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Beautiful eyes Michael Scofield, Wentworth Miller Prison Break, Human Eye, Dominic . Regina Konig O Konig Newgrange Jennings Brusca Kattagat Nato back .. Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies as Michael and Sarah in Prison Break. .. EXCLUSIVE: Katheryn Winnick Talks Vikings Series Premiere -- Meet. Dr. Sara Scofield (nee Tancredi) is a fictional character from the American television series, Prison Break. She is played by Sarah Wayne Callies. Her role in the first season of the series is a prison physician. In the first season, Sara is mostly featured in scenes with Michael Scofield, while in the second season, Sara has. Louise is a fanfiction author that has written 39 stories for Prison Break, Vampire But then, he wasn't expecting he'd meet someone like Sara. . Regina M./The Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Killian Jones/Captain Hook Sara looks back on her story with Michael Scofield and decides there is only one color.

He is the epitome of the fiercest calm, but in this very moment, it shatters—the invincible and ferocious Archangel slain with mere words. You press on, hurt, but self-righteously undeterred. You never did know when to quit. When you don't answer, he takes two strides forward and grabs you by the back of the arms pulling you flush against his body, ensnaring you.

Startled, your arms rise up between you, flattened palms bracing against his chest. Your eyes are wide, shocked. You look down at his hands and back to his dark and stormy eyes draped in raging intensity and turbulent emotion. He shakes you even as he pushes you, pulls you, and into the alley and against the building, your coat and hair snagging on the jagged ridges of the brick.

Your eyes dart between each of his and you recognize the depth of desperation there. He sees it, too, reflected in your own face. In a flash, it hits you both.

Moments tick by in silence. He finally lets go but leaves you bound, caught between the span of his arms as he braces his hands against the wall on either side of your shoulders. He collapses a bit, leans his head to the side of yours and against the brick, and the air he struggles to breathe fans across your neck. It warms you, yet the hair on the back of your neck stands up. His body presses against the length of yours. You suspect he's using you for support.

You want to turn your head away, but his skin is warm even through your clothes, and his scent triggers your memories, your wants, your needs.

You're helpless to move or escape. He raises his forearms against the wall, his hands in fists. His shirt stretches across his shoulders and chest, his suit coat lying on the ground forgotten.

Head hanging low, his cheek brushes against your skin as he nestles against your neck. He envelopes you, closes you both off to the outside world, to all that is real, all that was black and white. He smells of high-end soap and designer cologne and top-shelf whiskey. You breathe deeply and you find it, that salty, spiced scent—his scent—that lies beneath, and you wonder what would make him want to cover that up, even though that's what he's done from the beginning—cover things up, mask them.

It's too much for you. You can't escape and you can't just turn away. His breath is ragged, hot on your neck, and it tingles its way down your spine. You feel just as dizzy as he is intoxicated. Shaking, you wait for somebody to answer, just like the first time you asked it in the infirmary. Wait for me, he replied.

This time you want to answer before he does. It won't always be like this. I won't always be like this. It couldn't possibly be. His voice is tight. Your mouth falls open preparing to speak, but you can't even breathe. All you can do is tremble under the weight of the tension, the pressure, and the length of his body pressing against yours.

For the second time tonight, you realize that he's his own collateral damage. I can't rescue you. They stripped me of my authority to heal. I wanted to be with you and it's killing me to know you'll never believe that. You can't be his anchor when you're barely treading water. He licks his lips, he trembles. You should've fled earlier. You may have negotiated your way out of positions like this before. But this is the first time you've been in front of Michael Scofield, and he's not accustomed to being denied.

You can't speak, you can't breathe, and … One thing? You just wait, captive. Wait for me, it won't always be like this, whispers in your mind. The heat of alcohol and desperation and desire roll off him and heats his cologne. The sweet smell of 18 year old single malt on his breath affects you as surely as you drank it yourself. Head spinning slightly, you let go of the wall and hold on, fisting his shirt at his waist, transfixed on every breath and heartbeat.

