Aquarius and taurus relationship 2016 nascar

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Aquarius Rising. NUMINOUS TAROTSCOPES: NOVEMBER Posted on SAGITTARIUS:: SAGITTARIUS RISING – Six of Crystals. Your cup runneth over. When Sagittarius and Aquarius join together in a love match, Aquarian ideals and Sagittarian knowledge combine to make them a creative and unique couple. novemberhoroscope-man-repeller-feature In true Cuffing Season form, you'll be locking down a lot of relationships this month. Sagittarius . Mars in Aquarius is giving you energy, courage, optimism and drive from .. in the fast lane which you are LIVING, Nascar Nancy and Moonshine Michelle!.

Eight of Cups is a card of very courageous transformation, inviting us into the willingness to walk away from some aspect of our lives that we may have worked hard for, but is no longer serving us. This is where you are this month, my loves.

You are ready to release something—a person, a relationship, a home, a job, or even a mental pattern or habit. That contraction is exactly why this card is so unbelievably transformative—any time that we take a chance in life because we know it is right for our heart and soul, we will never be left in the lurch.

Really receive this truth, Gemini—by walking away, you can only get something more expanded and exciting in the place of what you left behind. A kind of journey of the spirit will commence, and you will be on track to receive some very big upgrades.

The first way to approach this card is by taking a gentle and objective inventory of your life. What parts of your life are not serving you anymore? From there, you then have to ask yourself how you desire your life to be different from what it is.

You do not need to know the how about any of it—the leaving or the receiving on the other side. You just need the willingness to be free, to consider that your life could be more satisfying and full than you ever imagined, just by believing that you deserve better. Now it is almost time to pluck the fruit from the tree—this month will be devoted to helping you to prepare for your next move in life with all the wisdom you have gained. The Two of Wands is a kind of mature ambition, knowing where you want to go in your life, and taking the last steps forward before moving into achieving that.

Specifically, these steps are around planning, preparing and readying yourself for a big launch forward.

Aquarius Rising

November will be about turning ideas into action, dreams into reality. First, you need to create the space to expand into—doing so will yield beautiful and generous results in your life. You are ready, Cancer, just take the month to get all your energetic ducks in a row. The Fool worked its magic on you so potently last month, Cancer—now you get to take all of the light, potential and ephemera of The Fool and turn it into results, actionable steps forward.

The energy this month will be pointing you, again, toward more action through the lens of preparation, asking yourself where you want to go in your life and what you can do to make that possible for yourself. Two of Wands turns dreams into reality. The way to get there, Cancer, is to deeply focus on these next steps. If you drift too much into distraction, or over planning, you will miss the mark a bit. Doing so will help you to stay tethered to your courage, and you will need a strong bond to it for the coming months ahead.

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Allow yourself to get totally clear on what you want, where you are going, and what you need in order to get there. It is really important to honor this time for that purpose—doing so will open you up to new doors in a profound way.

Just make sure your ducks are in a row as you expand. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of being able to step forward in your life with the kind of preparation that will take you very far. Ace of Swords is a very, very powerful energy. It represents an inspirational sweet spot, where we are open and aligned to receive amazing new ideas.

The key this month is hitching the brilliance of Ace of Swords to a structured plan. Start actually crunching numbers, joining a frequent flyer miles program, figuring out where you could live on both coasts and how it would be financially nourishing for you.

aquarius and taurus relationship 2016 nascar

If you want to teach, to write a book, to create something new—prepare for the creation, for the event. Cleanse your home, plan to carve out several hours a day to work on it, plan an outline.

Then move forward with it. Nothing is impossible for you.

aquarius and taurus relationship 2016 nascar

You just need to create the space and the structure in which these dreams and visions can flourish. Doing so will not only enable you to put your intentions into action, it will build the confidence in you to move forward with it. Now build the foundation for it to stand on. Slow and steady truly wins the race here. You may be taking on too much at once, may be biting off a bit more than you can chew—you might just be severely doubting yourself in an area of your life.

No matter what, there is a deep wisdom to be gained from going slowly, being thoughtful, pausing and considering before you take on a new project. There is much to be attained by releasing commitments in your life that do not bring you joy, ones that you may be doing only out of obligation, or in the hopes that some kind of bigger opportunity will arise from it.

You want to take this month to re-center in integrity, making sure there is time in your life for everything you want to do—that includes taking care of yourself. Page of Swords is such a lovely card, an energy ruled by earth and air. This card represents powerful and enthusiastic ambition, someone who is so excited and ready to share their projects and visions with the world. It comes from a very pure place, and has been hard won; the Page of Swords has worked hard to balance the mind in order to use it for the highest good.

He or she is healthy, balanced and ready to take on the world, manifesting their visions. When reversed, the same excited energy is present, with a little twist: This is crucially important to understand about the reversal of this card, because if the insecurity is left unchecked, we run the risk of agreeing to things out of a frantic need to make ourselves feel better, or more secure with where we are going in our lives.

Drop your sword and come back into trust. Just hang out this month; there is no need to rush.

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Move back into the present moment, out of the head and back into the body. You cannot get where you want to go by fighting, by energetically muscling through your life. I know that this effort is coming from the most well intentioned place—you want to move forward, to evolve in your life. The most sensical thing is to work hard for it, right? A lot of what you are working so hard for, Libra, are things that are your birthright: If you want to receive that, you have to shift the way in which you are working for it.

Ease, grace, willingness to receive, focusing on self. You will be much more likely to receive these gifts and dreams by creating a centered inner life, rather than an external life ruled by effort and struggle. What I am saying is that Libra, as a sign on the whole, is moving through a huge collective upgrade.

Take a courageous forward this month: One of them wants to be tied down, and the other wants to fly. There is really not much they can do, but accept the differences of their goals and natures, for there is truth and good in both approaches to life. After the recourses of Taurus have been spent, there is not much else they will want to do together. Taurus will gladly visit a strange place they have never been to, but after this, they will want to come home and have a nice dinner.

They could be taken care of through the efforts of their Taurus partner, if they had enough patience to keep them well fed, dressed in clean clothes and took care of household activities. Still, this compromise is rare to find, because the emotional satisfaction Taurus partner will get in return is not enough.

Still, there is a strange similarity and connection between their rulers and although very challenging, this is a relationship where both partners could fall in love with each other, over and over again, every single day.

They are ruled by Venus and Uranus, both planets rotating in a direction opposite to the direction of other planets. They are two outcasts, different and standing out together, they understand that East can be where West is, and vice versa.

They understand diversity, change of direction and the excitement of love. Taurus are fascinated by Aquarius, but might not be able to understand them fully. Aquarius tend to dislike the domineering nature of Taurus, but find their friendship a solid support to fall back on. But Aquarius might not admit this fact!

aquarius and taurus relationship 2016 nascar

Venus is a warm planet with feminine energy. Saturn is a cold planet with masculine energy.

Uranus is the planet of things strange and bizarre. Venus symbolizes romance and sensuality; Saturn symbolizes perseverance and discipline; and Uranus symbolizes forward thinking. Taurus could help Aquarius with the emotional aspects of life, and show them how to lead a lavish and comfortable life.