Beyonce and jay secret relationship

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beyonce and jay secret relationship

But Beyonce and Rita have a 'really' close relationship too. According to the source, Beyonce is romantically involved with Rita Ora even without Jay-Z, which . Their first full-length joint album, Everything is Love, reveals some shocking news about Beyonce and Jay-Z's healing relationship. The mystery around hip-hop artists Beyonce and Jay-Z's private life is supported only by speculation. Family, friends, and secrets are all fair.

Or, you know, they tried. They were livid, and for whatever reason, didn't want the story getting out at all.

But that was just the climax of his violent tendencies. He opened up in an interview with The Guardian, saying he wasn't born violent. He grew up taking care of himself, which put him in fight-or-flight mode most of the time. He openly admits in his lyrics that he considers himself a "thug" and even raps about shooting his brother as a kid.

He's grown quite a bit since then, and things have only gotten better for the rapper. You know that line, "your past doesn't dictate your future? You won't see the star getting into too much trouble these days, but there's no denying that his past may be an indication of how he treats Bey today.

Even when she's home and free, she'll frequently leave Blu Ivy in the nanny's care so she can smoke in peace.

Shady Things Everyone Ignores About Jay-Z And Beyonce's Marriage

Whether these claims are true or not, it's a little strange that she recently hired not one, not two, not four, but six nannies to care for her new twins. I mean, hey, if you have the money, why not right? Some are skeptical, though, and for good reason. Who really needs six nannies for two babies? Beyond that, her demands are a little extreme. She has an entire rule book that the nannies must follow.

Well, at the time of the interview, he didn't elaborate much. We can speculate, though. It surely has to do with running around with other women while lying to Beyonce the whole time, coupled with the obvious plans to bring Beyonce to stardom.

Many close to the couple have claimed that helping Beyonce get famous was one of the driving forces for their relationship and marriage. It's definitely believable, given how famous Jay-Z was by the time they met, the large age gap, and the infidelity. If there's one reason to stay with a cheater, I suppose fame would be an obvious one.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s 6 Sweetest Couple Moments

Rumors have been flying around about a possible affair between Jay-Z and Rihanna for a long time. It got to the point where Jay-Z apparently had to force the two to call a truce. The three met in Paris to hash things out and all appears to be good at this point.

Whether these rumors are true or not, we will never know, but the three met up for one reason or another, and the affair was sure to come up. Social media was buzzing with the rumors for a long time, which only added to Beyonce's insecurity within herself and her marriage. As usual, the family was secretive about the whole ordeal, leaving the rest of us wondering just what exactly is going on.

They pretend to all get along, but underneath their perfect smiles hides a whole lot of resentment and distrust. Beyonce's parents in particular have voiced their concerns, calling Jay-Z a "thug" and telling their daughter that she has no business with a man like that. While it's still unclear what the fight in the elevator was over, clearly Beyonce's sister has beef with Jay-Z. Whether it's over money, his troubled past, cheating, or the emotional and possible physical abuse Beyonce has suffered through the years, Solange has it out for Jay-Z.

Bey's father cheated on her mother, and she has a little sister to prove it. Though she was bitter at first, she's accepted her little sister with time. Her father is no longer in the picture. Her first and only boyfriend before Jay-Z cheated on her as well, leaving her heartbroken and defeated at a young age.

beyonce and jay secret relationship

Then, of course, there's Jay-Z. It doesn't take a highly-trained psychologist to take a gander as to why Beyonce has trust issues. Battling jealousy is no fun, and I'm sure it's a part of her that she's working on bettering.

When you've been surrounded by men with no sense of duty or faithfulness, it's got to be rough. No matter the details, their entire marriage is practically a sham. They then tied the knot in a private ceremony at their Tribeca home in April Cue mega-million pound magazine deals to add to their already enormous fortune?

beyonce and jay secret relationship

Not for these two. A year later in Forbes ranked the savvy business duo as Hollywood's top-earning couple. The lovers and savvy business duo also made more than any other celebrity couple last year. Inafter years of tours, features films, and hit records, Beyonce announced she wanted to take a break to focus on hubby Jay, while also hinting that she was keen to start popping out little mini Jay and Beys soon. I can be the mother I want to be. Glowing in a floor-skimming red gown, the mum-to-be proudly showed off her growing baby bump to snappers - and Twitter exploded.

Bey's bump even broke the social media site's record for most related tweets per second. They were even spotted on double dates with high-profile pals Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

beyonce and jay secret relationship

And since the birth of their first bubba Blue Ivy Carter in January in New York, the once notoriously private pair have become even more open about their love for one another. In an official statement released after Blue's birth, the rapper and Bey announced: We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support. In one clip she declared: No, nothing feels like when I look my husband in the eyes, nothings feels like when I'm respected, when I get on the stage and I see I'm changing people's lives.

beyonce and jay secret relationship

Carter World Tour around the globe, she continued to treat us all to an intimate look at family life with a steady stream of candid behind-the-scenes pictures of the pair stealing smooches and gazing lovingly at each other.