When did montezuma and cortes meet

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when did montezuma and cortes meet

Mexica Accounts of Moctezuma Meeting Cortes. Malinche Interprets Moctezuma's Speech for the Spaniards From Bernardino de Sahagún, Florentine Codex. When the Aztec ambassadors brought to Tenochtitlan the news that Cortes, heedless of Montezuma's wishes, was already over the mountains, and moving. When he heard of Cortés's arrival Montezuma refused to meet with the Spaniards , instead sending gifts, offering the tribute that frequently.

Aftermath[ edit ] The Spaniards were forced to flee the city and they took refuge in Tlaxcala, and signed a treaty with them to conquer Tenochtitlan, offering to the Tlaxcalans freedom from any kind of tribute and the control of Tenochtitlan.

During the siege of the city, the sons of Moctezuma were murdered by the Aztecs, possibly because they wanted to surrender.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

By the following year, the Aztec empire had fallen to an army of Spanish and their Native American allies, primarily Tlaxcalans who were traditional enemies of the Aztecs. Following the conquest, Moctezuma's daughter, Techichpotzin or Tecuichpochbecame known as Isabel Moctezuma. Moctezuma had many wives and concubines by whom he fathered an enormous family. Though the exact number of his children is unknown and the names of most of his children were lost to history, according to a Spanish chronicler, by the time he was taken captive, Moctezuma had fathered children and fifty of his wives and concubines were then in some stage of pregnancy, though this estimate may have been exaggerated.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

Of his many wives may be named the princesses Teitlalco, Acatlan, and Miahuaxochitl, of whom the first named appears to have been the only legitimate consort.

By her he left a son, Asupacaci, who fell during the Noche Tristeand a daughter, Tecuichpobaptized as Isabel, married consecutively to Cuauhtemoc the last Mexican sovereignto visitador general Alonso Grado, to Pedro Andrade Gallego, and to Juan Cano de Saavedra. She had children by the latter two, from whom descend the illustrious families of Andrade-Montezuma and Cano-Montezuma. The latter alone left offspring, from whom descends the Sotelo-Montezuma family.

There he married Francisca de la Cueva de Valenzuela. Inthe holder of the title became a Grandee of Spain. Indigenous mythology and folklore[ edit ] Many Indigenous peoples in Mexico are reported to worship deities named after the Aztec ruler, and often a part of the myth is that someday the deified Moctezuma shall return to vindicate his people.

Symbol of indigenous leadership[ edit ] Map showing the expansion of the Aztec empire through conquest. The conquests of Moctezuma II are marked by the colour green based on the maps by Ross Hassig in Aztec Warfare As a symbol of resistance towards Spanish the name of Moctezuma has been invoked in several indigenous rebellions.

In its narrowest part, the dyke was only a lance's length in breadth, but in its widest, eight horsemen could ride abreast. The white men crossed it with eyes open for all the strange sights about them: They stopped for refreshment and here, so near to the imperial city, Cortes heard no more of Montezuma's cruelty and oppression, only of his power and riches.

After this brief rest, the white men went on. Their march was made difficult by the swarms of curious Indians who, finding the canoes too far away for a complete view of the strangers, climbed up on the causeway to gaze at them.

Cortes had to clear a way through the crowd for his troops before they could leave the causeway and reach Iztapalapan, the city of Montezuma's brother, Cuitlahua, on the shores of Lake Tezcuco. Cuitlahua had invited many neighboring caciques to help him receive Cortes with proper ceremony.

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The Spaniards were welcomed with gifts and then invited to a banquet in Cuitlahua's palace, before they were assigned their quarters. Cortes greatly admired Cuitlahua's city, especially the prince's big garden. It was laid out regularly and watered in every corner by canals which connected it with Lake Tezcuco.

The garden was filled with shrubs and vines and flowers delightful to smell and see. It had fruit trees, too; in one corner was an aviary of brilliant song birds; in another a huge stone reservoir stocked with fish. The reservoir was almost five thousand feet in circumference and the stone walk around it was broad enough for four persons to walk abreast.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

We may imagine what a crowd of ideas must have pressed on the mind of the conqueror, as, surrounded by these evidences of civilization, he prepared with his handful of followers to enter the capital of a monarch, who, as he had abundant reason to know, regarded him with distrust and aversion. This capital was now but a few miles distant, distinctly visible from Iztapalapan.

Hernán Cortés: Conqueror of the Aztecs

And as its long lines of glittering edifices, struck by the rays of the evening sun, trembled on the dark-blue waters of the lake, it looked like a thing of fairy creation, rather than the work of mortal hands. Into this city of enchantment Cortes prepared to make his entry on the following morning. The general with his cavalry was in the van; behind him came his few hundreds of infantry—weather-beaten and disciplined by the summer's campaign; next, was the baggage; while the six thousand Tlascalans closed the rear.

The little army marched back along the southern shore of Lake Tezcuco until it reached the great causeway of Iztapalapan, which ran across the lake straight north to the very heart of the City of Mexico.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

The dyke was broad enough for ten horsemen to ride abreast; Cortes and his army, as they advanced, still wondered at the strange, beautiful sights about them.

Less than two miles from the capital the dyke was cut by a shorter dyke running in from the southwest, and at the point where this dyke joined the main causeway of Iztapalapan there was built across the causeway a stone fortification twelve feet high, which could be entered only by a battlemented gateway.

It was called the Fort of Xoloc. At Xoloc Cortes was met by a body of Aztec nobles who, in their holiday dress, came to welcome him.

As each noble separately had to greet Cortes, and as there were several hundred of them, the troops had time to get acquainted with the Fort of Xoloc. Inhe joined Diego Velasquez's expedition to conquer Cuba.

Moctezuma II

He convinced Velasquez, the governor of Cuba, to let him lead an expedition to Mexico. Velasquez canceled the voyage at the last minute. Mexico had been discovered by the Spanish just a year prior, and they were eager to settle it. He quickly overpowered them, and the natives surrendered.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

She actually had a pretty high status for both a woman and a native during this time and place among the Spaniards. On the southeastern coast he founded Veracruz, where he dismissed the authority of Velasquez and declared himself under orders from King Charles I of Spain. He disciplined his men and trained them to act as a cohesive unit of soldiers.

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He also burned his ships to make retreat impossible. Book illustration by J. The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, whom they credited with the creation of humans among other notable feats, was set to return to Earth. Montezuma sent out envoys to meet the conquistador as he neared.