Buffy and angel relationship episodes of glee

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buffy and angel relationship episodes of glee

Angel tried to pick up the slayer mantle by recreating Buffy's ex as a kind of Whedon ended up directing a first-season episode of Glee, which Murphy at . serious themes, and soapy relationships back to the vampire slayer. Some of the relationships on BtVS and Angel were certainly better than .. Darla was supposed to die in the second episode of Buffy, but was. The Buffy spinoff Angel was never about the romance, which is why there It's a beautiful and beloved episode, but it makes it hard to want to.

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Plot[ edit ] After drinking from FaithAngelus pulls away in shock as she flashes back to earlier, when she injected herself with a drug stolen from a vampire junkie at the demon bar. Angelus and Faith both collapse, unconscious. Gunn drags Angelus's body to the Hyperion Hotelwhere he and Connor shackle Angelus securely in the basement cage.

Wesley brings a barely alive Faith to one of the hotel bedrooms. Knowing Faith injected herself with Orpheus, an enchanted psychedelic drug that poses a serious threat to her life, Lorne yells at Wesley for allowing Faith to purposely get bit by Angelus. Connor updates Cordelia on Faith and Angelus' conditions. Suddenly, Cordelia brutally shoves Connor into a wall in response to his constant talk about Faith.

He's shocked and she tries to cover her behavior by blaming it on the pregnancy and crazy hormones. Downstairs, Connor shouts at Fred and Wesley about the need for killing Angelus, when Willow Rosenberg appears at the door suggesting that she's a better alternative.

Fred called Willow for help since she's the only one alive to have successfully restored Angel's soul.

buffy and angel relationship episodes of glee

Willow wants to see Cordelia again and Connor reluctantly takes her upstairs. As Willow talks about the difficulties associated with ensouling Angelus, Cordelia secretly reaches for a large knife under her pillow and tries to get Willow close enough to strike. Willow realizes if they break the jar, they can avoid all the complications and free the soul. Willow rushes out of the room in time to unknowingly avoid the knife thrown at her, which hits the door instead.

In their shared coma, Angelus and Faith witness the s-version of Angel rescue a small puppy from an oncoming car.

buffy and angel relationship episodes of glee

Angelus is infuriated at being subjected to the memory again, and Faith realizes with glee that they're experiencing Angel's good deeds of the past.

Next, a hippie Angel walks into a diner and selects "Mandy" on the jukebox, as Angelus complains to Faith about watching Angel's self-induced misery. A man barges into the diner and asks for money, but shoots the cashier when he doesn't react quickly enough. The shooter runs away, and Angel struggles with his desire to feed on the cashier, which wins out.

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However, linking him romantically to Eve felt like grasping at straws. The question of whether or not Eve was evil was a fun one, but it was abruptly and lazily answered by her connection with Lindsey.

Eve had a lot of promise when the season began, but was quickly deemed irrelevant once it became clear that her motivations were just based on a desire to help her boyfriend exact revenge.

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Disappointing, to say the least. The introduction of Nina provided a nice reprieve from all the drama. Sure, she was a werewolf, but successful werewolf relationships had worked in this universe before. Theirs was a lighthearted courtship, proven by the fact that it began when Angel was turned into a puppet. Once they had relationswithout him turning evil, it was a pleasant liberation from his past encounters.

He may not have been in love with Nina, but he still cared for her and enjoyed her company. Spike was on the rebound from Dru, and Harmony was a fresh vampire looking for something to cling to. It never had any staying power, but their charisma made it impossible not to enjoy every scene they shared together.

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Unfortunately, reuniting them on Angel felt like a setback for both characters. It also felt wrong for Spike, now an ensouled champion, to take advantage of anyone, even a ridiculous person like Harmony. Sadly, the execution was sloppy. This all means that the Cullens would be no match for the boys on their best day.

Of course, they did still punch each other from time to time. Spike got especially good at this when he was a ghost with time on his hands. On a trip to discover why Buffy was now dating the Immortal, they had to talk their way past his butler and Spike never misses a moment to rub Angel the wrong way.


Naturally, she was surprised to see Spike now a trusted member of the Scooby Gang. That was definitely the last thing Spike wanted to hear. He had to know that the minute he showed up with a soul, everyone would compare him to Angel. There was even a quick second where it seemed like having two vampires with a soul would be a problem, but that was just a trick.