Hisagi and kensei meet

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hisagi and kensei meet

This was when Hisagi saw Kensei's "69" tattoo on his chest and acquired the the 9th Division he asked Tōsen to meet him in a secluded area of Soul Society. yes if you read the manga we all know why hisagi has the tattoo, the question now is why does kensei have the 69 tattooed on his chest. Explore GamerAnime24's board "Kensei Muguruma and Shuhei Hisagi" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Anime boys, Anime guys and Bleach characters.

Kazeshini walked on in total silence, letting his blades spin softly and slowly in their shing-shing-shing dance, a low whistling of elation. He walked back from the store, arms full of groceries, paying extra attention to his surroundings as he looked into the store windows as he passed. The air felt strange on his skin today, prickling like a mixture of chilling wind and lightning, so he was on guard.

And it payed off when he had to dodge the arcing slice of a zanpakuto, face sharpening as he looked for the shinigami it belonged to. A throaty choking laugh and his head whipped to his left, where a figure crouched in shadow; wide grin, gleaming wild eyes, and a bloody blade, glinting and dripping. I've got some business to take care of so I'll fight you later. That reiatsu definitely felt like a hollow's. Get the others and head to Urahara's, something bigs come up.

The others sat around in various places looking serious as well, even Urahara seemed to sense how important this was. I didn't get to see his face, but he could talk and it definitely sounded like he had some screws loss. And his reiatsu felt like a hollow's, no mistake. A pretty powerful one too. I mean sure it felt kind of weird, like it was masking a shinigami, but I figured it was the same as how our reiryoku and everything became more hollow like after we became Visords.

Why wait and talk more?

hisagi and kensei meet

We already know enough to go on! There's a fukutaicho in town. It's best to just let him know and see what goes from there. Urahara turned partially towards them, door half opened, a mysterious smile on his face. He sighed, gentle darkness cocooning him, sleep dancing and fluttering away and away from his grasp in the blackness.

Not that it really mattered, he didn't want to sleep truthfully, didn't want to vividly dream of cooing blades twisting and slicing into bodies and flesh, didn't want to see the faces of comrades painted sparkling red and limp.

Didn't want to recall it as if it were memories, intense and real and lucid. He curled inward, seeking warmth from the covers to escape the early morning cold. A soft knocked echoed into the room and he immediately rose to answer.

He felt jittery as he trudged towards the door, trying to steady his shaking hands; he needed blank sleep, he needed actual work, helping with restorations wasn't enough. His eyes widened only marginally when he saw who was standing on the other side of the door. What can I do for you? I'll uh make sure I deal with it, thank you for telling me. Night slowly came, and he shadowed the streets, senses spread and taunt, a live wire sparking and waiting for connection. Clouds passed and time passed and minor hollows appeared and were finished, but no Arrancar.

Soon dawn came and he settled down for a light sleep, still ready and sensing for the Arrancar. He had had trouble sleeping that night, tense and ready for the mysterious Arrancar to attack him when his guard was down, but when morning finally came there wasn't any sight of others seemed ready for anything as well, after the episode with Aizen and his team of Arrancars, they weren't so ready to let things rest easy. That breakfast was especially serious and it was silently agreed that he would ask Urahara how things had went, if the Arrancar was still out there or if this ninth division, his division, fukutaicho had managed to defeat it.

When he got to Urahara's though, he found him talking with someone, no doubt the fukutaicho he had told about the Arrancar. He didn't show up last night?

Well, I'm in town for a week more so I'll see what happens in that time, if not I'll make sure to submit a report about it, make sure it gets properly handled. I'm the one who told Kisuke about the Arrancar. I'm-" "Muguruma Kensei, yes, I know. He stared at it with a mixed expression of confusion and unnerve.

hisagi and kensei meet

Have we meet before or something? I mean what the hell?! He stood more straightly, no longer hiding himself almost, but declaring himself with an edge of defiance, as if to challenge him further about it.

If someone's going to tattoo a number like that on their face, my number especially, and end up regretting it later then they have no right to have that tattoo. But really the face!? Besides, it keeps people from bothering me about the tattoo. But he did say he had business to take care and it seemed like he had been killing things. That's probably why he came after me, why he said he'd come and kill me later.

You should stay on your guard. He turned to Urahara who had remained silent during the whole talk. Urahara smiled at him cheekily. Mashiro especially seemed curious about the ninth's fukutaicho when she learned they had met.

