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Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen by Kavita Kané

Vrushali or Vrishali was the first wife of Suryaputr Karn. Since it was an arranged marriage, the match was fixed by by Karna's father Adiratha. On the onset of war of Mahabharat, his mother Kunti met him and revealed his Mahabharat – Karna · Family of Danveer Karna – Vrushali and Vrishketu. >>At the gate Arjuna and Bhima stopped Karna thought this is a fight. >>Krishna stopped them. Karna told the purpose of journey. >>Vrushali met her family.

Meet the cast TV shows based on mythology are an old phenomena. But the idea of blending authentic sets, captivating faces performing brilliantly and like-never-before audio-visual effects with the centuries-old mythological and classic epics is truly taking the nation by storm.

Taking us back to our glorious history, these shows are gaining a loyal audience. The promos of the show assure to be a strong property for the channel as the story of Karna has been totally an untouched topic on television. Before this series goes on-air on Sony Entertainment Television, we introduce you to its promising cast. Draupadi was a Hindu princess, while Razia was Muslim.

I get to sport a long braid and ethnic jewellery. There is a lot more to Draupadi than just being married to the Pandavas. She wrapped up the shoot of her last show 'Badii Devrani' recently, and has commenced the shoot for Karn.

Talking about her new character and the look, she says, "I play Bhanumati, the princess of Kalinga. I get married to Duryodhan Shaleen Bhanot. I will be seen in heavy dresses and jewellery. Today, we are shooting Bhanumati's swayamvar. I have a done a cameo in Bandhan for the same production house and it's great to be associated with them again. This is my first attempt at the mythological genre and I am enjoying the experience as I like my look. I recently re-entered their other show Yum Hai Hum.

They pamper their artistes and keep them happy.

Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen

Gautam Rode, who has been on an acting spree with three back-to-back shows — Saraswatichandra, Mahakumbh and now Suryaputra Karn — seems to be enjoying his latest stint.

He is learning chaste Hindi on the job and is spending close to 16 hours a day on the set. The sense objects turn away by not feeding on them by the embodied, although the taste may not be given up. Even the taste goes on seeing the supreme. It is easy to say how a person should be a Sthitapragnya, but very difficult to become one.

Suryaputra Karn - सूर्यपुत्र कर्ण - Episode 40 - 27th August, 2015

One might argue that Yudhistra was one, but in my head, Karna surpasses Yudhistra in this field. He goes through rejections his whole life — first by his mother, then by his gurus and then by the society. Yudhistra was beloved of all.

He had the support — of his mother, his brothers and wife, Krishna and the society. At no point was he rejected.

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Yet I believe that he did not take on the responsibility for his actions in the game of dice. He bleated his righteous arguments of how his wife was his to wager. He and the other brothers found no clause in their so called Dharma that would help them protest against what was happening to Draupadi. Next day Arjuna saw Vrushali bathing in a lake.

He was mesmerized so much by her beauty. He also came down in the lake and started kissing her lips. Vrushali also responded back with the same passion thus they shared a passionate kiss.

While kissing Arjuna, Vrushali remembered her marriage with Karna and pushed Arjuna. Arjuna was shocked at the sudden action and asked Vrushali why she pushed him. When Arjuna asked the name of her husband she told him that she is married to Karna the king of Anga.

After knowing this Arjuna left the spot leaving Vrushali shocked. After reaching her home Vrushali came to know that the Arjuna whom she met, kissed and with whom she fall in love was none other than the arch rival of her husband Karna who was defeated by Arjuna in Draupadi swayamvar and took an oath to kill Arjuna by hook or by crook.

Day by day after hearing the virtuous heroic deeds of Arjuna the love of Vrushali grew stronger but she never told anyone about her feelings for Arjuna not even her husband. After the exile of Pandavas Vrushali came to know that her lover Arjuna had alone defeated Karna and other Kuru warriors in the Matsya Kingdom.

She knew that her egoistic husband is not a match of Arjuna but still he vowed to kill him because of his ego. On one hand she truly loved Arjuna but on the other hand she had to follow the duty of a wife also. So she approached Arjuna one day.