Tom and jerry meet jonny quest invisible monster

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tom and jerry meet jonny quest invisible monster

The Quests meet Hadji while Dr. Quest is lecturing at Calcutta University; Her first name is revealed in Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest to be Jezebel. . scientist who has accidentally created an (invisible) energy monster on a South Pacific island. Results 1 - of $Jonny Quest Invisible Monster 2nd version Clock Birdman & The Galaxy Trio Meet Space Ghost Clock . Tom and Jerry Clock. Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest is a animated science fiction action adventure spy Tom and Jerry have a relaxing day at the beach until Jonny Quest, Hadji and Bandit arrive. "DVD TRAILER: Tom & Jerry Meet Jonny Quest in "Spy Quest"". . and the Monster of Mexico (); Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman ( ).

What's not to love about a show with dinosaurs, WWI airplanes, robot spiders, lizard men, Dr Zin, invisible monsters, mummies, and secret armies? You got jet packs, lasers, submarines, hovercraft, hydrofoils, vstol jets, and other cool rides. Throw in exotic locales and you can't lose. Yeah, it wasn't the most PC of shows take that you heathen monkeys, indeed but it was still pretty entertaining; and, Hadji was always portrayed as an intelligent and equal character.

Sure, Dr Quest and Race Bannon sure seemed to avoid women except Jezebel Jade but, you know, they were positive role models. By the way, if you ever wondered what happened to Jonny's mother, check out the excellent Comico comic book from the 80's. It was an outstanding story that will bring tears to your eyes, and add a wrinkle to Dr Zin. But, for those of us who considered ourselves smarter and hipper than the average bear, there was only one cartoon that ruled and it ruled with an iron fist.

I'm talking about "Jonny Quest", a combination of pulp adventure, science fiction, spy flicks, horror, drama and comedy that was utterly irresistible to me and millions of other little boys around the world back in the mid's.

From the opening bars of Hoyt Curtin's driving, jazzy theme song, the opening credits were enough to drive any kid insane: Benton Quest, tutor-pilot-combat expert-bodyguard Roger T. Quest's sleek, needle-nosed jet aircraft. Jonny and his dad lived in a secluded island fortress-secret laboratory with Race Bannon, Hadji and Bandit.

Quest was a scientific genius working for the U. Government, a widower Mrs. Quest's death is only mentioned once, but the impression lingered that she was killed by bad guys trying to get to Dr. From the lush and detailed backgrounds to the almost-adult level of violence all sorts of people and animals die in this show - and when someone died, they stayed deadthere was a lot in this show that wasn't for kids.

And now, after years of waiting, Warner Brothers has released all 26 episodes in a massive and elegant 4-disc set, presented in their original broadcast order. From "Mystery of the Lizard Men" to "The Robot Spy" to "The Sea Haunt", they're all here and looking absolutely smashing along with all sorts of DVD goodies like trailers, a featurette on the animators, everything you'd ever want to know about the good and bad guys on the show and even a vintage commercial for sneakers starring Jonny!

STILL the all-time best! As a kid I didn't quite realize how different from other cartoons this piece of greatness was. Now as an adult although still a kid at heartI understand what made it different and great. Firstly, it was a show about kids - Jonny and Hadji and Hadji was from another country!

They went all over the world for their adventures, and "gosh! And the science although somewhat archaic now was ahead of its time.

Of course, that was only to be expected, coming from the genius of the great scientist, Dr. And the artwork from Hanna-Barbera gave credit to it all. The locations were gorgeous and accurate as possible. The foreign peoples looked as they should, not just WASPs with slanted eyes.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest invisible monster

And the hardware was as sleek and shiny as the science could make it. After all these years, the show stands the test of time. I still thoroughly enjoy watching it, and I'm thrilled that the complete set of episodes is coming to DVD in May of this year.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's your chance! Take the time - it is supremely well worth it! Man, this cartoon is cool! Man I didn't even know this existed till now! Jonny is a cool little dude with his Hindu friend and little dog.

And I love the spy-like adventures they have my favourite eps are the ones with the villain Dr. Zinn in em ; and all the dated scientific gadgets his dad comes up with is awesome. It's also nice how the eps are so varied in both story and location. I gotta get some more of these eh. Zin voiced by Billy West using the robot in a plot to get Jonny and Hadji. The plot was thwarted where Dr.

