Harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

Main characters in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book, analysis of key characters. When we first meet Hermione, Harry and Ron think she's super annoying. to go out. She keeps cats and smells weird. Fluffy is the three- headed monster dog that Hagrid uses to guard the trapdoor hiding the mysterious package. Crookshanks helped Sirius lure Harry, Ron, and Hermione into the Shrieking Shack. hand claimed that Crookshanks was the most intelligent cat he had ever met. fluffy ginger cat that looked as though it had run face-first into a wall used to. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, along with Neville Longbottom, In the film adaptation Neville was not present when the trio first met Fluffy.

Ron allows Crookshanks to sniff his tiny owl Crookshanks led the way back through the tunnels. However, when Lupin transformed into a werewolfPettigrew stole Lupin's wand and stunned both Ron and Crookshanks, escaping. After all this, Ron accepted Crookshanks as a remarkable animal companion, asking for his 'judgement' of the small owl that Sirius had offered to him as compensation for the loss of Scabbers to confirm that the owl wasn't another Animagus.

However, he still remained unusually perceptive and disapproving of bad behaviour, judging by how he stared at Harry and Ron while they made up answers for their Divination homework. He was wary of fanged frisbees and hissed when one came near him. At a Gryffindor party, he took to following Ginny around, his yellow eyes fixed upon her new Pygmy Puff Arnold.

Alternately, he may have left the Weasley household alone. Physical appearance Ron Weasley: His face was described by Harry Potter to look as if he had "run headlong into a brick wall.

Personality and traits — Hermione Granger after Crookshanks caught a spider [src] Crookshanks determining if Ron's new owl Pigwidgeon is an Animagus Crookshanks was highly intelligent and helped Sirius Black expose Peter Pettigrew who was disguised as Scabbers.

Ron Weasley initially thought that Crookshanks wanted to simply eat Scabbers and accused him of being mad. Sirius Black on the other hand claimed that Crookshanks was the most intelligent cat he had ever met. Crookshanks was also very playful and enjoyed catching spiders [13]chasing gnomes [14]and attacking chess pieces. He eventually came to like Harry and would sit on his lap on occasion, as he did in the summer of Fluffy soon awoke, as the enchantment on the harp wore off, and it stopped playing.

As Harry played the flute, which almost immediately put Fluffy back to sleep, Ron crept over to the trap door and opened it, but was unable to see anything below. Hermione took over playing the flute, while Harry jumped in first, followed by Ron. After they called up to Hermione that it was safe, she stopped playing and jumped down the trap door just in time, as Fluffy woke up as soon as the music stopped.

After Fluffy's duties were done, and the Stone was destroyed, Hagrid set Fluffy free temporarily in the Forbidden Forest. One known way to calm Fluffy was to play music, which made him fall asleep.

Harry, Ron & Hermione Run Scared of Fluffy - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Three-headed dogs were very rare creatures, and it is unknown if, like the Runespooreach head served a different purpose. Behind the scenes In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHagrid says he bought Fluffy from "an Irish feller" rather than "a Greek chappie".

In the film adaptation Neville was not present when the trio first met Fluffy. In the book Quirrell and the trio use different musical instruments to put Fluffy to sleep, a harp and a flute.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

In the film adaptation the harp is still playing when they enter the room and only stops just before they jump down into the trap door just in the nick of time. In the book Hagrid mentions to Harry he has one more thing to do which is to buy Harry a birthday present and buys it when Harry is with him.

In the film Hargid takes him by surprise with the owl after the wand shop. In the book Hagrid is accompanying Harry in Olivanders, but in the book he is off buying Harry a birthday present.

In the film, when Harry is trying wands at Ollivander's, he 'messes up boxes from the shelves' and 'explodes something', in the book he just holds them and nothing happens. When finally he finds his wand, in the book the wand emits gold and red sparks, in the film it's more spectacular. While trying wands, in the book Hagrid is with him, in the film he's not In the film, Hermione comes into Harry and Ron's compartment looking for Neville Longbottom's toad, Trevor.


