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plus meet and vidoes

Sandwich is a video agency with in-house creative, production, and post- production. Easily upload videos, build quizzes, and organize all your learning content with our drag and drop . Plus, integrate with + business tools you already use. Kansas City? Meet the 10 candidates vying for the city's top job. By. September 12, PM. Meet the 10 candidates running for mayor of Kansas City.

After college I started to play golf more frequently again and w Thanks to Andy and Piers I am down to an 11in the past month and trending down.

It had been years since I revisited the basics i. It is because of this I have been able to shave strokes off my game. Whether you are a 24 or a 4 there is something Me and My Golf can teach you! I missed a 15 foot birdie the other day to break 80 for the first time ever! With their help, I hope to accomplish that goal before the snow sets in. Then boom, the next time I played I broke More power to you guys!

plus meet and vidoes

Read More Michael Burbano - I feel bad for my golf instructor! After finding out about the guys at "me and my golf", i've learned more watching their videos than I ever could hav You guys truly provide easy to understand lessons for golfers at any level. Thank you so much, you guys are a blessing for the golfing community!

Read More Salvatore Cuccia - These two are officially my favorite golfers in the world! Never before have I seen such detailed yet comprehensive instruction.

I've taken lessons wi The information is given in an easily digestible and light hearted manner, making it very easy to retain and focus on. My brother makes fun of me for watching too many videos, but the change in my game has proven its value. A month of viewing and practice brought me from a average to five rounds in a row averaging 95! This made me a true believer in their understanding of the game, so I recently committed to the official site.

The site is so helpful and easy to navigate. The subdivided sections that focus on specific issues and the ability to create your own playlist make this site a useful tool for players of all skill levels.

I continue to learn from these videos and am continuing to improve. Aiming for the 80s next season. Thank you so much, gentlemen. You've made such a difference in this golfer's game, so please keep it up! Was shooting around at my local course.

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Solely due to meandmygolf. Number 1 golfing instruction I have come across. It feels Hogan, but modified for modern equipment due Thanks for playing Taylormade! Read More Beau S. Shooting in mid 90's Greg T.

plus meet and vidoes

Your instruction is just fantastic. The combination of video with explanation and correction drills is superb. I am a single digit h Your videos have really helped my ball striking and short game. You guys are such good teachers.

You teach directly and plainly without all the nonsense, plus you both have beautiful swings which helps a visual learner like me to emulate. I am so glad that I joined. Your site is very well organized and easy to navigate. I love the fact that I can create my own categories and save videos to refer back to later. I am so glad that I found this. Read More Chris K. Really helped me out of a funk and got me back on track! Read More Thomas J.

Can't wait to apply what I have learned to courses all around the world Read More GolfTeam Powell Kent, UK - We at Team Powell have been watching the videos and instructions of these for guys for some while and can honestly say they are the best for no nonsen There tips have helped us reduce our handicaps and we have now won 3 monthly medals in a row which is fantastic.

plus meet and vidoes

There website is easy to use and packed with loads of stuff to help your game, so don't delay get signed up today and as the guys say "take charge of your game". Read More Neil C. Already helped me to improve and certainly understand what I'm doing wrong.

plus meet and vidoes

Read More Jack M. The level of instruct I have learned a lot from the website and videos and I do feel that I am taking charge of my game. Thanks for your videos and instruction. Read More Nuwan A. Andy and Piers have a great approach to the game. Their videos are simple to understand and well presented Their approach focuses on the whole game and having a tailored plan for each golfer makes so much sense.

They always make an effort to reply to the many questions they get asked. Keep up all your good work and look forward to seeing more great videos! Read More Roberto E. It is also a demonstrati There is no doubt that watching the videos from Piers and Andy golfers of any level will shoot better scores very soon. I decreased my handicap from 11 to 7 in only 6 months! Read More Richard D. Read More Thomas M.

I needed to look at my swing and how to be more consistent.

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I viewed a lot of on Both Piers and Andy seems to explain the fundamentals in a way I understand. All the help and practice has taken me from a 24 handicap to a 16, and I am looking to get down to single figures this year with the help of Meandmygolf takecharge.

It's amazing the way Piers and Andy make it easy to understand, therefore, easy to apply. Thanks again guys for such amazing job and help, you give me everyday.

Read More Excellent, easy to follow advice that has helped all aspects of my golf game tremendously!

plus meet and vidoes

I just wanted to This narration is obnoxious and unnecessary--the best stretch of the movie is the 50 minutes or so where the narration disappears completely--and all it yields are unfunny riffs on sex that belittle the movie's female lead; an air of legendary, larger-than-life status that doesn't quite match the actual movie we're presented; and some incredibly trite observations about class consciousness in a New England tourist town.

That last one is worth thinking about for a moment. The film is introduced as a conflict between haves and have-nots, with townies opposed to summerbirds in a vein similar to Breaking Away or The Outsiders.

We're shown preppily dressed vacationers with "white clothes and white teeth," and we're meant to focus on the advantages these privileged people have over our main characters. But the division as presented in this film never rises above mere cliquishness.

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There's no real material difference that's ever explored in any meaningful way--which is to say, even the "townies" seem pretty well-off to me.

That's one thread that never goes anywhere, but if you start pulling at that thread then the whole thing starts to unravel and you realize you've just got a pile of old rags that was temporarily gussied up to look like something more impressive.

Bynum knows how to blend impressive camerawork, solid performances, and a fun soundtrack into something entertaining, but he's put extremely little effort into developing his characters or crafting a meaningful story. They nearly succeed in making it seem as though their characters have plausible motivations and consistent personalities, when ultimately what's really going on here is that Bynum just wanted to remake Goodfellas with teenagers. What drives Daniel Middleton?

What does his father's death really have to do with anything? Why does he make the reckless decisions that he does in spite of sound advice to the contrary?