Meet wenlock and mandeville

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville! by Barry Timms

meet wenlock and mandeville

Organisers have unveiled their mascots – creatures supposedly fashioned from droplets of steel used to build the stadium. Meet Wenlock and Mandeville! has 8 ratings and 1 review. Sarah said: This is a fun storybook about the special mascots chosen for the London. Wenlock and Mandeville - made from two molten fragments of a girder used to build the Olympic Stadium - set off on the brilliant beams of a rainbow to learn.

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The chairman of the London organising committee of the Olympic games LocogLord Coe, said the mascots were aimed squarely at children and designed with the digital age in mind. He said they had the most positive reaction in workshops to road test them.

Among the designs rejected at the start of an open pitch process were anthropomorphic pigeons, an animated tea pot and a Big Ben with arms and legs. Children will be encouraged to interact with the characters, inviting them via Facebook, Twitter and the web to visit their school and, said Coe, inspiring them to take up different sports.


Young people will be able to decide where they go, what sports they pick up. There is a real interactivity there, it is a language and a flexibility that is driven by young people," he said. The pair were introduced in an animated film that followed their story from the Bolton steelworks where the frame of the Olympic stadium was made.

meet wenlock and mandeville

They will become a range of up to 30 cuddly toys, including versions based on celebrities and sports stars, as well as adorning badges, T-shirts, mugs and more.

Organisers hope Wenlock and Mandeville will rank alongside the more fondly remembered mascots, such as Waldi the dachshund from the Munich games and Misha the bear from the Moscow Olympics — rather than the much maligned Izzy of Atlanta But they were forced to withdraw a launch film after it emerged that it had the potential to trigger epileptic seizures.

meet wenlock and mandeville

The mascots, conceived by London design agency Iris and costing, said Deighton, just "a few thousand pounds", are an important staging post from a financial and marketing point of view. The Baron took the idea and ran with it — literally. So, we have one-eyed Wenlock. Stoke Mandeville hospital was where the Paralympics movement began and the use of its name is an unequivocal attempt to elevate the Paralympics to a more overt position in the sports calendar.

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So, as such the names are — not to put too fine a point on it — pretty damn cool. What of this strange pair, however? I think if their marketing remains as astute as it is now then quite probably the answer is yes.

meet wenlock and mandeville

One small problem, however — I am unsure how well they will lend themselves to being rendered as soft toys as they are in the back story made from the final drops of steel used in the creation of the girders used to build the main stadium. Certainly the marketers are aiming high — they hope that Wenlock and Mandeville related merchandise will raise as much as 20 million US dollars to help soften the huge Olympic bill for London and the deficit ridden UK in general.

meet wenlock and mandeville

The pair will not necessarily always be seen together. One of the largest supermarket chains in the UK which sponsors the Paralympics has already said that it wants Mandeville to visit its stores throughout the country, which leaves poor old Wenlock somewhat in the lurch.

As products go, however, they have as good a chance as any in succeeding in the notoriously fickle pre-teen market, at which they are primarily aimed.

meet wenlock and mandeville