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anthy and akio relationship help

Akio Ohtori is Anthy's older brother, Kanae Ohtori's fiancé, the acting chairman relationship is key to Anthy's behavior in both the anime (where Anthy is held in. It presented me with such a powerful force that is Akio Ohtori and It is 'pure' in contrast with Anthy's 'sullied' (by sexual relations) love, if it can. Akio, Utena, Anthy and all the rest of the cast are all aspects of Utena's psyche relationship and this is why she eventually refuses Akio and Touga. to the person who looks beyond her own desires to help someone else.

And even if she were experiencing orgasm - well, as sick as it is to think about, I'm sure some child molesters actually get the kids off. Again, even if it is true that Anthy were experiencing orgasm, hence the contorted facial expression, that doesn't necessarily mean she was mentally enjoying herself, it could just be a natural physiological reaction. As an example, I like feeling breath on my neck.

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Makes shivers down my spine, and I tingle all over! It's possibly one of the world's best sensations, IMHO All alone in the dark, sometimes the monsters pop out in front of you, but sometimes you get the sneaky ones that walk ever so quietly behind you, until you feel a heavy breath on your neck! I still have the same physical sensation in my body, tingling chills, but I am NOT happy, I'm scared to death in that instant!

Anyway, yeah, I am in the camp that thinks Akio was abusing Anthy.

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I do, as I mentioned earlier, see some scenes in a light that shows Anthy's willingness to protect her relationship with Akio, but again, I say that it would be for the higher motive of thereby saving Utena from his filthy grasp. Remember, she was the girl who sacrificed herself for Dios.

anthy and akio relationship help

Again, by taking Akio's abuse, I see it as another sacrifice for Utena near the end of the show. In the beginning, why Anthy first started sleeping with him, how did it occur, we will never know. I'm sorry when my ideas are incoherent and jumbled together, but when we speak of Anthy my favorite my brains snaps and fires around all different points, sorry!

Oooh, but I'm with you, Maarika, I love reading everyone's ideas!

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This is so thrilling, I love listening to the different ways we all view the same show. It's so much fun!

anthy and akio relationship help

Anthy becomes a real person because after we mature, we are able to develop our super egos, our concience, in a way that controls and usurps the id and assists the ego. A beautiful relationship born of higher ideals than survival. So, Utena can see the efects of her decisions before they happen, and she still makes the same decision.

And what exactly WAS Akio trying to accomplish with all the dueling? Just to see if Utena still had that nobility?

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If so, why did he care? And what did he expect the World Revolution to do?

anthy and akio relationship help

Akio wanted to force nobility by creating situations for people to fight for what the wanted, and thus, force nobility. But those relationships and battles are they one person? Watch the movie to ask yourself more questions about this… in that movie, Utena and Anthy go off together… are shallow dualities. True noblity belongs to the person who looks beyond her own desires to help someone else. In the end, he is bested by his own game.

anthy and akio relationship help

In the end, your instincts can sabatoge you, unless you fight them. In the final episode, Anthy falsely claims that although Utena reminds her of Dios when she loved him, Utena is a girl and thus incapable of ever being her prince. Still, she hesitates to give the sword to End of the World. Akio notes that she must feel guilty for hurting her friend and claims to feel Anthy's pain and love her.

Utena continues fighting for Anthy, until a coffin containing Anthy's true self appears. Tears falling down her face, Anthy tries to take Utena's hand and appears to fall to her death.

In the end, Anthy walks down a hall unharmed as people talk about Utena. In the chairman's office, Akio tells Anthy he's restarted the rules of the Rose Crest. She takes off her glasses and tells him she's leaving to find Utena. In a voice-over, she swears to find Utena, telling her to wait for her.

After the ending credits, a photograph of Utena and Anthy together is shown with Akio cropped out. In a voice-over, we hear a conversation between Anthy and Utena. The final image of the series is a close up of Anthy and Utena's clasped hands from the photo. Movie Edit Anthy is first seen in the movie while tending to her roses when Utena Tenjou mistakenly happens upon the garden.

She easily opens up to Utena, telling her that the chairman is her brother, and that this allows her special perks at the academy, including being one of the few allowed into the rose gardens. Anthy is clearly aware of the duels and what Utena's ring means, whereas Utena herself is oblivious. Anthy also has a tendency to assume that Utena is more aware about the duels than she actually is, and expresses shock when she learns that Utena is totally unaware of how the duels work.