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meet the home and away cast 2014

Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven . Rosie is invited to a toga party at Sasha's home and she is excited to meet In , Sveen won the Most Popular New Talent Logie Award for her . There are two main locations where Home and Away is filmed, the studio in Redfern and Weather, actors availability and schedules dictate when filming occurs. and outdoor (Summer Bay – Palm Beach) sets during the day to meet filming. Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven De Josselin was first seen on set filming with the cast in late .. Jett James invites Skye to Summer Bay to meet his father John Palmer ( Shane.

She turned his proposal down and left the balcony. But I don't think she truly understands the 'in it for the long haul' sentiment just yet — in any respect! Westaway said Kyle was very wary of what was happening to Phoebe and the avenue she was going down.

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He also did not like the contract she offered Phoebe, as it gave her very little control over her career. However, Brax sided with Phoebe, claiming the recording contract was a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and she would be foolish to turn it down. She was then introduced to the media-inclined industry, fought for what she believed in, but was ultimately pulled into the machine. It was kind of cool, because she had never met a stranger who loved her music.

He had seemed a little persistent, but she wasn't really too concerned. In earlyPhoebe became the centre of a dark storyline involving a stalker. Giovinazzo commented that Ryan seemed "quite strange", while TV Week 's Stephen Downie noted that he was after more than Phoebe's autograph. Phoebe tried to act calm and gave Ryan some CDs in a bid to get him to leave. However, Ryan persisted and told Phoebe that he wanted to take her to his house so she could focus on her music.

After Ryan refused to leave, Phoebe screamed for help, attracting the attention of her neighbour John Palmer Shane Withingtonwho chased Ryan away. When she entered the room, Ryan came up behind her and placed a cloth soaked in chloroform over her mouth, before kidnapping her.

He forced her to change into a white dress and take off her make-up. When Ash saw Phoebe coming out of the shower block, he tried to take her towel, but ended up pulling her to the ground with him. A "disappointed" Ash then questioned Phoebe about her change of heart. When Phoebe and Ash teamed up to try to find a grieving Ricky, they grew closer and almost kissed.

Denny tried to help Kyle by taking him out dancing, but the following day he decided to temporarily leave town. She initially assumed it belonged to house mate Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarthbut Phoebe eventually admitted that it was hers. It was a new aspect of the character and of myself to discover so I was really excited.

Jett James

The actor was in his early 20s and he did not think he had a chance of securing the part. Life hasn't exactly dealt him the best cards, but he's strong enough to know the difference between what's right and wrong, and he won't let anyone tell him otherwise.

Well, that is except for his big brother Andy. Josh comes from Summer Bay 's neighbouring suburb Mangrove Riverwhere he was often blamed for things he had not done and received little support from his teachers at school, who thought he was "a waste of space" like his brother Andy. He wanted someone to give him a chance.

When Josh started to question whether he wanted to be like Andy, it caused some tension between them. The actor also said that the brothers often found themselves getting into fights.

Hara and Gallagher formed a strong brotherly friendship as they were introduced at the same time. Josh, his brother Andy and their backstory were introduced to viewers during four stand-alone webisodes titled Home and Away Extras, ahead of their first appearance in the main show. We're going to reveal dramatic details of the characters' back-stories before they are introduced as a major storyline. Andy tells Josh that they have come to the Bay, so he can check up on the Braxton brothers, after he saw their mother in his local pub.

Josh recalls that Andy was in juvie with Heath and realises Andy is trying to settle a score with him.

meet the home and away cast 2014

Andy tells Josh that the Braxtons were responsible for their father leaving. Josh tells Andy that stole an exam paper and hid it under their house.

meet the home and away cast 2014

Andy offers his help in getting rid of it. He then asks Andy what is going on. Andy explains that their father was friends with Danny Braxton Andy McPhee and took part in an armed robbery that went wrong.

He then left the family to avoid the police. When Casey noticed Josh and Maddy together, he intervened as he was suspicious of Josh and dragged Maddy away.

Casey and Maddy's car crashed, but Casey managed to get her out before it exploded. He then passed out due to his serious injuries. When his older brother, Brax, learnt from Maddy that Josh and Andy were responsible, he attacked Josh. Gallagher said Josh did not trust Brax, but the offer was tempting as he did not want to stay on the beach anymore.

However, his plan is almost derailed when John asks Romeo to visit Jett and talk to him about growing up. His predicament begins when Jett takes a trip on his boat which is not seaworthy.

Bianca Scott

John and Marilyn Emily Symons decide to get married and they try to find Jett and get his blessing. But they are alarmed when they cannot find him. Jett's boat sinks and he is forced to try and swim back to the shore. Marilyn notices Jett having trouble swimming back and realises she cannot reach him in time.

She alerts Darryl Braxton Steve Peacocke who decides to risk his life to save Jett and jumps in the water. Peacocke told Rebecca Lake of TV Week that it was a "being in the right place at the right time" scenario as Brax rushes to save Jett's life.

But he warned that Brax begins to run out of energy the closer he gets to Jett and more drama ensues. He does manage to save Jett and Peacocke added that the scenes resembled US television series Baywatch. When he learns that there will not be a party, he is "deflated". A writer for Inside Soap confirmed that the character would make his on-screen return in early John Palmer tries to catch him, but Jett outruns him.

Jett later steals VJ Patterson's shirt and hits him. Jett is questioned by the police and Gina tries to get him to open up to her. Jett steals Indigo Walker's wallet, but she decides not to press charges. Gina tries to visit Jett and his mother at home, but Jett refuses to let her in.

Jett later admits that Xavier is right. Gina tries to see Jett's mother, but he claims that she is in the hospital. Gina then invites him to stay with her family and makes him to apologise to Marilyn. Gina later takes Jett's house keys and discovers his mother has died. Jett had been keeping her death a secret and he is sent to live with a foster family.

When he runs away, Gina takes him in. After his mother's funeral, Jett acts out and pushes Gina. He runs away, but returns to apologise.

Jett is bullied by Jayden Post Christian Antidormi and during a fight with him, Jett drops a photo of his mother with a man, who he believes is his father. Xavier learns that the man is Richard Bozic and Gina goes to speak with him, only to learn that Richard does not want to meet Jett. Angered at Richard's rejection, Jett smashes Richard's garden up.