Jacob and esau meet summary writing

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jacob and esau meet summary writing

Jacob later given the name Israel, is regarded as a Patriarch of the Israelites. According to the . Following the example of Sarah, who gave her handmaid to Abraham after years of infertility, They returned with the news that Esau was coming to meet Jacob with an army of men. . Main article: Plot against Joseph. 1. behold, Esau came, and with him four hundred men--Jacob having crossed the Esau ran to meet him--What a sudden and surprising change! But most writers take Shalem as a proper name--a city of Shechem, and the site is marked by. A summary of Genesis Chapters 25–50 in 's Bible: The Old Testament. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. The next morning, Jacob meets Esau, who welcomes his brother with open arms. Jacob.

What happens at the well is indicative of the relationship. For instance, Moses met his wife at the well. He delivered her from the bandits.

What he did there was a foreshadowing of his deliverance of Israel.

Esau and Jacob – Conclusion

Jacob met his wife at a spring. He had difficulty removing the stone so he could drink. I think this gives the reader an early clue as to his passive nature.

We will see other clues as we read through the narrative. It was her natural tendency. When her twins are born, she shows partiality to Jacob, the non-hairy weaker looking one.

So Rebekah takes over his life and arranges everything for him. She teaches him how to cook.

jacob and esau meet summary writing

She arranges for him to get the blessing, she arranges for his deliverance from Esau by sending him to her brother Laban, telling him everything will work out fine. I think if we go to Gen Their father is not dead. All the negotiations were made with Laban. We can see the results in Rebekah. She had no advocate, so she took over and became a controlling woman.

When she got married, she took over her family. His Brother - Esau The first thing that we learn about Esau is that he was a skillful hunter. Henry Morris points out that hunting was unnecessary because with the large heard of sheep, there was plenty to eat. This may mean that Esau was always away hunting as opposed to being at home helping with the chores and the sheep. We might conclude that he was irresponsible. We do know that Esau was impulsive.

Esau and Jacob – Conclusion | Aspects in This Story

Esau later married a daughter of Ishmael to try to please his father not God. But it was too late and, even this is a paradox, because it shows that Esau cannot escape being out of the chosen line. His new wife is not of the chosen line either. So I think we can see that Jacob came from a fairly typical family.

His mother had a tendency to want to take control. The father let her. His brother was just a natural man concerned with the things of this world. This is the kind of family that Hollywood models for us.

For example, The Cosby Show. So how did all this affect Jacob? Whatever the reason, it was an illegitimate one because it is never good to play favorites. He probably had to manipulate his father to get attention. I do think we can assume that Jacob knew that he was supposed to end up with the birthright eventually. What this event shows us is that Jacob was not willing to wait on the Lord.

Genesis 33

The Importance of the Birthright Genesis 26 In chapter 26 we do see something significant. It is not what Isaac did, though. It is what God did for Isaac. Chapter 26 gives us examples of how God blessed Isaac.

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When the famine hit, God said He would be with Isaac and bless him—because of His promise to Abraham. Consequently, Isaac prospered in everything. Even though he lied to Abimelech about his wife being his sister, God looked out for him His crops produced a hundredfold He became rich When the Philistines filled in his wells, he had no trouble digging and finding water The significance of this chapter is that it demonstrates that the blessing which Isaac was to pass on in chapter 27 was something worth having.

It was the very blessing of God. Chapter 26 sets the stage for what happens in chapter The Stolen Blessing Genesis 27 It is very interesting to take chapter 27 as a play and separate it into scenes. Notice the interchange between characters. Who deals with whom throughout the play?

Fokkelman points out the following: Esau is not going to honor his agreement with Jacob when he sold his birthright.

Rebekah overhears the conversation - Eavesdropping perhaps? Act Two - She knew God had said that Esau would serve Jacob. She knew Isaac knew it too.

jacob and esau meet summary writing

We know that because of the results that were achieved, namely, a torn up family. If she had had any type of relationship with Isaac, then she should have been able to talk to him, but they obviously did not. I think this also illustrates how Rebekah has denied her husband and her marriage. Her priority should be to become one with and to support her husband. But we see that her child is more important to her than her husband.

Act Three -- Act Four - He mentions it in vs Act Five - Act Six - Another prime example of her manipulative style is seen in Her real goal was to protect him, not to find him a wife. Rebekah never saw Jacob again.

That was her reward for her meddling. This is not a close knit family. There are definite problems in the relationships. Notice that Esau and Jacob do not interact. Notice that Esau and Rebekah do not interact. And finally and perhaps most importantly, Isaac and Rebekah do not interact until the whole thing is over and she wants Isaac to send Jacob away. Which of the two choices had temporary value?

Which choice had eternal value? Explain that Esau was hungry, but his life was not in danger. He placed more value on satisfying his hunger than on the blessings and covenants of his birthright. In what ways do we sometimes choose things of temporary value instead of things of eternal value? What other choices did Esau make that showed he was not concerned with eternal values? Why were his parents upset over whom he married? Why is it important to marry someone who believes the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Lord knew that Jacob would be worthy of the birthright blessing from the beginning and had revealed this to Rebekah before the twins were born. See enrichment activity 5. How did Esau feel when he realized Jacob had been given the birthright blessing?

Jacob Marries in the Covenant Note: Why did Isaac send Jacob to choose a wife from among the daughters of Laban?

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Why was he concerned about meeting Esau on his return? What did Jacob do when he saw Esau? What did Esau do? What did Esau say when Jacob tried to give him gifts? Even though Jacob had the birthright, what did he want to do for Esau?

He wanted to share what he had with Esau. Point out that each brother had to forgive the other. See enrichment activity 4. What do we value most when we are willing to forgive? Who else received these promises? Explain that the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant go from Abraham to Isaac, then to Jacob and his children.

Through the Prophet Joseph Smith these blessings were restored and are available to members of the Church through temple ordinances. Enrichment Activities You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge. Have the children tell about good experiences they have had with their own brothers and sisters. Remind the children that because families can be together forever, they should love and help their brothers and sisters.

Share the following quotation with the children: Be loyal to them. Have a genuine concern for your brothers and sisters. Have the children discuss family situations such as the following adapt these if needed and add others to suit the needs of your class: Your older brother is preparing dinner and asks you to help even though it is not your turn. Your brother is studying for a test in school.

You are watching a television program that is distracting him from his studies. How many solutions can you think of for these situations? Which solutions would bring temporary pleasure? Which solutions would bring eternal happiness? Encourage the children to be forgiving and understanding at home. Read the following list to the children.