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Jellal Fairy Tail Cosplay - But that smile is creepy as hell. Find this Pin and more on . amazing fairy tail cosplay Laxus, from season Fairy Tail. Find this Pin and. Jellal and Erza: The Beginning (by ayumichi-me) [Fairy Tail] . Briella Browns · Fairytail . Lucy And Laxus, Natsu And Lisanna, Gajeel X Levy, Fairytail, Gruvia. Sally-chan (サリーちゃん Sarī-chan): One of the first enemies you meet in the first .. major league baseball for the St. Louis Browns in and Chris Bahr .. Reservoir Chronicle, Jellal Fernandes and his counterpart Mystogan from.

Misa thinks of Shin as a rival, and always challenges him despite always ending up in second, falling behind Shin. She is especially annoyed about losing the election, which Shin won by chance. Yuki Sakata The fourth heroine in Twinkle Crusaders, Ria, is a clumsy and soft-spoken third year student. Ria serves as an adviser to the student council due to her past experience as the student council president. She enjoys wagashi and participates in the wagashi club at school.

Helana assists Ria is some battles. Rumi Abe Azel is the final heroine in Twinkle Crusaders, a second-year student who transferred into Shin's class in the middle of the story. Azel is very quiet and has a cold attitude towards others.

She does not participate in any school activities, and like Shin, comes from a poor family. Akiko Hasegawa Misa's cousin, she is the shrine maiden of the Asukai Shrine and she assists Misa during battles. Like the twinkle crusaders, she too hunts demons due to her role, but she is somewhat reckless while hunting and destroys part of the street while Synn and Misa are passing by.

Asami Shimoda Close friend of Nanaka. A very positive personality -- just talking with her will make one feel lazy -- but surprisingly, she has a dark side. She is one of the few members of Sweets Association but often pisses Nanaka off since she likes anything sweet in general, including Japanese treats. Has poor academic grades, but has insights on life. She has a sharp sense on relationships -- when Synn chose other people she will comfort Nanaka.

Kana Asumi She is a demon-in-training, who calls Synn her Onii-chan. Like Synn, she uses the dark element. She is always carrying a great sword called Al-Zard, given by the previous Demon King, if she let go she will regress into baby stage she will overcome it later in her route. She is also unable to eat hot food nekoshita and is very weak at electronics.

Her title is Imperial Valkyrie. Her stats are comparable to Azel's, being above-average in all fields except support, which is her strongest stat. She's a pretty weak devil, though, as her title Petite Devil implies, and joins pretty easily after a few losses, since she's more than content with just lazing around and eating snacks as opposed to causing trouble.

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She's typically seen with the giant cow, Oderooku. She appears out of nowhere whether Lolotte needs her or not. She refers to herself in the third person and often scares people who want to tease Lolotte. As so, she is Lolotte's assist during battle and uses dual pistols that can push back an enemy by a few frames.

A familiar that takes on the appearance of a 20 cm high stuffed panda. No trace of the "Wise One" can be found on this creature.

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He always exaggerates whatever Synn is talking about into a great and evil plan. Depending on the scenario he will become an enemy once only in Ria's route. He gives Synn advice on life from time to time. He is Shin's primary assist in the game. Like Shin he has a dark attribute. Asami Imai A mysterious girl who appears in the middle portion of the story and wanders around in the streets.

Lolotte's childhood and best friend. She is also an angel. She became a heroine in Fandisc. Fuyuka Anenokouji A cameo character from Patissier na Nyanko, apparently she works as a waitress in a cafe.

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She takes everything seriously, making her stubborn and mysterious. Helena often fools around with her due to her stubborn personality.

Despite her looks, she is one of the strongest opponents in the game, second only to Bylous and Zortia. Used correctly, this could be devastating for the opponent. This is also Meilot's assist attack. Bylous The strongest of all general. Like Synnn he has two forms. His first form is Mortal Duelist -7th General.

His support is nonexistent, but given that he generally fights alone, this stat barely matters to him. He then invites Lucy to join Fairy Tail, which she happily accepts as they flee from the intervening army. Lucy overhears the young boy Romeo Conbolt arguing with the guild master Makarov Dreyar over disappearance of his father, Macao. Sympathizing with Romeo due to the disappearance of Igneel, his own father figure, Natsu sets out to find Macao himself, with Lucy and Happy accompanying him.

The three encounter a monkey-like Vulcan monster that kidnaps Lucy. Natsu follows the Vulcan to its cave, but is thrown outside into a crevice.

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Lucy summons her bull celestial spirit Taurus to fight the Vulcan, but Natsu re-enters the cave and knocks out Taurus, whom he mistakes for another monster. Natsu defeats the Vulcan and discovers it to be Macao, who had been possessed by the monster.

October 26, October 17, Natsu and Happy appear uninvited within Lucy's new apartment while she is settling in. Lucy demonstrates her magic by summoning a celestial spirit that she names Plue, who suggests that Natsu and Happy form a team with Lucy.

Natsu tricks her into accepting a job to steal a book entitled Daybreak from its owner, Duke Everlue, while disguised as a maid. They arrive at the town of Shirotsume to learn that their client, Kaby Melon, has changed the job to destroying the book and greatly increased the reward to 2 million jewels. When Everlue rejects Lucy and insults her appearance, the three infiltrate his mansion and steal the book.

However, Everlue and his maids attack the three.