Which episode of Bleach is when Kensei sees Hisagi during the arrancar battle?

She didn't seem to appreciate his more than likely accurate observation that Hisagi took his paperwork much more seriously than she had. They all seemed put out by the fact that the loss Arrancar hadn't been killed already, some -Hiyori- ranted about how Shinigamis now a days sucked and how they -Hiyori- would've found it and killed it five times over by now.

After finally retreating to bed, he spent the rest of the night trying to recall the moment he saved the life of a child, finally, finally coming up with the vague image of a scrawny kid bawling his eyes out after trying to fight a hollow and almost being eaten. Guess you grew up pretty strong huh?

There was so much blood, cooling pools of it and streaks and splatters on trees and cement. This was savagery, this was killing for sport, this Arrancar obviously enjoyed toying with its food.

He left the scene feeling disgusted, searching out the reiatsu of the Arrancar, but the trail was cold, and his lips pulled down into a frown, as he headed to the next spot, ready for a chase.

It couldn't have gone far if it was stopping to feast on other hollows, especially if it was playing with them. But it wasn't there, or at the next one, or at any of the other spots he check. There wasn't even a blood bath like at the first one.

There was no trace of reiatsu in the air either. Another night wasted, another night with no results. Another night where Muguruma-taicho's life continued to be at risk -never mind that Muguruma-san was more powerful than him and would stand a better chance against the Arrancar than him, never mind that.

A part of him still persisted with worry, he wouldn't let Muguruma-san's life be put in danger if he was there to stop it. It would be a small step in the way of paying him back for saving him all those years ago. Three days of hunting the Arrancar and arriving moments too late to even follow it, let alone kill it, and he could no longer deny it. The Arrancar was watching him somehow, only ever striking when he was asleep, even faking it didn't seem to fool it - having already tried multiple times only to end up fighting hordes of hollows at each hot spot- and it was damn good at hiding.

If that was the case then he would need back up. After three days with no word everyone in the base was getting antsy. Three days man, three days. The Soul Society has gone to shit! All their Shinigami suck! Honestly we would never take this long! Jeez, I can't believe they still need us to wipe their asses for them! He had to grit his teeth to withhold screaming at her in retaliation.

Sure he agreed about how the Soul Society sucked but a part of him rebelled against her spitting on the current fuku-taicho of the ninth, after all it was his division, and someone of his division couldn't be a bad Shinigami… Then again, there was Tosen, that bastard. Ahh, he was willing to give the kid the benefit of the doubt, after all, he had to admit he was a little fond of the brat, it was kind of hard not to be when he'd so boldly branded himself with his number.

It made him feel flattered almost, that he had lived on in a way in the Soul Society. He wondered if Tosen had known. How much it had pissed him off…how much trouble he gave to Hisagi for it.

How Kensei might have reacted to Hisagi's tattoo

I can't take it, I'm going to go hunt this thing down myself! Let's not go doing anything reckless now. Why don't we head to Urahara's, maybe he just forgot to tell us that Hisagi-san had already killed it, nee?

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When they got to Urahara's shop, he was sitting down drinking tea with Hisagi, and they all crowded around the door, listening and watching. He seriously has a sixty nine on his face! How have things gone so far with you hmm?

hisagi and kensei meet

Hisagi on the other hand looked tired and worn down, a kind of darkness lurked in his eyes. This Arrancar… It's smart, it's watching me and only attacking when I sleep and I can't seem to fake it out either. I've already sent for back up, but depending on how the paperwork sorts out, they'll be here tonight or tomorrow morning.

He's coming this way! Move it you guys, move it! He sighed, settling down with his back to the headboard. Breathing in deeply as he prepared to meditate until his chosen back up arrived.

He focused on the area around him; plain blank walls, crisp bedsheets, an open window to his right, letting cool night air and moonlight pour in, a person perched on the sill, to his left a- person?!

His eyes snapped open, head turning to look as he cursed himself for having his guard down, having believed that since he was awake that there wouldn't be any trouble now, and cursed himself again when he realized that he didn't have any soul candy near him.

Mashiro smiled, "Sorry about this. Mashiro lifted him up and laid him under the covers, patting and smoothing it out around him. Puffing out her cheeks in a pout, when she remembered that she would be waiting with Hiyori and Love at one of the hotspots instead of Kensei. What do you want me to do?! Besides If I'm alone with you for such an extended period of time I can't be held accountable for what happens.

