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And, honestly, we can't wait to see the merch for I's new name, The Neck Beard. Route: miles, St Louis to Wichita Falls, Texas New York lifted the number of Idaho's I for its in-progress link split into more bits than that snake on the "Don't Tread on Me" flag. .. 8) I ("Rock Skipper"). See also Maxwell Street “joe Turner BIues," 26 johnson, Clarence, 57, 60, 62 Kelly's (Chicago club), I86 KFFA (Helena radio station), II2, I15, , Kid. District 11 - San Diego and Imperial Counties I Express Lanes San Diego -Coronado Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Feasibility Study (PDF).

But for dreamy isolated sunsets, detour to Colorado's Pawnee National Grassland. And years ago this year, he created the Dixie Highway, a parallel highway that striped America between Michigan and Florida. But the I is its legacy. Johnsbury, Vermont Traffic Rating: Actually it did fall, inbut from natural erosion not traffic. Emily Post, an etiquette writer, wrote about her cross-country drive, summing them up as offering "an impression of the lavish immensity of our own country as nothing else could.

A great detour is the "Enchanted Highway," an iron-sculpture lined two-laner to Regent, North Dakota. God, it's fun driving across the west. In Nebraska, I has a mile stretch without a single turn. And much of I, more or less the realized version of the Lincoln Highway, is flat and repetitious. Nebraska has a mile stretch without a single turn. In Wyoming, where the road cuts through pink granite rock huddling the sides of the road, watch for the "gangplank," a slow rise in the high plains. Johnny Cash also sang of it too: An hour east of Portland, keep an eye for the foot drop of Multnomah Falls, a few hundred feet out your car window.

Patches of this nearly trans-continental monster strike horror into backseat groaners on long trips.

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Kansan plains, in particular, where winds can topple wheelers. That said, no other interstate has done more. After crossing the Midwest, it catches the greatest skyline-from-interstate view in St Louis the Mississippi meets Arch, right by the roadthen slowly rises over the big-sky plains and runs smack into the heart of the Rockies — just the Glenwood Canyon leg requires three tunnels and 39 bridges — before finishing in the Utah desert at I But we think of it simply as America's Great Road.

If you are going to make one cross-country trip in your life, look close at I Robert Sullivan, author of Cross Country, has gone coast to coast at least 30 times, and picks this as his favorite. On its way, it goes from Boston's Freedom Trail to almost within the spray of Niagara Falls, into rock'n'roll HQ in Cleveland then Chicago, across the plains to Wall Drug's throw-back free water and Mt Rushmore, to the world's first dude ranch, past Custer's last stand at Little Bighorn, over Idaho's Fourth of July Summit, and reaching birthplace of something called Starbucks.

We bow to you I, the greatest interstate in the USA. We are just baffled that he would just toss a piece of paper in our face like that. That is rude and unacceptable.

We have come through here many times and have always been treated nice but this guy is a complete jerk. I drive through this inspection station about times a year. Today was the worst- slow traffic from Baker to the inspection station. Not really sure what the hold up was since I've only seen cars waved though and I've never been stopped- maybe they don't bat an eye at a minivan with two kids and a dog. If only they knew I'm hiding at least 2 apples in my little lunch bag courtesy of my mother who loves making me take food back to San Diego when I leave her house in Nevada.

I'm not usually a rule breaker, but when I bring apples from Nevada into California, I always feel a bit naughty! I don't understand the purpose for this checkpoint.

There are tons of thousands of people who go through the checkpoint every day. I have never actually seen any vehicle stopped.

The people who work in the stands, I do not believe that they deserve to have their job ripped from them but isn't it quite possible that they could be used to do something else, or to be more productive?!?! Anyway, the reason for my five stars is because I guess I have never been stopped for anything.

I have always been casually waved through.

The U.S. Interstate Highways, Ranked

They've never given me a hard time, and they have not caused any crazy back ups that I have ever seen or experienced myself. So, I guess, keep on waving them through and allowing traffic to pass. Thanks This is some bs making all this traffic for nothing don't even stop people just making messes on the hwy Just makes the end of my vacation even effed up. This public nuisance, eyesore, however you want to put it - just is irritating.

They just wave you through if there are workersif not, just cause you to pause, look both ways, and cross the station. Like everyone else, I have the same feeling as though this place has no real purpose. I've been through several times on my way back from Vegas and I've only been stopped once to be asked if I was bringing back any plants. I understand They need to ask people questions if they're going to be going through the trouble of making them stop, but honestly it was useless because I could have TOTALLY had plants in my trunk, or even under my seat, and no one would have known because that's the extent of their search!

It's more like a border survey point where everyone is going to answer "No" because they know they'll be asked to actually pull to the side and be searched if they answer "Yes. I'm giving this place two stars because, even though it serves no real purpose, it sometimes helps when you're behind slow people and there are several gates open for you to go through so you can go around them. I mean, just when I thought I'd get back to civilization in record time damned if I'm not forced to stop These overpaid incompetents text and talk to one another the entire time providing a vague head nod as you approach yet not once have I been partitioned let alone asked any questions INCLUDING the times I've deliberately driven through while eating peaches and oranges.

I'm led to question if they'd so much as raise an eyebrow to those smoking pot on their way home? The outlook on that is "hazy", lol. I mean, everyone knows that finding a Californian with a cannabis card is like befriending Yelp Elite. Do yourselves a favor and pack a box of condoms for your trip back home.

That's about as close as you're getting to "protection" when it comes to "Border Protection". Two months ago, I felt a dreary hot day, and with traffic, it felt acrimony between the sun and I. We stumbled upon the heating pit stop of delays. Cars after cars, were soon slowly starting to stop. My goodness, did those cars pat on their breaks!!!

Slowly but surely, did we feel like we would see the last of days. Little did we know, we passed next to it, not through it. Have a great summer! Excuse me, are you seriously making me physically bring my car to an actual stop en route to California just so you can ask me if I have any frickin' fruit? Is this a joke? Is Ashton going to pop out with a camera crew?

If this were in El Paso, or anywhere even in the remote vicinity of Mexico, I would understand. But it's not and I don't, and Jesus Christ my tax dollars better not be going towards this waste of time. Are you F-king kidding me!?

After driving for several hours the state would have you slow down and verbally ask you if you have any produce?! I'd like to know what politico or why and when this law was passed and how come these poor overtaxed Californians are still supporting this! More than half the time I've drove through here it was unmanned, so obviously they only feel the need to ask if your bringing fruit sometimes?

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  • The U.S. Interstate Highways, Ranked

The only positive that comes out of this is the 10 or so jobs it provides to those poor Barstonians, hey it beats working at Peggy Sues I suppose! Ever since I've moved to Vegas over 10 years ago whenever I've come through here it's just a stark reminder that "were almost there!

Can someone please tell me if they've ever busted thier chops and actually said they have a bushel of cherries in thier car or a bunch of grapes, I'd like to know what thier response is as they have no powers of arrest or enforcement authority.

Still I get it, there just doing thier job, they work for the man, can't fault the employees. Only the wonderful state of California that is apparently hurting for money.

I like Norm K's story I will for sure be on the look out for that cemetery next time we come through! Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot. Inspection Station 81 reviews.