Jensen and danneel meet

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jensen and danneel meet

Danneel Harris at the premiere of The Back Up Plan in in epsiodes of a number of TV Shows including, NCSI, CSI and How I Met Your Mother. It is assumed that Jensen and Danneel commenced dating sometime. You made a good point but when they met Danneel was with another man. The man was Riley Smith, one of Jensen's close friends. Danneel Harris credited professionally since by her married name Danneel Ackles, is an . After three years of dating, Harris became engaged to Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles in November The couple married on , How I Met Your Mother, Nora Zinman, Episode: "Shelter Island". , NCIS, Jessica.

What's not to love? What is it about the two of them that makes them so special to the fans? How have they managed to star in such a long-running, successful TV series?

Just why exactly are these two goons so lovable? Let's explore this topic in-depth by checking out these 15 reasons why Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are friendship goals.

Funnily enough, it seems their friendship was meant to be. During an interview at one convention, Jared revealed that, unlike other auditions, where actors line up and wait for their chance to read for a role, he and Jensen were the only two people to show up and try out for the parts of Sam and Dean.

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And, because they were the only guys there, they got the roles. According to Jensen, however, it wasn't always smooth sailing. He admits that during season one, he and Jared got in a heated argument. But, they both realized they would need to be friends in order for Supernatural to work, and came together to make that happen.

Jensen says that's the last time they ever fought. They weren't interested in bickering over small details. They just wanted to get along. And, considering they both have so much in common, it's easy to see why they're such good friends. They both hit the genetic jackpot.

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And they're both from Texas. They've stumbled upon a winning formula. Here are the stats.

jensen and danneel meet

They're so similar, it's like they were born to play a couple of rugged, handsome brothers on a TV show. We don't know what they're doing down there in Texas to make their actors so cute and talented. But, whatever it is, they're doing it right. Canada's a long way from home for these two Texas boys, so they decided to stick together and they became roommates. According to Jensen, the two were together all day, every day for a good chunk out of the year. He also says that even when they didn't have to hang out together, they still found themselves wanting to.

Jensen and Jared were together constantly in the early days of of the show, and bonded a lot during that period. And we love to know about them! A fan asked who makes decisions about things like music, since she was happy to hear the GooGoo Dolls in that episode.

He as director gives suggestions, and the editor will give him some options Jensen: Will you try anything different the next time you direct? You know, I really enjoy the action sequences. But those kids were not trained to fight, they had no experience with stage fighting or anything like that. But I hope that next time I get a bigger action sequence to direct. A car chase would be fun. I know my least favorite — last season.

And that would be personal issues with workload and storyline and the character. In the beginning of last season I guess I felt a little lost. We got through it and Jared did a great job, but I was glad to be done with that storyline. As far as my favorite, I still love Season One, just because of the formula — it was simple, it was tight, we were still getting to know each other, the characters were starting to develop and I liked the fun nuances between the brothers.

And I liked that simple formula — the monster of the week episodes. I understand that the show needs the mythology and I applaud Kripke for how he did that but I do like the monster of the week episodes. It feels a bit like going back to Season One. The two brothers against the world, and I do like that.

The next question was rather creative. You seem horrified by the idea of doing Supernatural the Musical. Were you traumatized as a child by a musical? Quite the contrary in fact. Actually, I did a musical in high school. Somehow she convinced me to do it my senior year. Not exactly a small part!

Danneel Ackles

Apparently Ackles has always enjoyed a challenge. So she helped me with singing and I helped her with the acting part and we made it happen.

Hey, Ben Edlund did the puppets episode of Angel, right? Why not the musical version of Supernatural?? What are you thinking?

jensen and danneel meet

Usually just certain lines, because we get new writers. I know that every year they have to take at least one outside submission, so basically someone who has never written for the show. We have like a falling out, an argument. And I kid you not, the scene was like straight out of a romantic comedy. It was like a break-up between a woman and a man.

Right out of a romantic comedy. Fans silently Wait, is this canon or fanfiction?? So yes, there are times when we look at the script and change lines.

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