10 of swords and ace wands relationship

10 of swords and ace wands relationship

I don't think the Ace of Cups shows a new relationship, just an empty or full cup of love, emotions etc. Who and if will receive that is another. First, here is a review of the negative side of the Ten of Swords. We may also use the numerological meaning of the number Ten as “endings that lead to new beginnings” and the Swords suit . Ten of swords with six of wands keep getting this combination? Pithy Tarot meanings — Ace of Wands. The next Ace of Wands is waiting just around the corner 10 of To a couple the 10 of Cups signifies relationship bliss and family happiness. 10 of Swords.

It also indicates taking logic to extremes, and so it can indicate those times when reasoning leads us to a dead end. So how can we find anything good in this card?

10 of swords and ace wands relationship

However, this can be a very helpful suggestion when taken metaphorically. It says that we can deal with a large problem that is too difficult to overcome all at once by picking at it bit by bit, by taking small cuts out of it so that eventually it will fall. The interpretations for this card of loss, ruin, and defeat seem pretty bad too, of course, and generally they are.

However, we can see a silver lining in even this when we consider the following quote: After all, successful people are not people who never experience failure; they are people who learn from the failures that they experience. When we consider the rather melodramatic image on the RWS version of this card, we see that this card may indicate that the problems we are facing have been exaggerated in our minds, perhaps as a result of our incessant dwelling on our fears, as seen in the previous card, the Nine of Swords.

Not wanting to confront issues or deal with them in the hope that they will go away. A warring couple; neither will back down or give in. Painful past experiences may be tainting your relationship or your search for a new one.

Hard to let anyone get close to you. Appearing cold and distant.

The better side of the Ten of Swords

The need to let go of emotional and psychological baggage. Someone refusing to accept your choice of partner. However, it can be overcome with committed effort on both sides.

Reversed — A painful decision is made and action taken. Seeing your relationship for exactly what it is. Being totally honest instead of hiding things. Increased estrangement if talks to find a solution breakdown.

10 of swords and ace wands relationship

A couple in an entrenched battle. Love can warm up again or turn ice-cold. Terrible confusion about what to do can be totally paralysing. Eventual forgiveness or absolute refusal to forgive. No Gain without pain. Three of Swords — Upset, tears and strong emotional outbursts. Heartbroken or feeling betrayed. Learning a hard lesson. Vicious rows and accusations. Words designed to hurt.

A love triangle — third person in a relationship or external interference. Legal wrangles between couples. Feeling down and depressed about your relationship.

The better side of the Ten of Swords | James Ricklef's Tarot Blog

Past hurts and unreleased pain tainting current relationship or attitudes towards relationships. Feeling fatalistic about love. Much effort is required to get past this stage. Stabilisation of relationship issues as communication opens the door to healing.

Sorting out your relationship. Releasing anger and bitterness. Opening your heart to forgiveness. The beginning of healing after a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.

10 of swords and ace wands relationship

On the other-hand, it could signal all out war and plunging the swords further into the heart. Refusal to let go and move on. You can even be moving some where brand new. The Ace of Wands can be about raw sexual energy and energy manifesting itself into the physical.

The 10 of Wands as Feelings in a Love Reading

You may meet someone and feel definite chemistry. The Ace of Wands can also signal the conception of a child. Conception is the great spark that ignites life. The Ace of Wands brings new job opportunities.

Ace of Wands

You may have a great idea that is ready to be activated into reality. It's not merely the thought of doing it, it is also the small baby steps you'll take to make it happen. Make that list and then go ahead and implement it! It's an excellent time to start a new exercise regime or diet. The Ace of Wands is telling you to go for it! Ace of Wands in Love When you get the Ace of Wands in love, you are sure to have a sexual spark with your partner.

Whether or not you take the initiative is up to you.