Will killua and gon meet again crossword

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will killua and gon meet again crossword

After reading the morning paper and finishing the usual crossword Oh I almost forgot, Killua, Gon is a Police Officer and hasn't done any He seemed like the type to dislike bloodshed but then again Killua only just met him. Art by Rain Noir. Find this Pin and more on hunter x hunter by 伞. Gon:hey killue Killue:yeah Gon:can it be happy again Killue:with you, always. Gon and Killua . Hunter x Hunter. Gon and Killua ~ Hunter x Hunter - this is just proper swag xD Hisoka, Freecss (ch. ) ~Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter, Crossword. Sometime after he meets Gon, Kite hunter finds Ging. later clarifies that the best way to kill Chimera Ants is to aim for the head, crossword roulette double do it.

She was wearing a hooded shirt, a long dark leggings that goes over her ankles with gray skirt on top and a gray rubbershoes. Her long dark hair was tied up in a high ponytail with her bangs hanging neatly on each side of her face, as her lavender doll-like eyes were focusing not-blinking on something big and not moving creature that was lying on the ground.

A small amount of sweat was already forming on the left side of her forehead as she sats, still staring intently at the creature. Few minutes had passed, but still nothing had changed on what she was doing. The girl was still sitting like a statue not even moving an inch on her position. She went to search on her pocket as she pulled out a small black-shiny thing that seems to be the one causing the loud noise. She opened her phone and took a deep breath. Well i was actually challenging it.

H "Hey, it is small but it's terrible! Are you saying that I'm not that smart? I never said anything about that matter. Miatsu closed her cellphone and put it back on her pocket. Heh, goodluck with that. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a couple walking out from a restaurant.

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A bright smile went across her lips as she jumped around with excitement. Honto arigato gozaimasu kami! She went to sit at the empty table and relaxed for finally having her success.

will killua and gon meet again crossword

She called the waiter and read the menu that she was holding. Miatsu began to answer her crossword puzzle as she listened to her Ipod that was on the left side pocket of her vest. After finishing the first puzzle, she pushed another song and turned to the next page of the book and began answering another problem.

Unbeknowst to anyone, a boy entered the restaurant with the same background as her. I entered the restaurant and searched for an empty seat, but luck is not with me right now. After searching for some time, I finally found a spot, but it was with a girl with a long and dark hair. I went closer to look at her face, but her bangs was covering it.

I waited for her to say something but nothing came out. She suddenly, swayed her head as if she was listening to something.

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I tapped her shoulder and noticed that she took off an earphone from her ears as she turned her head towards me. From afar, she definitely look like a young boy, but from what I'm seeing right now, this girl even resembles an anime shoujo, though I'm not very active to these things. The girl only stared at me as I stare back at her. She blinked and I blinked back at her.

I blinked and she blinked. She sweatdropped and I doubled sweatdropped at her. She looked at the chair beside her and turned her gaze at her crossword puzzle after a while.

A little curved went across my lips and I smiled back at her. I should choose my order right now. As I got my ticket I got up on the train and went inside the cabin that was at the end of the hall. I mean, all I could say is that i love corners, even though the cabin was not at the corner. I went inside the train and walked towards the cabin. I could careless if what cabin i picked, they are all the same anyway, no matter how big or small it is.

Slipping my hand out of my pocket, I pushed the door or to be exact, slid the door open since it was a sliding door and realized that I was not going to be the only one that would be staying here. I walked inside the cabin and pushed the door close.

I put down my skateboard on the ground as i sat on my seat. Actually, it feels more like a couch especially with it's red soft seat. I looked around the cabin as my eyes explored every corner of the surroundings. The walls are painted with elegant patterns as it matches the lavender color of the carpet.

Killua leaves his briefcase there and locks it with a combination lock he produced from his pants pocket.

will killua and gon meet again crossword

It's immensely more pleasant than being asked who Killua's parents paid for his promotion at least. Killua sighed through his nose and ruffled his thick hair. Gon swears he sees the peach of Killua's cheeks turn a light shade of pink.