You know what's coming. You can feel it in the tensioned hum of his muscles and in the strained grumble in his chest when he speaks. When you look in his eyes—and he won't finish with his demands until you do—you know you're powerless to do anything but what he wants. And you know what he wants because you want it, too. It would go like this.

Larger than life, he'll tower above you and consume the space in between. He'll put on his jacket and pull you close, molding you to him. He'll escort you out of the shadows and down the street, calling, Taxi! He'll hover over you possessively, then he'll reach down to unlatch the rear passenger door as the cab rushes up, all without dropping his intense gaze. His hand will fall to your back as he guides you in.

You'll give him plenty of room in the car, and he'll let you, at first, under the auspices of the driver. Even so, his presence will be overwhelming. As you look outside the window, your heart will pound, your flesh will tingle, and it will all settle achingly and insistent down low and high up between your legs. You'll know exactly where this is going. He won't be able maintain this level of decorum and decency for long, though. He'll caress and stroke, grasp and kiss your hand, devour you with his darkened, hungry eyes.

You'll be entranced, and you'll realize later that this is why he wouldn't allow you to drive. He'll pay for the cab and then exit. He'll reach back and say, Take my hand, just as he said once before during the riots. So you will and, just like that time not so long ago you'll wonder if you are being pulled out of the proverbial hot pan and into a consuming fire.

You'll take the key out of the lock and he'll push open the door in a demanding gesture — ladies first. Polite as it may be, he's also not allowing you an escape. He'll follow right behind you with a gentle push on your back leading you on in. There'll be enough light filtering in through the uncovered windows, so you won't bother with lights.

He'll notice the space and the high ceilings and the molding because that is who he is and what he does. You'll note he seems to approve, and you'll be pleased because this space might be the one distinction you have left.

The TV will still be on. When Michael's and Lincoln's images fill the screen, you'll fumble for the remote. But he won't say anything about it or your previous battle of words and wills. He'll focus solely and completely on you. He'll slip his coat off and he'll pull at the loosened knot on his tie. In a swift move that will have him stalking behind you, he'll pull the remote from your hand while pulling you flush against him. He won't turn off the TV, but he'll deftly manage the mute button, and you'll both be bathed in a halo of flickering and shifting blues and greys.

You'll let him turn you around as he pushes you, pulls you toward the wall. Your coat and shoes will lay abandoned as he hovers over you, holding your head still while he pulls and drags his thumbs across your lower lip. He'll licks his lips, barely getting his tongue out of the way before he captures you with a kiss of punishing, unapologetic intensity. It'll be all pent up need and want, entitlement, anger, desire, resentment, but want and need most of all.

One by one, the buttons of your blouse will come undone with skillful economy and you'll feel the heat of him on your bare belly as he reaches underneath your arms and grabs the back of your opened blouse, stripping it from you, trailing his fingers down your back. He'll still be mostly clothed as his hands are everywhere on you, but roaming too fast to satisfy any need. He'll lay kisses down your neck and shoulders, and he'll sink to one knee as he kisses around your navel and shimmies the waist of your unzipped jeans over your hips.

He'll trail kisses lower and lower still until he mouths the soft cloth of your panties over the V between your legs, all softness and hot air. You'll have that moment of female panic where you'll judge what you think he might see as he stands and his eyes rake over your body on the way up. Unconsciously, you'll cross your arms hesitantly, but he'll brush your hands away and clasp your fingers between his.

He'll pull one hand to his mouth and kiss your palm while placing your other hand right over his heart and the inked sword blade the demon unwaveringly wields at his chest. He'll slow things down.

If you want him, it's clear you'll need to make the next move. He is nothing if not intensely patient. He'll give you the time to decide and even make you think you had a choice. It won't take too many shallow and panting breaths to capture his lips, as if there was no decision to make at all.

He'll take your hand and lead you across the room. You'll pass by the corner table at the end of the couch. Your heart will drop a bit—you don't want to do this here, not over the back of the couch.

But he'll turn back, pulling you flush against him as you kiss and stroke and caress your way down the hall with him to your bedroom.

