One piece meet usopp and nami

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one piece meet usopp and nami

Zoro x Nami which has the longest explanation since Zoro has a lot of possible love interests Tashigi is second since Nami is always with Zoro and Tashigi and Zoro rarely meets. . Sanji is the biggest pervert in the entire One Piece saga. Luffy then bids farewell to Hancock and the Kujas promising they'll meet again He abruptly stops as Usopp and Nami ride by on one of the Archipelago's. Next one is kinda tricky,because Nami did join Zoro and Luffy next,but from the way I look at it,she never One Piece (creative franchise) If they all went to different islands and met againg sometime later and Usopp joined the crew again ,I.

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Luffy's love for food and Nami's love for money are a funny romantic comparison occurring throughout the series right from the time they enter grand line. They make a great pair. There's also a movie where Luffy takes on Shiki to save Nami. That's who I think Luffy will end up with. Robin is the oldest crew member and the age difference between Zoro and Robin is too much to ignore.

Also, Zoro has a thing for swordswoman. Right from his childhood with Kuina till meeting Kuina's lookalike Tashigi who is nothing like Kuina and is a bumbling swordswoman. Tashigi keeps Zoro in check with her morality and their awkward talks are a delight to watch. The way Zoro sliced up Monet to save Tashigi speaks a lot about him caring enough to intervene in her fight and not let Tashigi die.

Sanji is the biggest pervert in the entire One Piece saga. Nobody matches him in perversion, not even Franky. Sanji lusts for every beautiful lady he sets his eyes upon.

one piece meet usopp and nami

Although, meeting Viola was the first time he behaved like a person who fell in true love. The ruse fails, and Luffy and friends proceed into Syrup Village unhindered. Soon, the Straw Hats make friends with Usopp when Luffy discovers he is the son of Yasoppone of the pirates in Shanks' crew. Jango hypnotizes Luffy to sleep, who then falls off a cliff and is believed to be dead by everyone present; however, they are unaware that Luffy has survived because of his Devil Fruit powers.

Kuro allows Usopp to flee because no one would believe him, which proves to be true as the villagers choose to not believe in Usopp's warnings. When trying to warn Kaya, she thinks that Usopp is trying to kidnap her, and Merry, armed with a gun, chases him off. Usopp then lies to his crew in order to protect them from harm. However, the Straw Hat Pirates are aware of the situation, and decide to lend aid to the side of Usopp and Kaya and prepare with setting up traps.

That night Merry gives Klahadore the glasses that Kaya bought for his three years of service, only for Klahadore to destroy them and reveal his true intentions that he wants Kaya's estate, attacking Merry to prevent him from warning Kaya. Kuro's ship and crew will arrive at Syrup Village the next day, where they believe they will find no resistance.

The Straw Hats initially get which beach the Black Cat pirates are going to land on wrong. This is caused by Usopp's faulty assumption that the area where Kuro met Jango is the arrival point, unaware that the real landing point is on the other beach. This results in Usopp and Nami initially fighting the pirates alone, as Luffy gets lost and Zoro is stuck in their oil slick trap as a result of Nami using Zoro to get out of it herself in a desperate attempt to make sure the Black Cat Pirates did not get to her treasure, which was on the other beach where their boats were.

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Just before the two are killed, Zoro and Luffy arrive and fight Kuro's crew. Jango hypnotizes the crew to increase their strength, but accidentally hypnotizes Luffy as well, turning him into even more of a threat.

Jango is forced to hypnotize Luffy to sleep again to stop him, but accidentally causes the crew to be knocked out by the ship's stempost, which Luffy was holding onto when he fell asleep. Meanwhile, Kaya finds the wounded Merry, who informs her of Klahadore's identity, and, realizing she was wrong about her accusations about Usopp, heads out to find Kuro to talk to him. Usopp's crew figures out that his earlier lie about a pirate attack was actually a lie; they notice Kaya walking out of the village and begin to follow her.

Disarmed of all but one sword, Zoro must fight an uphill battle against the teamwork of Buchi and Sham, which is difficult without all three swords. Zoro prevents Usopp from helping him by taking a hit from Usopp's Lead Star to keep Usopp from getting dragged into the fight. Kuro then appears disgusted by how the Black Cat Pirates are getting beaten by children, and gives the Nyaban brothers five minutes before he kills everyone. Nami is able to kick Zoro's swords back to him, allowing him to defeat the Nyaban brothers.

However, Buchi survives and is hypnotized by Jango, turning him into an even bigger threat to Zoro. Nami goes to wake Luffy up, and Jango tries to stop her with his Chakram, but at the last second Nami steps on Luffy's face, which gets him up in time to stop the Chakram with his rubber body.

Kaya then intervenes, holds Kuro at gunpoint, and tries to get him to remember the fun times they had. However, Kuro reveals that he never cared about her and only wants her money, and was simply waiting for this day where he can kill her, causing Kaya to drop the gun in shock.

Usopp tries to attack Kuro to defend Kaya, but Kuro injures him badly in retaliation.

one piece meet usopp and nami

Kuro is then attacked by Usopp's crew, who have arrived, but Kuro simply brushes off their attack. Kuro attacks everyone around him, including his crew. Usopp orders his crew to take Kaya and flee, and the three take Kaya into the forest while Kuro sends Jango after them. Zoro finishes off Buchi and then heads out with Usopp as his guide on his back to rescue Kaya and the boys since Usopp cannot move due to his injuries and Zoro needs him to navigate through the forestwhile Luffy deals with Kuro.

Eventually, Jango catches up with his target and easily overpowers the boys.