I meant that I would finally kill you! I don't want to have to clean blood off the floor. How many do you think that is? How long do you think we'll have to wait now? I did say is would kill you after all didn't I? Although-" the figure lifted his blades, two double bladed scythes connected by chain gleamed in the light, and he set one to slowly spinning, the blade whistling. But I'll forgive you. You deserve trouble in your life, which I'm about to end real soon!

Just what are you? Shinji came up behind trying for a surprise attack but his blade was meet with the second scythe and they were both pushed back as he jumped away. He rushed at Kensei, sending a spinning scythe at Shinji were they meet and sent sparks flying into the air.

Shinji knocked the spinning blade away and grabbed it's connecting chain, preparing to send it back towards Hisagi who was trading blows with Kensei, only for the blade to go wild and stab into his shoulder. Hisagi laughed as he pulled on the chain, yanking the blade out of Shinji's shoulder, blade flying easily into his hand. I'm a bit finicky, your liable to get hurt if you spin my blade around carelessly.

Haha I can't believe you even tried that though! Hisagi shunpo-ed in front of Kensei. He whirled away to the side, barely dodging the fatal stab through the back, instead it sliced into his side.

He clutched it, anger burning in his core; he let his guard down. Hisagi sighed, "I will give you a full tour of squad nine after the meeting since their has been many renovations and changes to the headquarters since the last time you had been here.

It was not long before members of squad 9 began to show up and began to stand waiting to hear what the meeting was about. Some of their eyes kept trailing towards Kensei and Mashiro who didn't acknowledge their presence. While Hisagi greeted them one by one and got them all situated. Once that everyone that Hisagi knew that was in the area came he began to speaking, "Everyone, I'm glad that all of you could make it today. With all your duties and personal lives but I have recently been given news regarding us getting a new Captain.

Hisagi gave them a sad smile but shook his head. This created an uproar amongst the squad they began to yell, "Yes you are you been there since Touzen left.

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You will all be given notification as soon as everything is sorted out. All three of us and chairs shall be working together to start bring Squad nine to new heights.

Thirty minutes later, Hisagi let out a sigh as he finished answering all of his squad member's questions and they dispersed heading to handle their duties. They began the tour showing them to the barracks, training ground, mess hall, meeting halls, the archive, kitchens, restrooms, and several extra buildings that were used for training and entertainment purposes.

Before they began to head to the Captain and Vice Captain's Private quarters. There are some things that I must get started on immediately. As Mashiro took the seat opposite of Shuuhei that was at the left and also began to work.

Shūhei Hisagi

Knowing it would take a few minutes before they arrived Shuuhei sat down and began to work on the paper work. When all the seats arrived Kensei began to distribute the paper work that Shuuhei had often done by himself to the seats.

Shuuhei watched the seats noticing several mistakes were made he opened his mouth to say something when Kensei beat him to it. Second seat, you have filled out the report wrong make sure you are following the proper structure. Kensei looked to see that Shuuhei was staring at him in awe. I heard from the Monkey lieutenant that you have not slept for days so go get some sleep, we can handle everything else from here. I will send someone for you when you are needed. Hisagi slowly nodded his head before rising up from his seat and exited the room going to the building across the way to get some much need rest.

Shuuhei woke up in the middle of the night, slowly sitting up he slowly moved passed the captain's room along with Mashiro's and began to make his way to the training grounds with his guitar in hi hand. Knowing that none would be around for at least another hour for rounds.

Glancing around to make sure it none was around before he sat at the farthest end of the training ground and began to strum at the guitar. Even though he had not played for a while he sounds pretty good. Hisagi smiled as he began to sing a Hymn before before playing alongside the Hymn. Hisagi jumped and gripped his zanpakuto as he felt someone spiritual pressure approach him once he recognized the presence he lowered his hand from his Zanpakuto.

You are supposed to be sleeping. I had just recently woke up and I thought none would be around since it the switching of the surveillance duty now. So I memorized the schedule as well as who was supposed to be doing what job a certain time. You did all the work that the seats and the captains were supposed to do. You took over the communications for the paper. Then now you tell me that all the activities and any event that squad nine that was apart of that you memorized every aspect.

Hisagi nodded his head, his eyes never leaving Kensei. Kensei released a heavy sigh. No taking any extra activities and allow squad nine members to help in doing the activities they are already assigned to do and you will only do work you have to do. As well your training with me tomorrow. Shuuhei looked at the scrolls and began to unravel them.