Britney spears and justin timberlake relationship history

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: A Complete History | New Idea Magazine

britney spears and justin timberlake relationship history

Justin Timberlake was a trash Ex to Britney Spears. utterly collapsed in one of the most dramatic breakups in our nation's history. or even a mega-hit vilifying her actions during their relationship (plenty of pop stars have. Justin Timberlake never said outright that Britney Spears cheated on him, but he One was rumored to be choreographer Wade Robson, whom she dated from. See a timeline of Britney Spears' relationship history, including her romances with Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline and Sam Asghari.

Some say that Halftime show was one of the greatest in recent Super Bowl memory, never to be replicated. Aerosmith, Nsync, Britney Spears 2. So in love Back in the day, Justin and Britney were the picture-perfect example of a couple in the throes of young love. They wore matchy-matchy sports jerseys inscribed with Stinky for him and Pinky for her which were their nicknames for each other. Britney, for her part, didn't mince words when she told Oprah Winfrey: The now famous denim date Justin and Britney's matching outfits are today's version of RelationshipGoals.

Justin and Britney's denim ensemble 4. Cry me a river After three loved-up years together, everyone was expecting Justin and Britney to get engaged. Inthe lovestruck duo had a photoshoot with Hello Magazine and Justin's family even joined in. Alas, by the time Hello came out with the feature, the pair had already broken up. Friends said it all unraveled very suddenly. Rumours were rife that Justin hit the roof when he learned of Britney's infidelity from the very guy she had a fling with.

The meaning of the song says it all and the video even featured a girl in a sports cap, which was Britney's fashion trademark. You know that they say some things are better left unsaid It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it don't act like you don't know it and all of these things people told me keep messin' with my head messing' with my head should've picked up honesty then you may not have blown it".

The shady side of Justin Timberlake

She wrote 'Everytime' in reply. The popstar worked on the song with her then backing vocalist Annet Artani who broke up with her boyfriend at the same time as Britney.

It was released in and went as far as No. There seems to be little prospect of that though as Justin is completely in love with his wife Jessica Biel and their son Silas. We got a babysitter. Emmys As for Britney, it's no secret that her life went on a downward spiral after her breakup with Justin. Lo and A-Rod, for instancebut for someone who craves stability and harmony as Spears does—a place in life she didn't arrive at easily—that particular game may not be for her. Last summer, while she was between relationships, she told James Corden during "Carpool Karaoke," "I might not ever go to men again, ever do the whole men thing again, or get married.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: A complete history

I'm just done with men. But at 35, Spears has plenty of time to change her mind, and while her particular road has led her to here, who knows what the future holds? Justin was even Britney's first kiss.

Young, innocent love at its finest. Untilthat is, when they unceremoniously split up. Rumor later had it that Britney cheated on Justin could you imagine? The worst thing is everyone wants to talk to me about it. Everywhere I go people are asking how I am.

Why Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake broke up

It's a strange feeling getting used to being single again, but I suppose I'll have to cope. I'm just starting to get the knack of it because ever since I was 15 I've been in a serious relationship. He continued, "I can't just have meaningless relationships with women.

britney spears and justin timberlake relationship history

I have to find Miss Right in order to have a relationship. There's got to be that big moment when she comes along.

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You can't help what happens in life because everything happens for a reason. She's got a great ass, that's all. I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her.

Who could blame a girl?

britney spears and justin timberlake relationship history

People reported at the time that they were seen kissing on a balcony at Chateau Marmont after the screening. The chemistry was magical…our feelings were so strong Britney's mom, Lynne, stepped in to prevent that as soon as our feelings started to develop.

britney spears and justin timberlake relationship history

Though no one had ever heard of this dude before that night, in Alexander told ABC News that he and Brit had actually been FWB back in the day, even when she was dating Timberlake. So when Spears "was like, 'Well, let's get married' I was like, 'Sure. You know, let's do this,'" he recalled. I feel like she felt the same way.

News in March that she was just "being silly, being rebellious, and not really taking the responsibility of what I was doing, you know? And after partying, you know, you really don't think about what you're doing.

So it was one of those things that were really silly. I didn't quite know what I'm still figuring out myself and learning every day. But I think I'm more in a good place. I like being alone, which is good I think.

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

You know, I love reading books. I'm really a quiet kind of person right now. And so it's cool to be back and feel like yourself again.