Where do arabian sea and bay of bengal meet

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where do arabian sea and bay of bengal meet

Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal cyclones on course to intensify While 'Titli' would become a severe cyclone by tonight, 'Luban' is set to as a very severe cyclone tomorrow, an India Met Department (IMD) outlook said. The Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Ridge, a narrow, seismically active submarine ridge that extends northeast to southwest to meet the Carlsberg Ridge . In my opinion, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea never meets according to Where do the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal branches of monsoon merge?.

Deep water reaches close to the bordering lands except in the northeast, off Pakistan and India. To the southeast the Lakshadweep atolls form part of the submarine Maldive Ridge, which extends farther south into the Indian Ocean where it rises above the surface to form the atolls of the Maldives.

On the western side of the sea, the plateau island of Socotra, about 70 miles km long and with an area of about 1, square miles 3, square kmis an insular extension of the Horn of Africa, lying miles km east of Cape Gwardafuy Guardafui. Submarine morphology and geology The Arabian Sea was formed within the past roughly 50 million years as the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia. Stretching southeastward from Socotra is the submarine Carlsberg Ridgewhich coincides with the belt of seismic activity in the Indian Ocean that divides the Arabian Sea into two major basins—the Arabian Basin to the east and the Somali Basin to the west.

The maximum depth of the sea, 19, feet 5, metresoccurs at Wheatley Deep. The coastal escarpments of the Gulf of Aden are formed by rift faults that converge toward the southwest to continue into Africa as the boundary scarps of the Eastern, or Great, Rift Valley, which forms part of the East African Rift System. The Arabian Basin is separated from the Gulf of Oman Basin by the Murray Ridge, a narrow, seismically active submarine ridge that extends northeast to southwest to meet the Carlsberg Ridge.

West of Murray Ridge is the Malian subduction zonean area where the ocean floor sinks below the adjacent continental crust. A deep submarine canyon has been cut by the Indus Riverwhich also has deposited an abyssal i. This cone and an associated abyssal plain in the Arabian Basin occupy much of the northeastern floor of the Arabian Sea. To the east of the Somali coast, the Somali Basin forms another large abyssal plain.

The continental shelf is narrow along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is even narrower along the Somali coast.

Arabian Sea

No true coral reefs are found along the Arabian coast. The region, which contains many fish remains, is known as a fish cemetery. Below this, deposits consist of the calcareous tests shells of Globigerina a genus of protozoans belonging to the Foraminifera orderwhile basins below 13, feet 4, metres are covered by red clay.

Sediment thickness decreases from 8, feet 2, metres in the north to about 1, feet metres in the south of the Arabian Basin.

where do arabian sea and bay of bengal meet

Climate and hydrology The Arabian Sea has a monsoon climate. Because evaporation exceeds the combined precipitation and riverine input, the sea exhibits a net water loss annually.

Pronounced upwelling of deeper waters occurs along the Somali and Arabian coasts in summer. The Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project is a new venture proposed which would create a channel for a shipping route to link the Gulf of Mannar with the Bay of Bengal.

This would connect India from east to west without the necessity of going around Sri Lanka.

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Thoni and catamaran fishing boats of fishing villages thrive along the Bay of Bengal shorelines. Fishermen can catch between 26 and 44 species of marine fish. It influences China's southern landlocked region in the north and major sea ports of India and Bangladesh. China, India, and Bangladesh have forged naval cooperation agreements with Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to increase cooperation in checking terrorism in the high seas.

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Aegis cruisers from the navies of Japan and Australia, and logistical support ships from Singapore and India in the Bay of Bengal took part. Its outlying islands the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and, most importantly, major ports such as Paradip KolkataChennaiVisakhapatnamTuticorinChittagongand Monglaalong its coast with the Bay of Bengal added to its importance.

India was a participant. Large deposits of natural gas in the areas within Bangladesh's sea zone incited a serious urgency by India and Myanmar into a territorial dispute. The disputed maritime boundary between Bangladesh and Myanmar resulted in military tensions in and Bangladesh is pursuing a settlement with Myanmar and India to the boundary dispute through the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. It is considered to be a combination of vehicle exhaust, smoke from cooking fires, and industrial discharges.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The eight Bay of Bengal countries have identified three major transboundary problems or areas of concern affecting the health of the Bay, that they can work on together. The major transboundary issues relating to shared fisheries are: The transboundary nature of these issues are: All countries to a greater or lesser degree are experiencing difficulties in implementing fisheries managementespecially the ecosystem approach to fisheries.

where do arabian sea and bay of bengal meet

Bay of Bengal countries contribute significantly to the global problem of loss of vulnerable and endangered species. The main causes of the issues are: Degradation of critical habitats[ edit ] The Bay of Bengal is an area of high biodiversity, with many endangered and vulnerable species.

The major transboundary issues relating to habitats are: The transboundary nature of these major issues are: Trade in products from all the habitats is transboundary in nature.