Planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

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planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

An Appreciation: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" () At the airport, Page meets Griffith again and finally confronts him about the cab incident. In a key scene when they are forced to share a motel room and Page is. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a film in which two strangers, each meet up and are forced to travel together in order to reach their destination. [at the car rental agency, after Neal finds the rental car he was assigned is not in the . Planes, Trains and Automobiles () falls into the latter category -- a Thanksgiving The two men first meet in New York City when Del accidentally steals Neal's taxi. When they're reintroduced a little later at the airport, Del feels The way Candy plays the scene shows the comedic Saturday Night Live.

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

You think what you want about me. I like--I like me.

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

My wife likes me. My customers like me.

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

What you see is what you get. The fun is watching their bond slowly and reluctantly form despite their irksome natures. There is just enough drama peppered throughout the comedy to feel genuine and not oppressive.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday in which -- as the name implies -- we are to give thanks. We are to remember all the things that make our lives what they are, and focus on the good. Del and particularly Neal spend the bulk of Planes, Trains and Automobiles doing the opposite. Hughes' story shows how humorous and affirming heartache can be.

He finds humor and warmth in his memories of he and Del's folly, disembarks the train, and returns to Del. He has no home, and his wife died eight years ago.

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

You know not to get them wet, expose them to bright light, or feed them after midnight. Its partly responsible for the creation of the PG rating.

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

Both Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomwhich he directed, and Gremlins, which he executive produced, were rated PG upon their release, and subsequently criticized for not being kid-appropriate.

But Gremlins could have been a whole lot darker.

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The original Gremlins scriptwritten by Chris Columbus, was much, much darker. Spielberg, director Joe Dante, and Warner Bros. He wrote it as a spec script and writing sample. Much of the chatter spoken by Gizmo and the Gremlins is ad libbed, or in reaction to whatever is happening in the scene. Howie Mandel is the voice of Gizmo. Michael Winslow helped to voice the Gremlins. There was a lot of buzz surrounding Tim Burton after the success of his short film, Frankenweenie—so much so that Spielberg considered him to direct Gremlins.

But the fact that Burton had yet to direct a feature film worked against him, and the gig was given to Joe Dante. Security was tight with the Gremlins.

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Balloons came in handy. Creature creator Chris Walas used balloons in an innovative fashion: Phoebe Cates was a controversial casting choice. But her infamous topless scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High gave the studio pause about putting her in the lead.

Though there were better-known actors like Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson in contention for the role of Billy, Spielberg cast his vote for Galligan, based on the chemistry he and Cates displayed during auditions.