Martha and mary meet jesus song

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martha and mary meet jesus song

"I know you must be tired and hungry after such a long day. When Mary, who was Martha's sister, discovered that JESUS was on His way, she was JUST as excited as Martha. Bible Stories Bible Songs w/2 CD. Story of Mary and Martha from the Bible. Carlene Thissen and Martha Christian c) I know that you'll be hungry, though I long to hear your voice,". Martha and Mary (or Martin and Mark) because the men don't get out of the equation! When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went and met him, while.

One thing that stood out about Mary was her ability to observe and understand the heart of Christ, maybe even more so than the twelve disciples. Her gesture of anointing Him in preparation for His burial at the beginning of that final week in Jerusalem shows a remarkably mature understanding. That was the fruit of her willingness to sit still, listen, and ponder. Martha could have learned a lot from her quieter, more thoughtful sister. But not right now.

martha and mary meet jesus song

Before she knew it, her resentment against Mary had built up, and she could no longer restrain herself. Her public criticism of Mary must have embarrassed everyone there. We really need to be more like Mary in this regard. The work will get done in time. My suspicion is that many women would be inclined to sympathize with Martha, not Mary.

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After all, it would normally be considered rude to let your sister do all the hard work in the kitchen while you sit chatting with guests. In normal circumstances, any older sister would think it obligatory for the younger sister to help in serving a meal to guests.

martha and mary meet jesus song

In other words, what Martha expected Mary to do was, in itself, perfectly reasonable. The same could be said of Martin and Mark our two brothers and the decorating. One hanging the wallpaper and the other sitting with Jesus, letting his brother do all the work.

Nevertheless, what Mary was doing was better still. She had discovered that at that moment what was required more than anything else was to give her full attention to Christ. That was a higher priority even her service, and the good part she had chosen would not be taken away from her, even for the sake of something as gracious as helping Martha prepare Jesus a meal.

This establishes worship as the highest of all priorities for every Christian. Jesus would not do what Martha wanted, because it was Mary, not her, who properly understood that worship is a higher duty to Christ than service rendered on His behalf. It is a danger, for those of us who love Christ, that we not become so caught up with doing things for Him that we begin to neglect hearing Him and making time to be in his presence.

Never allow your service for Christ to crowd out your relationship with him! Human instinct seems to tell us that what we do is more important than what we believe, but what we believe is ultimately more crucial than what we do. Her faith was real, but by busying herself with activity, she became spiritually unbalanced.

What we do is vital, because that is the evidence that our faith is living and real, but faith comes first. It is tempting at times to become swept up in the activity of ministry and forget that faith and worship must always have priority over work.

Martha and Mary also remind us that God uses all kinds of people. Both were remarkable in their own ways. If we weight their gifts and their instincts together, they give us a wonderful example to follow.

Mary and Martha (video to song by Colin Buchanan)

Despite the tension between the two sisters, theologians say this story is not about the contemplative life versus an active life. It is about discipleship, and the fact that it is about women makes it that much more extraordinary.

But that is not the end of the story. Mary and Martha have another encounter with Jesus in the gospel of John see John In a wonderful way John continues where Luke has left off, with the story of the raising of Lazarus. Was he indifferent to the grief of Martha and Mary? But then they hear that Jesus was on his way.

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary

Ever practical Martha, dried her eyes and went to meet him while Mary sat in the house, weeping. But I know even now you can do whatever you can. This is the Martha of faith, trust and absolute confidence in Jesus. It is only then that Mary goes out to meet Jesus. The words are aggressive, they indicate anger and indignation not compassion, as they are sometimes translated.

It is unclear what Jesus was responding to. The other likely explanation is that he was upset at the unbelief of Mary and the Jews.

There is one final story about Martha and Mary See John Jesus went to their house again for dinner. In a sense, Mary has come full circle. She was the devoted disciple in the beginning. But when it came to putting those teachings into practice, she faltered.

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But in anointing Jesus, she recognised that his death was near. It seems to me that at last Martha, too, has chosen that good part which could not be taken from her. When there was a crisis in her life, she had a greater understanding of who Jesus was. It is more than likely that Martha was present with the two Marys and other women at the cross and then at the empty tomb of Jesus, and along with them became the bearers of the news of the risen Christ.

Martha & Mary (or Martin & Mark)

Perhaps what we can take from the lives of the two sisters, is this: We need to cultivate both the Martha and Mary sides of our personalities — not to be all Martha practical and not to be all Mary devotional. Someone has to do the practical work, but the point of the story is about making Jesus and our relationship with him as our first priority. Some of us tend to be more like Mary in our Christian walk, while others resemble Martha. It's likely we have qualities of both within us.

We may be inclined at times to let our busy lives of service distract us from spending time with Jesus and listening to his word. Conclusion Today, we live extremely busy lives. We have to constantly juggle all sorts of different things and responsibilities. She put on her best clothes and ran out of the house and down the street to meet Jesus. Jesus agreed to go to Martha's house for dinner. She turned and ran back to the house to prepare for her Special Guest. Quickly they began to tidy up the house and make it presentable for their Special Guest.

Martha began to get a little anxious. She busied herself with all the little things that needed to be done, like dusting and straightening up the room.

Then she went into the kitchen to begin preparing a special meal. Then she went back to finish cooking the meal. The table was set with the best linens. All the food was perfectly arranged on the plates. Martha was SO busy working, she didn't have time to visit with Jesus. I'm going to go in there and DO something about this!

I could surely use some help in here," she said as pleasantly as she could. Jesus turned to her with a grim look and lovingly spoke her name. You are so busy trying to make everything just right. You are going to TOO much trouble.