Cal and gillian relationship

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cal and gillian relationship

Mostly Gillian gen, with a touch of Cal/Gillian for good measure. between herself and Cal, Gillian has realized, is their relationship to control. Cal and Gillian ring in the new year chaperoning Emily's party. . this new facet of her relationship with the most important person in Cal's life. It opens on Gillian covered in blood and Cal rushing towards her. It is a beautiful look at Cal and Gillian's relationship; how much he cares for.

He'd been sure she would have had a date, but when Emily had asked, she'd readily agreed and it made Cal wonder if she'd accepted simply because Emily had asked, or if other feelings had been involved.

Cal dared take another glance at his "date".

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She was curled up in the largest, most comfortable chair in his library; it was as if she belonged there. The two of them had been growing closer over the last several months, especially since her divorce from Alec. They were free to flirt and test the waters. She'd become freer with the way and frequency with which she touched him and he'd reciprocated.

It was an enhanced version of the dance they'd danced since the day they'd met. Fifteen minutes later, Gillian slipped back through the study door, bottle of Champagne in one hand and two glasses in the other. The kids shouldn't be the only ones to ring in the New Year.

Gillian looked him intensely in the eye and held her glass up. Gillian smiled widely and sat on the edge of Cal's desk. She was dancing with some of her friends. Gillian looked down and when she looked up her face held the slightest hint of a blush. Cal was two steps toward the door when Gillian grabbed his arm. One minute he's checking her out, the next he's being the best friend, the next the big brother, the colleague, and as season 3 is progressing, rival of sorts.

Gillian, on the other hand, is a much more responsible, organized, and concrete person. She is often reigning Cal in from his ridiculous antics, shielding him from harm, being his best friend, and i think, something a little more.

cal and gillian relationship

While Cal focuses on the face, she focuses a lot more on character which is why she's a lot less trusting of the babes Cal has around than he himself is. The point im trying to get to therefore, is that when it comes to Cal and Gillian there is a lot of underneath feelings that either arent being expressed, arent being recognized, or both.

What truly sparked this analysis was Gillian's use of "the royal we" in Dirty Royal. In case you didnt pick up on it, in the very last scene of the episode Wallowski asks Gillian if she wants to go get a cup of coffee.

cal and gillian relationship

Gillian refuses and says "WE'LL take a raincheck. We just watched an episode about this! When the pageant mom and her daughter used the words "we" she meant to make them 1 entity. Even if its subconscious?

cal and gillian relationship

She's unhappy for a few reasons I think: The woman from internal affairs i think? If the anxiety made her late and made her nauseous, well, these things happened. She didn't allow herself to contemplate any other possibility. Finally, six weeks after the broken condom, she drove two towns over to buy a pregnancy test.

cal and gillian relationship

Her world was upended for 48 hours, while she imagined what David would say, what her parents would say, what would happen if she just went to a clinic and never told anyone at all. And then she got her period, and she had never before been so. She's always wondered, in all the subsequent years of trying and failing, of this test and that procedure, of two decades' worth of periods like clockwork, of watching a social worker's car pull out of her driveway with her daughter inside, what really happened to her body during those six weeks back in college.

She was under a lot of stress. Pregnancy tests are often wrong. Plenty of experts have told her she could probably never conceive in the first place, much less carry a child to term. She's answered the question "have you ever been pregnant? She always hesitates but always checks "no.

She is an alcoholic. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, and she knows this as well as anyone.

cal and gillian relationship

She thinks of her father—"My name is Steven, and I'm an alcoholic"—and of Alec—"My name is Alec, and I'm an addict"—and she's stood in the bathroom and looked herself in the mirror and opened her mouth and then run out of the room again. She knows how to have one glass of wine, pour out the rest of the bottle, and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's instead. Every time Cal teases her about the sugar, she celebrates a minor victory: She's a better liar than he realizes.

She plays games with herself, like never saying "I need a drink" but only "I want a drink," because "need" is the first step down a slippery slope. If she can control her words, control her face and her smile and her unobtrusively casual glass of wine with dinner or two fingers of scotch with Cal after a long day, she's won. The fundamental difference between herself and Cal, Gillian has realized, is their relationship to control.

Cal's game is roulette; his rush comes from throwing himself to the mercy of chance. Gillian's game, if she had one, would be poker; she gives nothing away, even to herself.

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It took her a very long time to fall in love with Cal Lightman. Cal fell in love with Gillian approximately 30 seconds after he met her.

Cal and Gillian

He wouldn't realize this until years later, but Gillian knew it, and Zoe knew it, and even Emily knew it. And of all the lies Cal could tell, the only one no one but Cal himself believed was that he and Gillian were just business partners.