the one thing you offer that no-one else can and run with it. Be authentic — people are drawn to authenticity. Next up was Dr. Goolsby was speaking about extreme athletic pursuits and training, like CrossFit, marathons and mud runs, so I was looking forward to hearing her speak.

fitness blogger meet and tweet

The biggest problems that lead to injury in the majority of Dr. Female-specific issues that are very common include lack of bladder control not dangerous, but frustratingand amenorreah, or loss of menstruation.

Adding it to my reading list! They shared some great insights that I'd like to reiterate for you: Carbs are also found in vegetables and fruit, and those are the kinds I most recommend you eat!

Kelly gave this one an applause: It's good advice for coffee drinkers. Although I am not one, I do sometimes have green tea or a piece of dark chocolate before a workout. Looking, listening, tweeting with CarlynNicoleand Jill. They shared really great tips on choosing a trainer and working out effectively.

fitness blogger meet and tweet

Oh, wait here she is: Her eyes are just as stunning in person, and her hilarious personality is as true as evidenced in her vlogs. Suddenly, it was lunch time! The morning flew by so quickly. Being a fit-blogger event, the food was appropriately nutritious and delicious. That's Anne in the pink going for some salmon. There was a lemon water table The buffet consisted of During lunch, There was a talk by Dr. Photo by Steven Meyer In the afternoon, I got to catch up with Cait and Heather --so exciting to meet them in person after so much chatter on Twitter!

They left early in the morning from Connecticut and Massachusetts to drive down for the event. Glad I got to spend some time with them and hope we get together again soon! All the while, a fashion show was happening on stage Wear your sportsbra under your regular shirt! Explaining an eye trick This was one of my favorite sessions!

fitness blogger meet and tweet

I feel like I learned a lot of neat tricks that I didn't know before. Maybe it's because I so regularly read about nutrition and fitness, which were covered in the morning sessions, and I so rarely read about how to properly apply makeup, but I feel like I really learned.

#FitBlogNYC - Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet - Fine Fit Day

Moisture tints with SPF20 that give your skin a glow, or waterproof shadows. You can touch up your face all day long.

It will last for hours and hours! Laura Geller was kind enough to stick around and chat after, answering more questions. She was so warm and personable!

#FitBlogNYC – 2014 Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet

Fat gives food flavor and keeps you satisfied longer. Emulate and then deviate. Learn from how people are doing things. Emulate and then take little pieces from what others are doing and make it your own.

When you become comfortable, then deviate.

fitness blogger meet and tweet

Help others not just yourself. However thanks to Fitness Magazine for creating events like FitBlogNYC which demonstrate just how strong the health and wellness community can be. We live in a city where no fitness trend goes unappreciated, and more and more people are starting to take control of their bodies to better themselves inside and out.