Zin was arrested and Vulturo flees. It turns out that the real Race Bannon was on vacation. Characters from Jonny Quest appeared in Scooby-Doo! In "Heart of Evil," Dr. Some years later, Radley Crown has become Blue Falcon where the mechanical dragon that attacked Quest Labs years ago returns and starts targeting computer consoles. At the same time it was revealed that Quest Labs was bought by Destroido.

Blue Falcon eventually learns that the mechanical dragon was controlled by Dr. After Blue Falcon and Mystery Inc. Despite Jenny being healed, Dr. Zin and Jenny managed to get away and set their island base to self-destruct. Benton Quest in his aloof present day form and Jonny himself in his traumatic past as a boy adventurer. Characters from the series also appear, though inconsistently; Race Bannon is shown in season one normal age whereas Johnny Quest appears in season two, all grown up though unnamed.

Due to a desire to sidestep copyright issues, as of season three, Johnny Quest characters have been officially retconned as brand new characters: Per the shows' takeoff on the originals, characters are shown in a much darker light: Johnny Quest is a recovering drug addict who, like Doctor Venture, has grown up as a severely traumatized adult.

Race Bannon is portrayed as a member of "OSI", the fictionalized spy agency in the series. Bannon is killed in the first season, recovering a deadly virus from a supervillain and is later shown during a flashback, as having been an interrogator for OSI and having engaged in torture as part of his job.

The animation style used very heavy blacks. This is especially obvious when a character's face is in shadow, eliminating the need to animate their mouth. A deserted freighter has a cargo hold full of coffins, each of which contains gold bars. Topper turns on the radio just in time to hear about Jonny and Hadji being shipwrecked.

In "The Robot Spy," Dr. Quest's Para-Power Raygun stops the robot spy, but considering it was designed to drain the power of the machine, not destroy it as it did, he notes that there is no point to the gun as a glorified artillery piece until he can perfect it for its true purpose. Out of all of the wrecked ships in the Sargasso Sea, the one that Jonny wants to explore is the one the villain is using as his base.

The episode "The Invisible Monster". Quest receives a frantic ham radio message. This is Isaiah Norman. I desperately need your help. You know of my experiments in attempting to harness energy and my theory of controlling it. Well, I'm afraid my efforts have resulted in the creation of something too terrible to contemplate. It is monstrous beyond imagination. Can you come at once? Something must be done to stop this thing. Quest he actually just saved Dr.

Jonny attacks Hadji, but Hadji uses a judo move to throw Jonny away and Jonny lands in a heap. After the misunderstanding is explained, Jonny praises Hadji's judo skill and they become friends.

Hanna Barbera Clocks

Deliberately Jumping the Gun: The episode "Dragons of Ashida". Ashida and Race Bannon have a judo match, they bow to each other. Ashida hits Race with a judo chop while he's still bowing. He has at least two major bases, a castle and an Elaborate Underground Base inside a volcano, plus an army of mooks.

He's also a technological genius, who developed a robot spy and a beam that can shoot down airplanes. In the original s series, Hadji is an orphan whose parents are never mentioned. Jonny bursts some bags of oil with a bow and arrows.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest invisible monster

A villain wearing a yeti costume slips on the oil, rolls down some stairs, and then over the edge of a cliff to his death. One of the dragons chases Race Bannon out of a cave mouth. Race jumps up and grabs a tree branch and the dragon falls to its death at the base of a cliff.

Benton Quest gets a radio call for help from an old friend and springs into action to try to save them. The Dog Bites Back: In "Dragons of Ashida", Dr.

Jonny Quest

Ashida's abuse of his servant Sumi leads to a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal. In "The Robot Spy", Doctor Quest is puzzled by the appearance of the title device in its hidden form.

What is it, Dad? I don't know, Jonny, I really don't know! After downing a black leopard, Race Bannon shoots it again to make sure it's dead. Sumi is the bodyguard of his master Dr. Interestingly enough, Race fights Ashida first before fighting Sumi Race vs. Ashida was supposed to be a "friendly" bout, but the later was Ashida explicitly wanting Sumi to kill Race for embarrassing him in the first fight.

She appears in "Double Danger" and wears a qipao in "Terror Island. Usually natives running away from the bad guys. Dressing as the Enemy: After Jonny and Hadji knock out a couple of guards, Dr. Quest and Race don their uniforms while attempting to escape the enemy base. The title creature is "a mass of energy that somehow came alive".

