Bia accreditation process and its relationship

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bia accreditation process and its relationship

translations do not impede the client-representative relationship due to .. with examining the BIA's recognition and accreditation process as it. BIA Accredited Representatives are persons who are accredited by the BIA to initial training and a renewal process every three years, quality of the service. Contact the BIA's Recognition and Accreditation (R&A) Program Coordinator. organization or clearly explains the relationship between the . organization needs to show it has a process to either handle the case itself, seek.

Write a cover letter and a statement or resume including the nature and extent of your experience and knowledge of immigration and naturalization law and procedures. Explain the type of work you'll be doing and where you'll be working. Specify in your statement whether you're applying for full or partial accreditation. These documents must be prepared on your company's letterhead.

The form is available at www.

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Include copies in your application and confirmation that it's been sent to the appropriate authorities. Request a cover letter with recommendations from your company. The letter should contain information about your supervisor and specify if you're working under another accredited representative or attorney.

Prepare the documents according to the guidelines. Determine the type of mail service you'll be using to send your application.

bia accreditation process and its relationship

For delivery by courier or overnight service, send to this address: If you send your application at least 60 days before the end of your third year, the accreditation will remain valid until you receive an official confirmation of renewal. Apply for a new accreditation when you start to work for a new company as its validity isn't transferable between different businesses. These include the following: A new section on pesticides included as a result of the introduction of the Sustainable Use Directive.

The inclusion of sustainability criteria in the standard. These criteria form part of a sustainability survey and do not impact on the score a farmer can achieve at audit.

Introduction of a close-out period Is my farm still certified if I have issues to address in the 1 month period after the audit? Yes, if you were certified when the audit was conducted on your farm then that certification will remain in place throughout the one month close-out period.

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How do I return evidence that I have addressed the issues identified in my audit to Bord Bia? There are a number of ways that farmers can do this: Farmers can log on to farm. Farmers can e mail evidence to the Bord Bia Helpdesk who can upload it to the Bord Bia database on the farmers behalf. Farmers can text photos to the Bord Bia Helpdesk who will upload these to the Bord Bia database on the farmers behalf.

Farmers can post copies of close-out evidence to the Bord Bia helpdesk who will upload these to the Bord Bia database on the farmers behalf. What happens if I fail to close-out the issues raised at audit during the one month period allowed.

Where the close-out deadline is not met the farm is automatically not eligible for certification. Any existing certification will be withdrawn and re certification can only be achieved by applying to Bord Bia for a new audit after a six month period. New Helpdesk Is there any additional help available to farmers when preparing for a Bord Bia audit? This Bord Bia Helpdesk will be there to answer any farmer queries in relation to any aspect of the audit or the audit process.

Will the Bord Bia helpdesk assist farmers during the close-out process? Yes, one of the key functions of the helpdesk will to be maintain contact with farmers that have issues to address after their audit. The Helpdesk will provide advice and guidance to farmers that require assistance The Audit What happens after my audit? Am I certified there and then? Once your closing meeting has been completed with the auditor, the inspection details go through some further steps before final decision.

These are as follows: The audit report goes to the Inspection Body for initial review On completion of this step, the audit report is forwarded to a Bord Bia Independent Reviewer for analysis, Finally, the audit report, including all review stage data is sent forward to the Bord Bia Certification Committee for certification or other decision.

bia accreditation process and its relationship

The farmer will receive a communication outlining the determination of the Bord Bia Certification Committee regarding your certification status. This communication may detail any areas for improvement or non-compliances and whether or not you have been successful. However if non-compliances are identified during the audit, the farmer will have a month to address the issues before the audit file goes through the review process outlined above.

How long am I certified for? Producers receive an 18 month certification period. The length of certification may be shortened at the discretion of Bord Bia. Bord Bia also conduct a small number of spot audits on scheme members.

Will the auditor be taking pictures of my farm? Photographic evidence will only be taken with the explicit permission of the farmer in advance, and as a means of sorting problems without the need for another farm visit. Why do auditors carry out checks in relation to health and safety?

Is this not outside their remit? A good quality assurance scheme will incorporate more than just legal requirements and good farming practices. It will look at other areas that are intrinsically linked to the running of a farm.

Management of the environment and pollution control are obvious examples. Are the auditors paid more to fail me? This is completely untrue.