Aryn sun and john crichton relationship trust

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aryn sun and john crichton relationship trust

John Crichton Aeryn Sun Farscape best science fiction love story . They let a coin toss decide the fate of their relationship, John goes on. Officer Aeryn Sun was a former Peacekeeper pilot, fugitive, and wife of John Crichton. At the start of the season, Aeryn manages to save Crichton and D' Argo after . John had lost the ability to trust her emotionally in a relationship due to the. This article contains information about fictional characters in the television series Farscape. Contents. 1 Main characters. John Crichton; Aeryn Sun; Bialar Crais; Chiana . Her relationship with John Crichton also evolves, and Aeryn ultimately While they have a sexual relationship, neither trusts the other.

His hand strayed to his side and clutched Winona slightly at the thought. She made a face at him and he snuck a kiss on to her temple. That was school legend, man. I regret ever setting foot at that peace memorial. I regret not planting Zhaan in the damn ground the second we knew she was gonna die.

Too many frelling things, Aeryn.

aryn sun and john crichton relationship trust

He let himself think seriously about that. There were many days, especially at first, when he had regretted it. Open sharing time with Officer Sun?

Does that make sense? Maybe you would not have had to marry Katrala. The only good thing that had come out of the whole experience was denied to him and locked away to the years. It took him a moment to answer. He had too many abandonment issues from his own father to not hate the fact that he had technically abandoned his daughter. He hated that more than most of the rotten things of his life.

He tried to turn his thoughts to the baby Aeryn was carrying, the baby that he almost always thought of his, even if weird alien reproductive cycles turned that into a false premise, and he made more mental promises to himself that this child would never need to be abandoned and would never feel the pain of not having their parents.

At least not if he could help it.

They lived in a dangerous universe and he was all too aware of the things outside of his control. But I have often wondered about my parents, about if the night I saw my mother was a dream. He is known for being selfish and collects anything valuable and was one of two regular puppet characters on the show. His voice was provided by Jonathan Hardy. Rygel has a long history. After ruling for an unknown number of years as Dominar of the Hynerians, he was overthrown by his cousin Bishan.

After the overthrow, which occurred over cycles years before the events of Farscape, he became a prisoner of the Peacekeepers. During this time, he was imprisoned in several places and tortured, most notably by Selto Durkacaptain of the near-legendary ship, the Zelbinion, and was eventually transferred to Moya.

Due to his size and cunning, he is able not only to leave his cell at will, but also to organize and carry out a revolt among the other prisoners placed on Moya, allowing them to escape Peacekeeper control. After the escape i. As time goes on, his egocentric attitude becomes less prevalent and he warms to his role as a member of Moya's crew.

A recurring gag in Farscape involves him flatulating helium when he gets nervous, causing everyone's voices to have a higher pitch by the offensive gas. At the end of the series, Bishan pleads with him to return to help reunite their people and Rygel departs to do so with a devastated Chiana.

A parody of him was in the Stargate SG-1 episode " " as an Asgard with a Fu-Manchu beard and mustache; his only line was the Hynerian curse "Yotz", similar in use and meaning as the earth curse "Hell". Scorpius[ edit ] Scorpius, played by Wayne Pygramis the half- Sebaceanhalf- Scarran Peacekeeper, and the primary antagonist of the series, relentlessly pursuing John Crichton for the secrets of wormhole technology locked in John Crichton 's unconscious mind to create a wormhole weapon.

He is the product of an experiment by the Scarrans — his Sebacean mother was raped by a Scarran to see if there would be any benefit in a hybrid. Raised by Scarrans, he has come to hate them, to reject his Scarran side, and to live for revenge against them. His physical attributes and his character traits are influenced by his race.

Scorpius first appeared in " Nerve " and made his last appearance in " The Peacekeeper Wars Part 2 ". Being half Scarran, Scorpius's body produces an extreme amount of body heat, particularly when angry. However, being also half-Sebacean means that too much heat will kill him. To prevent this he wears a full-body cooling suit notable mostly for the interchangeable cooling rods inside his cranium that absorb his excess body heat.

He can see temperature gradients, especially of the face, allowing him to tell when people are lying, as described in the episode " Incubator ".

As a result, John Crichton was forced to enlist the use of herbal drugs to mask his love for Aeryn Sun for fear that he may use that knowledge against them to further his agenda. Scorpius prides himself on his patience and his intellect. Scorpius is willing to do absolutely anything to achieve his goals, which he is very honest about when it suits him. He will and does over the course of the series lie, kill in cold blood, order the deaths of multitudes, torture innocents, and sacrifice those close to him to get what he wants.

He is also willing to aid his enemies or humiliate himself if it will further his goals. He has returned from supposedly fatal situations more than once, which he credits to his "foresight and preparation". He manipulates others to do his work but does much on his own; his obsession with Crichton and his wormhole secrets is proof of that.

He is highly educated and extremely intelligent, and exercises remarkable ingenuity. Only he knows how deep his schemes run and, while he claims his main desire is to eliminate the Scarran threat, protagonist John Crichton is loath to ever trust him.

His rank is never mentioned, and it is assumed that he does not officially hold one.

aryn sun and john crichton relationship trust

Wayne Pygram seemed to confirm this during an interview on the Farscape DVD set[ citation needed ]; while Dominar Rygel XVI once claimed that Scorpius was "higher even than a captain" "I-Yensch, You-Yensch"the claim was made more as a boast in an attempt to inflate Scorpius' value to kidnappers.