In the book, Neville stops in first, and Hermione comes in later. In the film, one of the chocolate frogs escapes from the train window. That doesn't happen in the book. In the book Harry finds out about Nicholas Flamel for the first time on the train on the back of the chocolate frog container when it says, Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel are partners but in the movie Harry first finds out about Nicholas Flamel when Hermione reads him the book.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

Only in the special added seens at the end of the movie does the fact that harry had heard and read about Nicholas Flamel before the book Hermione found.

In the film, Hermione fixes Harry's glasses on the way to Hogwarts. In the book, she doesn't. In the book, the students are being sorted alphabetically by last name.

In the movie, it was not in order.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

In the film the Bloody Baron does not really fit the description from the book In the film, the Sorting Hat talks out loud and stays on top of Harry's head, in the book the Hat goes over his eyes and he hears the small voice of the hat in his ear. In the movie after Harry is sorted in to his house, he sits down by Ron, but when the feast begins he is sitting in between Percy, and Hermonie. In the book, the ghosts entered the Great Hall before the students were sorted, not after, when they were eating.

In the film, it shows the stairs of Hogwarts moving, in the book it doesn't directly say they do. Both Snape and Flitwick are supposed to take roll call at the beginning of duel-classes, in the film this does not happen. In the book Malfoy tricks Harry into a wizards duel and that is how they all end up in the Trophy room, in the film Harry is lead there by Hermione The film shows that the reason Harry, Ron and Hermione come across the forbidden door on the 3rd floor is due to the stair case moving, but in the book they come across the room during the night, after Draco doesn't show up for the duel, and Filch is onto them, and Neville is also with them when they 'bump' into fluffy.

In the book Neville is with them when they first see the three headed dog, in the film he is not. In the film, Harry catches Neville's remembrall in front of Professor McGonagall's window and she sees it.

In the book, he catches it in a dive while it's falling to the ground. In the film the opposite happens. In the books, Hagrid's hut was wooden. In the movie it's stone. In the book, the sandy haired boy Seamus Finnigan asks how nearly headless Nick can be nearly headless.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

Whereas in the film, it is Hermione who asks the same question. In the film, Mrs. McGonagall changes from cat to woman in front of her students right away in the first lesson. In fact, she doesn't do so until the third book and is surprised that her students, who didn't know until then that she's an animagi, aren't stunned - until she finds out that Mrs. Trelawney had just predicted Harry's In the film they are round and the cat has no obvious eye markings.

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In the book, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are outside, they light a blue flame in a bottle and then Snape comes and they hide it behind their backs. When Snape is gone Harry tells Ron and Hermione that Snape was limping, and then later on finds out about his cut.

In the book they receive their Christmas presents at the foot of their beds, whereas in the movie, they all go down into the common room and collect their presents from under a Christmas tree In the film, when Hermione remarks about the trapdoor beneath Fluffy's feet, it's Ron who answers, that he'd been too busy watching out for Fluffy's three heads to notice.

In the book, this is Harry's part.

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In the book Professor Flitwick was teaching when Professor McGonagall asked Wood to be excused, in the film it's Quirrell A girl that was put into Hufflepuff was later seen in Potions class and the Griffendors take potions with the slythorins.

In the book, when Hermione lights Snape's cape on fire, the flame is blue. In the movie, the flame is orange In the film, Oliver Wood and Angelina Johnson are both beaten off their brooms by the Slytherins during the Quidditch match. There is no mention of this in the book although there is foul play.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy cat

Harry sees a larger family in the mirror than just his parents In the film, Hagrid's dragon is sent to Romania by Professor Dumbledore, in the book Harry and Hermione have it picked up from the roof by friends of Charlie.

In the film, Harry, Ron and Hermione see the name of Harry's father on an award, in the book this doesn't happen. In the film Hermione tells Harry, his father's been a Quidditch player himself.

In the book this information comes from Professor McGonagall herself. In the film they show only one Quidditch match. In the book, two matches are described. In the film, Professor Dumbledore is present in the first match; in the book he is absent. In the film Hagrid got the Fluffy from an Irish man, in the book from a Greek man.