Hell on wheels naomi and cullen meet

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hell on wheels naomi and cullen meet

That evening at Hell on Wheels, Cullen plays cards with Johnson and two others . The Swede meets up with Durant's caravan out on the prairie. In the barn, Cullen and Hatch's eldest daughter, Naomi, kiss passionately. The fourth season of the AMC television series Hell on Wheels premiered on August 2, Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier, who is imprisoned in This season, MacKenzie Porter plays Naomi Hatch, taking over for Siobhan Williams from . He meets her to escort her the rest of the way. This week's 'Hell On Wheels' found Cullen Bohannon finally reunited with Naomi (Mackenzie Porter) tells him that she's moved on and that she doesn't want the 'traitors' back but Cullen gets a meeting with him privately.

I think Siobhan is 23 in real life, and we were playing Naomi as She did look a lot younger, and people, when they were watching the show, thought he was robbing the cradle a little bit.

hell on wheels naomi and cullen meet

Where we got caught kind of flat-footed—and this did surprise me and it surprised everybody—was in the barn scene, when she came up next to him and he was brushing his horse. When you had her standing there next to the big horse and next to this tall man, she looked like a child. We ended up editing that scene so that we could kinda get around that sort of thing.

She plays a bit older, I think. Then I wrote the episode where he met Naomi.

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Everything kind of fell into place; it felt real. It was beautiful, but haunting.

Naomi & Cullen (Siobhan Williams & Anson Mount)

You grew up in Calgary, where the show is filmed. Did you show any of your castmates around? Yeah, there were a few restaurants we went to and some suggestions that I made for day trips and hikes and things like that around in the area.

hell on wheels naomi and cullen meet

Did Hell on Wheels help you land that role? Forsaken is set, I believe, five years after Hell on Wheels and in the same vicinity. Also, the feel of a Western is just so specific, and that definitely helped. What modern day technology would you miss most if you lived during the s? It would take a lot of adjusting, but I love the idea of an element of surprise — neighbors knocking on your door when they want to hang out. So next time, we wait.

We wait and see. We ain't got no money left for next time. That's why we need our jobs, fool. So we can save up. Can't let the devil beat us. We'll just see what the Lord got in store. I'm done waiting on the Lord. What else you got, huh? No 40 acres and no mule.

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All you got is this job. It's all you got. Now you pick up them damn shovels. McGinnes is our only connection to the labor market in the northeast.

Buy out the bonds from the southern prisons. We haven't kept up payment on the Freedmen's bonds we have.

'Hell On Wheels' Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

The prisons have refused further business with us. This is what comes of nepism.

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The useless son-in-law of my bloated former partner. Well, what does he do all day? Tap a ball of string around You need McGinnes if you want the coal fields in Ogden. I'm right and you know it. Four hundred shares in Union Pacific Railroad. Enough to buy you out of the vice business and set you on the road to legitimacy.

Me mother'd be proud.