His authority is not absolute, however, as Commandant Mele-On Grayza informed him when she superseded it.

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During the series, he is shown to have the authority to command a research base, a command carrier, a fleet of command carriers, and an even larger fleet in Farscape: However, the exact Peacekeeper ranks at this level have never been established in the show.

Despite being an antagonist for the first three seasons, Scorpius joins the crew of Moya for the final season to protect Crichton after his Command Carrier is destroyed and he is hunted by the Peacekeepers. He becomes a more or less trustworthy crewmember though he looks for any chance to get Crichton's knowledge and forms a relationship with Sikozu.

At the end of the series, he returns to the Peacekeepers and in The Peacekeeper Wars, instigates a war between them and the Scarrens. At the end of The Peacekeeper Wars he finally gets what he wants when Crichton uses a wormhole weapon on the Scarrens and Peacekeepers and is horrified, calling it "madness", finally understanding the danger of what he sought.

He is last seen on Moya smiling as the Scarrens and Peacekeepers sign a peace treaty. Harvey[ edit ] Harvey is a neural clone of Scorpius and exists solely in the head of John Crichton. He was also played by Wayne Pygram. Harvey is the result of a neural chip that was placed into Crichton's brain by Scorpius after the Aurora Chair failed to reveal the wormhole information he was after.

His name, given to him by Crichton, is taken from either the Mary Chase play Harveyin which Harvey is an invisible six-foot, one-and-a-half-inch tall rabbit that only Elwood P. Dowd can see, or the popular film versions, both starring Jimmy Stewart ; Harvey's purpose is threefold: Harvey also has the ability to stop Crichton's brain functions for a short time, making him appear dead.

He can control Crichton's memory and nervous system when the chip is in place, which he uses to hide his presence from Crichton. Eventually, the chip becomes strong enough to completely dominate Crichton's mind and body. Even after the chip is removed, Harvey is able to exert limited control over Crichton. After Scorpius reprograms him, Harvey has some type of mental link to Scorpius that allows Scorpius to track Crichton down after John is revived from his crystallization by the Eidelons.

Harvey contains much of Scorpius' knowledge and intellect. In Season 2, Harvey is discovered. He is basically a menacing hallucination of Scorpius that influences Crichton to become more erratic, unpredictable and similar to Scorpius.

He is capable of killing Crichton and does his best to make sure that Crichton would not go against Scorpius's ideas. In the end of Season 2, Harvey dominates Crichton resulting in a mixed personality with dark humormurders his love Aeryn Sun whom the mixed personality also is attracted to and transmits a message to Scorpius.

After that, Crichton regains control, the chip is removed and stolen by Scorpius. In Season 3, Harvey discovers that even though the chip was removed, he has blended with Crichton's subconscious and is trapped there forever without any of his previous powers. He attempts to manipulate John to commit suicide, but fails.

Crichton is rescued and the only thing Harvey can do is give advice. Everything goes "fine" until John is twinned by a madman, twinning Harvey as well. D'Argo, that's not how it works. You know until today, I never really realized how much I love my feet. Taking the Stone[ edit ] Crichton: Aeryn, what the hell is wrong with you? You are the pin up girl for frontal assault. You robbed the dead! And believe me, that wasn't as easy as it sounds.

John Crichton/Aeryn Sun

Crackers Don't Matter[ edit ] Crichton: Give Brainiac the fluffy doll! Is that it, Sparky? Gonna take the road well-traveled?

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Next time you'll be a crouton, Crichton! I'm having sex with 3 hynerian donkeys; what does it look like I'm doing? I'm only judging on my experience with you, but I've never seen such a deficient species. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and you like revenge, don't you, John? I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare.

Then we'll have pizza! Go on, John, do it. Heat-deflecting paste; you'll burn up in there without it. I pre-digested it to increase its potency. While vaguely concerned about you, I am much more interested in how this will affect Moya. The ionic radiation gives her photogasms, unless she's faking it. They can do that, you know.

Hey, Zhaan, you faking it? I never run away. The Way We Weren't[ edit ] Crichton: I don't think Pilot's in a "Leviathan for Dummies" mood right now Picture if You Will[ edit ] Crichton: I don't have a mustache John.

As you said, this magical-mystery crap's not your thing. Home on the Remains[ edit ] Crichton: You can eat anything if it's fried. Dream a Little Dream[ edit ] Crichton: We haven't lied yet. Of course the trial has only been on for a few microts.

Trust me, I'm a lawyer. Out of Their Minds[ edit ] Crichton: That was actually the first thing we tried. Oh yes, I'm back too. Back to being me. Back to being ignored. Well they say you have to walk a mile in someone's shoes to understand them.

Well I certainly know what you were doing when you were in my shoes, Crichton. It's okay, you know. You were in my shoes, I was in your pants What is this madness that has overtaken all of you? We'll explain later; just shoot us, Zhaan. Full power, and don't worry, we'll have the screen up. Are you sure about this, Crichton? Shoot the damn gun you blue-assed bitch!

Oh, come on, man! They've been here for a couple of arns, and I just had to You are mentally damaged. Guys dream about this sort of thing.