The tape indicating the crime scene was easy to find, not to mention the foot traffic it was causing since people slowed down and tried to see what was beyond the officers standing guard. Killua and Gon flashed their badges at the standing officers and ducked under the crime scene tape into a surprisingly spacious alley. Walking further in to where the morning sun didn't reach they came across the body.

will killua and gon meet again crossword

A woman, as far as Killua could tell, her corpse fashioned in a way to make a statement he was sure. Killua looked at Gon who's expression was neutral. He seemed like the type to dislike bloodshed but then again Killua only just met him.

Killua took a small notebook the size of his palm out of his pocket along with his favourite liquid ink pen. He began to write anything and everything he could see and deduce: While Killua scrutinized the body Gon walked around the alleyway for anything he could find. There wasn't anything that particularly stood out to him right away but it never hurt to check. There were a few trashcans in the alley so after putting on some gloves, Gon began to dig into them.

They all had what you'd normally expect, but at the third and last trash can Gon found what looked like a pristine pair of pumps. Killua looked over and saw Gon eyeing the shoes in his hands and called over, "What size are those?

They were investigating what was definitely not manslaughter, but a murder and Gon seemed like a kid who was just told they could have ice cream for breakfast. She could be a prostitute that was killed by some asshole but, even if she was a prostitute, this has nothing to do with her profession. She may be dressed a little inappropriately for an office job but from the looks of her palms this was meant to send a message to someone. Like a revenge killing? Or to the syndicate that owns this part of town?

He doesn't want to draw attention to himself though so he doesn't move. Plus we should probably talk to the owners of these buildings. When Gon looked back at Killua he noticed that those cobalt blues had flitted upwards. A beat of silence before they both smile, and Killua has to clear his throat.

I mean c'mon by then it'll have to be past noon no? Gon jogged past him and skipped up the first couple steps. Killua had no problem catching up but the problem was how small the fire escape was because he couldn't actually pass Gon since both their large frames would not fit side by side.

Killua was a tad bit competitive though so instead of admitting defeat he simply ran to the end of that particular flight and began climbing up the side of the fire escape. He made it to the top just in time to put his hands on his hips and look down triumphantly as Gon climbed the final flight of stairs. Gon felt something akin to nostalgia as he looked up at Killua, both breathless from sprinting at full speed. It punched his chest suddenly like heart burn after his favourite spicy sandwich.

His heart was pumping and it felt good to move, he liked the footwork involved with police work. It was even more exciting when there was someone like Killua, someone who could win against him…which had only happened once before. Gon ended up being one of the most useful partners Killua has had before. Somehow he had managed to get every person they talked to to cough up interesting information without being invasive or threatening whatsoever.

Killua thought that perhaps Gon was one of those magnetic people that you wanted to trust because of the way he smiled at you. He was the perfect person to send over to talk to stingey apartment owners or business associates with things to hide, as long as he stayed on track. Killua ended up taking a back seat and only speaking when Gon got distracted with non-work-related information. He scribbled down every piece of information that might become useful or that sounded suspicious.

will killua and gon meet again crossword

At lunch they sat eating some spicy chicken sandwiches at a small shop that was a 15 minute walk from the Police Station. Killua had to admit the sandwich was probably the best food he's eaten in months because of his bad habits outside of his breakfast routine namely his lack of energy to make anything beyond instant noodles and hot dogs.

It's just inconvenient that she didn't have her wallet on her. It's actually really suspicious that there wasn't a purse since her skirt had no pockets Why did they leave the shoes behind at the crime scene?

It was clearly premeditated in some way so why leave the shoes in such an obvious place? Maybe they wanted us to find them. Even going far enough to etch those symbols into the skin of her palms…this shit stinks of suspicious activity. Maybe she's a mafioso's girl and they wanted to piss them off, or maybe it's revenge for something that the victim had done to someone.