It uses Vampiric Draining to obtain all kinds of energy, including Life Energy. Each episode had a different one, but see Title Sequence Replacement below. Usually at Bandit, e. When Jose asks Bandit if he wants to be friends, Bandit growls at him. Later we learn that Jose is The Molea spy for the Chief of a crew of pirates. When Bandit first meets Baron von Freulich he growls at him.

Later von Freulich tries to murder Race Bannon. Pierre the "werewolf" in "The Werewolf of the Timberlands", Dr. Zin in "The Robot Spy" and von Dueffel in "The Devil's Tower" all have chilling laughs when they're gloating and thinking about the nastiness they're planning. As a Diabolical Mastermind Dr. Zin has many of these useful tools. What set it apart from other cartoons in its time.

Or other cartoons today, for that matter. At least one villain dies in nearly every episode. Some of the deaths inflicted on the bad guys are a massive ship explosion, a collision into the side of a mountain, a feasting on by his own lizards, electrocution by a high-voltage fence, a burial in a cave-in, a drop over a creaky bridge, and that's just a few. None of the deaths are ever shown on-screen, of course. Hadji is an obviously Muslim title, and Singh is obviously Hindu or Sikh.

The sea monster in "The Sea Haunt". It is humanoid in shape and walks like a man, makes noises like a mammal not a fishand is clearly at least somewhat intelligent. Quest and Race Bannon use Very pistols against the title monster. The writer apparently thought that because they were "pistols" they could fire multiple times without reloading like a revolver: Seems to be the raison d'etre for some of the villains.

In "The Dragons of Ashida" and "Terror Island" the Mad Scientists create giant monsters without any concern for the consequences of their actions. A more benign example would be Dr.

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Quest himself, who always puts himself and his family in danger to investigate the strange, the odd, and the incredible. It was so slow that the ship's captain could see and report it coming, and likewise Dr. Quest could order his crew to move a mirror to intercept it in order to reflect it back and destroy the enemy ship. Giant Spider In the episode "Terror Island", a Mad Scientist turns several animals including a spider into giant monsters using a mutagenic drug.

The long legs and giant body of "The Robot Spy", well-known from JQ's opening credits, qualify it for this trope as well. In "Treasure of the Temple", Race Bannon is caught in the web of a giant cave spider and saved by the accurate shooting of Doctor Quest. A God Am I: Ashida in "Dragons of Ashida" states that the natives used to worship a Dragon God before he came along and took over, upon which he gave them a "new god": God Guise in "Pusuit of the Po-Ho".

Quest uses a loudspeaker in a plane to make the natives think he's Aerio, god of the air. A berry-dyed Race Bannon rises from the water and shouts at the Po-Ho in English, causing them to think that he's their water god Akesio. Isaiah Norman's experiment gets away from him and creates a mass of energy that exists only to feed on other energy - including living things.

Government Agency of Fiction: Intelligence One, the U. Government agency Race Bannon works for and Dr. In "Riddle of the Gold", the fake maharajah sets up a tiger hunt in honor of Dr. He plans to use have Dr. Quest assassinated during the hunt by having him "accidentally" shot. A Handful for an Eye: Jonny does it to a guard in "Arctic Splashdown.

When Colonel Svedry is up on the underwater prober and about to enter it, he makes a beckoning gesture to his subordinate who is standing on the sand below. He's a Friend "Werewolf of the Timberland". The wolf Gray One has just saved Dr. Quest and Race Bannon from being attacked by the "werewolf" a man in a werewolf suitbut they don't realize this and Race Bannon prepares to shoot the wolf.

Jonny and Hadji arrive and call out to them, telling them that the wolf is a friend. Pasha Peddler shows up in his helicopter right after the team has been attacked by a mook in a plane.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest invisible monster

Race thinks he might be an enemy, but Hadji tells them he's a friend. The Big Bad fires a laser at the Quests' ship, Dr. Quest reflects it back with a mirror and blows him up. An enemy Mook tries to blow up the Quest's ship with a bomb. It ends up falling off the ship thanks to Banditlands in the Mook 's raft and blows him up. The Big Bad is killed by a cave-in while trying to trap the Quests inside a burial chamber. To be fair, the walking undead mummy who'd been after him for the whole episode and had finally caught him would most likely have killed him anyway.

Ashida breeds huge carnivorous lizards that he uses to hunt down escaped servants and eventually the Quests. At the end of the episode his servant Sumi finally has had enough of the doctor's abuse and throws him into the dragons' pit, where he's eaten alive.