The word alice and tasha meet browns

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the word alice and tasha meet browns

This Pin was discovered by Jodi Nicole Brown. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Alice Elisabeth Pieszecki is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word, shown nationally in the United States. Through her, she later meets and starts dating Tasha Williams, a Captain in the Army National . Tasha faces THE BIG BAD and Nikki experiences some serious liquid heat and Jodi wears a The L Word Episode Recap: Lay Down the Law Alice says they met at “a gathering. Davis questions her on why she recommended Martinez over Brown and Tasha answers that it's 'cause Martinez's.

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Meanwhile a girl with fake tits and a lot of expensive art tells Tina to spread her legs. Kit gets robbed at gunpoint. I mean, she wrote the basketball episode, my favorite … Also, did your head explode at the end? Like the Uh Huh Her song Explode? Jodi wears a terrible tie-died shirt and demonstrates the soap gun. Subsequently, Beech makes a housecall that interrupts a Tasha-Alice full frontal morning.

Shane tells Jenny to wear the see-through shirt. It was fun and quality and featured all those verbs they sing about in that opening song we all cream over. Um, fighting, winning, fucking, whatevs. Jenny says Adele is wearing Mom jeans with cameltoe. They masturbate on top of each other. Everyone has meta conversations with their characters at the party, eats magic brownies and dances on the tables.

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Jenny tries to teach her actresses to fuck like they actually mean it, makes a series of unforgettable facial expressions. Adele at last gets her makeover, Jenny wears large red golashes. Smack my Bitch Up plays. When the party gets busted for underage drinking Kit taunts: Girl you about to go LIVE with the rats.

All your little friends! Cammie-as-Sean tries to seduce Shane-as-Shane.

Alice Pieszecki

Alice is estranged from her two siblings, who disapprove of bisexualityas well as her father, whom she simply describes as "distant". Alice is obsessed with The Chart, a recompilation of all the relationships and one-night stands which she knows of, and how this network of affairs is linked to her. Alice strongly believes everyone is sleeping with everyone else, and her chart is the most valuable evidence supporting her theory. She soon decides that her true feelings lie with Dana Fairbanks, who does not love her back and who was then engaged to her fiance Tanya.

Taking advantage of Alice's feelings, Dana has an affair with her behind Tanya's back, and Dana eventually splits up with Tanya made easier when Tanya casually admits she had been cheating on Dana as wellbut at the end of the season two, Dana's ex, Lara, comes back, raising Alice's suspicions.

Alice's fears are realized when Dana quickly leaves her for Lara and she is left devastated. Dana later dies of breast cancer, and Alice has a short-term relationship with Lara out of simple comfort.

the word alice and tasha meet browns

Alice begins video podcasting on OurChart and discovers a woman named Papi who has the highest amount of sexual encounters on the chart. During a confrontation between Papi's friends in Alice's apartment, Tasha accidentally hits her while trying to break up a fight and has to take her to the hospital. While at the hospital Alice learns of Tasha's military background and the two get into an argument over a disagreement about the ethics of the war in Iraq.

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Despite their differences in politics, they choose to continue their relationship. The following season, after Alice is seen in public with Tasha by one of her homophobic subordinates at work and openly has a lover's disagreement with her while on base she is drawn into Tasha's Army investigation for homosexual conduct. Alice asks the officers to leave and then proceeds to hide evidence of her relationship with Tasha in case they return with a search warrant.

alice and tasha - we belong together

In response, Tasha goes to her lawyer's house and berates him for not giving her prior warning of the visit by the investigators. Alice is invited to a party for closeted homosexual celebrities and, despite signing a non-disclosure agreementcaptures a video of Daryl Brewer, an NBA player, in an intimate moment with another man. Later, Tasha and Alice watch Brewer make homophobic remarks on the news in response to another NBA player coming outand Tasha disapproves.

Alice misinterprets her remarks and puts the incriminating video on her podcast. The video goes viral and Alice is the center of a media storm for outing Brewer. This angers Tasha because it jeopardizes her Army investigation and opens another rift in her relationship with Alice. Shortly after, Alice and Tasha decide they can no longer be together.

During Tasha's separation board for homosexual conduct, Alice testifies in front of Colonel Gillian Davis and makes a statement about being outed that caused Davis to back off on trying to get Tasha discharged. However, Tasha decided that she no longer wanted to serve in the Army if she cannot be with the person she loves and admits to the board that she is indeed in love with Alice, effectively outing herself and resulting in her discharge.

the word alice and tasha meet browns

After Tasha is discharged from the Army under Don't ask, don't tellthey continue their relationship where it left off, though it's a little unsteady. Alice develops an instant attraction to her, but decides to resist those feelings in order to work on her relationship with Tasha. As Alice and Tasha's relationship continues to wane, she tries her best to make things work. An encounter with Gabby Deveaux at Papi's house on the season premiere triggers Alice to admit her troubled past, and to refuse to part ways with Tasha.

They are shown visiting the show's recurrent therapist [4] Dan Foxworthy, who decrees their relationship to be ill-fated.