You'll slip your hands inside his opened shirt, over his shoulders, pushing the fabric down his arms. His sleeves of tattoos will be slowly revealed in the shallow light, peeking out of his t-shirt from deltoid to wrist, a dark strip of lines and figures showing themselves at the hem of his neckline.

You'll not have seen his tattoos since he lay blanketed in angel-white linens after the surgery you performed on what you know now to be his accidentally self-inflicted shoulder wound. He'll cross his arms, tug at his t-shirt and lift it over his head, uncovering them all to you. Your hands will be roaming before he can even drop his shirt to the floor.

You'll trace the dark patterns between his collarbones and wrists, those covering his chest and sitting low on his hips, the angels, the demons… You'll be momentarily mesmerized. When you finally catch his gaze, his eyes will be consuming and unrelenting.

Maybe he'll be self-conscious like you were a moment before—a moment of ex-con panic where he'll judge what he thinks you might see. But that's not the case. The tattoos don't define him. They were just a means to an end.

He exudes confidence and desire, and he'll wait for you to get your fill before he'll lay you down on the bed.

TV Review: ‘Prison Break’ on Fox

He'll leave you there momentarily as he unbuckles his belt and slides it from the loops at his waist. You'll wonder what he's thinking as he stands there and fingers it while he rakes his gaze over you. Ultimately, he'll discard it with the rest of his clothes before he collapses on top of you with his knee pushing its way between yours. He'll pull a condom packet from the pocket of his pants he just left strewn on the floor.

You'll have a passing thought that this condom was meant not for you, but for the blonde from the bar. But he'll not give you time to worry about that as he shifts his weight and you nestle him in the curve of your pelvis, your limbs tangling with his.

You'll wake later, freely his, entangled in his arms, his lips hot and moist against your skin. He'll push the sheets down, uncovering you with his caresses and teases. Momentarily, he'll leave you as he heads into the bathroom. You'll hear a couple of drawers slide open and shut, and he'll come out with your box of condoms. His look will be penetrating and deep, demanding and dark. Instead, he has his wife meet Sara and steal the keys.

At the end of the episode, she has the locks to the infirmary door changed, thwarting his efforts. Michael is then forced to come clean in " Tonight " and reveals to her his intent to break Lincoln out of prison.

Sara is confronted with the decision whether she should help Michael or not. Eventually, Sara returns to Fox River and unlocks the infirmary door. Horribly distressed at what she has done, Sara injects herself with morphine from the infirmary. Suspected for being an accessory to the escape, police officers charge into her apartment with an emergency warrant in the Season Finale to find her nearly dead from a morphine overdose.

The character's fate is left unresolved at the end of the first season.

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Season 2[ edit ] After recovering from her drug overdose in " Manhunt ", Sara loses her medical license and becomes a target of The Company - the mysterious organization behind Lincoln's murder setup. Learning that six other convicts joined Michael's escape, Sara feels betrayed by him, and the two characters initially have a strained relationship. After her father alerts her of Kellerman's suspicious identity and her father's subsequent death in episode " Buried ", Sara becomes part of the show's conspiracy plot as she holds the key left by her father to information that may exonerate Lincoln.

Following this, several attempts on Sara's life are made by The Company, which force her to find Michael via his coded messages. She meets with Michael in the episode " Rendezvous " at Gila, New Mexico but their reunion is short-lived when Kellerman and Agent Mahone William Fichtner find out about their rendezvous point. At first, Sara is reluctant to leave with Michael to Panama but is captured by Kellerman shortly after.

Kellerman proceeds to torture Sara in episode " Bolshoi Booze ", in an effort to obtain information about a USB drive he thinks her father gave her. Sara escapes from Kellerman and decides to change her appearance and throws her wallet and ID away.

Two episodes later, Sara returns in " The Message ". She reunites with Michael in Evansville, Indiana in " Chicago ". Together with the brothers, Sara travels to Chicago where her father has hidden the audio file that can help prove Lincoln's innocence.

On the train to Chicago, Sara admits to Michael that she has fallen in love with him, and they kiss. Later in the episode, Michael admits he has fallen in love with her.

They decide to use it to blackmail President Reynolds for a presidential pardon instead. When this fails, Michael and Lincoln are forced to leave the country. When Sara realizes she is being tailed by the FBIshe surrenders herself in order to let the brothers escape. Sara is then faced with a year prison sentence but as she is about to plead guilty, Kellerman comes forward to testify on her behalf.

His testimony exonerates Sara and Lincoln in " Sona ", and Sara reunites with the brothers in Panama and tells them of the news. With nowhere to run, Michael and Sara surrender themselves to the Panamanian police but to Sara's surprise, Michael confesses to Kim's killing instead of her. She is last seen in a crowd by Lincoln. Season 3[ edit ] In this season, standbys are used to portray the character, including Katie A. Keane in the photographs for the episode " Call Waiting ".

She is revealed to have been kidnapped by The Company, and is said in " Good Fences " to have been murdered in response to a failed rescue attempt. She was decapitated and her head was sent to Lincoln Burrows in a box. Michael swears to avenge her death. After Gretchen reveals to Michael in the season premiere that Sara's death was faked, Michael contacts Bruce Bennett, the former aide of Governor Tancredi Sara's father and asks him for help tracking down Sara.

The two are reunited later in the episode. Much of Sara's plotline in the fourth season focuses on the character processing what happened to her in Panama and making a new life with Michael.

Sara joins the rest of team as they work to copy the cards, such as in "Breaking and Entering" where she slips, most notably in "Eagles and Angels" where Sara is informed that Bruce Bennett was found dead and goes out to a bar.

No one is safe. It's a MISA fic! A little bit T-Bag centred. Broken by nursepower reviews Sara never thought she could be broken until everything went wrong. AU since the end of Season 2. They can be tricky! A little Misa angst plus a little Misa lovin' is simply the best kind!

Loz is a girl, who is to cross paths with non other than Theodore Bagwell AKA T-Bag, this is a muture fan fic, so does contain scenes of a sexual nature, you have been warned! Michael is sick; Sara takes care of him. He decides to go to Panama There he founds Sara He's gunning for her love, but she keeps moving out of range… Prison Break - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: One for the Courthouse. Please read and review. Kellerman loses his patience with Sara during his interrogation Michael determines to find her before its too late.

Sara Tancredi interacting with the many different inmates of Fox River. Each chapter will feature a different character. Inescapable Damon has done the irreparable. Elena and Stefan move to London to start over, but the city winds up having secrets of its own.

Will she resist and leave London's mysteries uncovered, or will she take the path of darkness, at the risk of awakening her own sleeping demons, who are never farther than a wreath of fog away?

Vampire Diaries - Rated: Team spirit reviews Set at the beggining of season 4. It's the occasion for her to learn to cope with what he's done Kellerman Family Bonds reviews Sara has a pregnancy scare. Luckily, Lincoln is there to help. Rated T for sexual situations and cursing.

Doctor Who - Rated: Welcome to the Jungle reviews When Sara decided to run for President, she refused to change to fit the profile: But then, falling in love with a volunteer from one of her charity programs wasn't part of the plan.

Rated T for sexual situations in later chapters. The title is from Guns and Roses. Kellerman Home Invasion reviews Sara is six months sober and enjoying some time away from Chicago, in a remote cabin in the woods, when the Fox River eight break into her habitation looking for a place to hide, and Sara becomes a prisoner in her own house. Chemistry sometimes hits where it's least expected. But war looms on the horizon.

All he wants is to save Emma Swan from the clutch of his enemies. But what's a doomed romance to the world of vampire politics? Asylum reviews Sara works as a doctor in an asylum when Michael Scofield is admitted into her institution. Diagnosed as a monomaniac, he is convinced an evil 'company' is trying to kill his brother. When Sara accidentally becomes involved in the conspiracy, she has no choice but to believe him and hope that, together, they can make it out alive.