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Question: What is the relationship between Arata and Taichi, exactly Arata sees Taichi as his teammate, just like how he sees Chihaya as his teammate. .. Which is probably why he gave that advice to Taichi “You only look. ANY PROGRESS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP? And just like Kana said - since it was Chihaya for Taichi and Taichi for . and chihaya, chihaya seeking an advice to arata and the pathetic taichi will be in jealous mode again. Her relationship with Arata is actually not romantic but for some reason, it is lovely to me. I mostly felt that way for Chihaya and Taichi for this anime. they help each other by studying others' karuta playing style and giving each other advice.

Chihaya is the captain of Mizusawa Karuta Club. She works very hard at improving her karuta skills, and reaches Class A near the beginning of the series. She is a strong, passionate person who loves karuta and is dedicated to her teammates and friends. Chihaya shares a strong bond of trust and friendship with Taichi and appreciates his skill in leading the club, though oblivious towards his feelings for her.

Chihaya cares deeply for Arata, despite their long-distance relationship. While on the telephone with Arata, she realizes that she will always love him and karuta. Shuhei NomuraEru Yamada ja: Taichi is the president of Mizusawa Karuta Club. He is a talented student and an athlete, at the beginning of the series he claims to have outgrown 'karuta', but then, after watching Chihaya excelling and obviously having fun, he decides to help her form a karuta club. He has good analytical skills and a good memory when playing karuta, but he has very bad luck.

Due to this, he ends up staying in Class B longer than supposed to. He has been in love with Chihaya ever since childhood and eventually realizes his feelings but never confessed her. When Sumire tried to confess to Taichi, he tells her that he would rather have a relationship with the girl he loves than with a girl who loves him, indirectly indicating Chihaya. He cares for her very deeply, being there for her every time Chihaya gets upset or sad.

He has serious character to make up for Chihaya's comical character. As a child, Taichi was a spoiled rich, child and disliked Arata, making fun of him for being poor, but as soon he, Chihaya, and Arata started to play Karuta together, they became friends.

In love, Taichi still views Arata as his enemy. MackenyuAmon Kabe ja: After graduating elementary school, he returns to Fukui to care for his grandfather. However, after Chihaya and Taichi visit him in Fukui, he regains his resolve to play competitive karuta again. Arata cherishes his friendship with both Chihaya and Taichi, albeit romantically to Chihaya. Later in the manga, Arata confesses his love to Chihaya, also informing her of his move back to Tokyo.

Arata then excuses himself, leaving Chihaya flustered and speechless. Mone Kamishiraishi A girl with a taste for the classics, [5] Kanade is a quiet girl who works in a kimono store and loves all kinds of traditional clothing. She is quite knowledgeable about the true meanings behind the One Hundred Poems and joins the karuta club on the condition that they start wearing hakama.

She knows that Taichi has feelings for Chihaya and tells him to do his best. She already agreed on booting you out for a weekend. As for the money, since I'm the one asking, I'll be the one to pay. Chihaya's mom was delighted when he called her to ask for permission to go to the beach with Chihaya, and he remembered convincing her that they're going out as friends. Just consider it as a gift, you ungrateful git. He couldn't help but smile now that Chihaya's laughing. He knew she'll make it, even without him hoping for it.

Chihaya had a laser light focus that shuns out everything else when she really wants something, and he knew that it was about time she gets back what she lost. It would've been nice to be there for the tournament, but with his clinical internship, watching her match would be impossible.

And if I don't join the tournament? She knew he was doing this just to cheer her up. See you, Vice-Queen" Taichi teased, but as he was about to drop the call, Chihaya called out to him from the other line. Her loss, her distance from Arata and Taichi, and her circumstances were too much for her. She was glad she still has Taichi to call even with the distance.


He wanted to hug her, knowing her pain and struggles. Taichi laughed at that. He knew all this flirting would add to a heartbreak later on, but he didn't care.

Miles away, Chihaya was staring at the ceiling, phone in her hand, her face flushed. She was seated on the bar with a drink in her hand. Even at his advanced age, he managed to look regal. They were at Kanade and Tsutomu's wedding reception. Though the wedding itself was a very traditional one, they wanted it near the beach.

And Okinawa has always been a favourite of beach shippers. The hotel they were at had a lovely view of the beach, but even though there were nothing but smiles and laughter everywhere she looks, she couldn't help but feel the weight in her chest that she knew had something to do with her dashingly estranged best friend.

It was he who discovered Tsutomu's talent in Karuta. Though he wasn't much of a person then, it was their friendship that made him the way he is now. I outgrew the title some years back. Guess you outgrew your bad fate in love too though. It was that smile that made her wish unconsciously that she was the one he's showing it to. Harada-sensei, meanwhile, was observing her.

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They were always seeing each other in the Dojo, so there were times when they just sat in silence after a long practice match. They seldom talk about Taichi, because he knew it upsets her to talk of him when he had not contacted her the past few years. It must be really stressing him out, she thought. Matsuge-kun's getting married too, huh? Ano—I'm not getting married. Not yet at least…" she blushed, as she twirled the cocktail in her hand.

She couldn't really taste what she was drinking. How do you feel about your childhood friend getting married? But she hoped to hear it from him at least. So she could move on and be genuinely happy with Arata. Harada-sensei was quiet for a moment.

She almost spilt her drink when he asked: She blushed as she downed on her cocktail. So the question is, do YOU love him? But before she could answer, they were interrupted by none other than the devil himself. Taichi looked even more dashing in his shiny black overalls and a matching gold tie, with his hair brushed up. I can still kick your ass in Karuta, you'll see. Guess we'll have to see it next time. Who's this lovely lady here?

Her black hair was styled up, and she was wearing a matching gold Grecian dress. I loooooved your outfits in AneCan by the way. You look so Gorge! I couldn't believe it really. She went on to narrate what she does for a living, how awful their trip was, and 10 minutes into their chat Taichi finally interrupted. I'll just dance with your old man here. Harada-sensei guided her onto the center of the dance floor while they opted to dance nearby. It was a slow song, so Taichi held her the waist while Chihaya rested her hands near his shoulders.

She was wearing a cream dress that stops at her knees. It was lent to her by one of the fashion brands she was currently endorsing, but if she had known it would garner so much attention she might have worn another dress. He knew when they entered the venue where she was right away. It wasn't hard to spot the crowd surrounding her, asking for pictures.

She was stunning in her dress and her simple braided hairstyle that allowed most of her hair down. She looked like every inch a Goddess, he had to tell himself not to stare. She rehearsed her apology many times over in her head before they went to the wedding, but with him so close and his arms radiating heat from her back towards the rest of her body, it was making her forget what she wanted to say.

Is your ankle okay now? Shouldn't you be resting it?

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His eyes were framed beautifully with his long eyelashes and it's a wonder why she never noticed. She had always teased him about looking like a girl when they were kids, but now he just looks… "It's okay. Don't worry about it. People were flocking the dance floor by this time, and the others were nowhere to be seen.

They remained silent for a while with Chihaya trying to find anything to say. It was Taichi who broke her from her reverie. They'd been in Okinawa some years back, when he went home with his friends to unwind and he tagged Chihaya along. It was a summer both of them would never forget. She couldn't help but be drawn to his eyes so she flicked his nose to interrupt the tension. Taichi was surprised, so he retaliated with a tickle to her side, causing her to squeal.

She borrowed a swimsuit from her friend, but what she didn't expect was it was so loose it got carried away when they were playing volleyball in the waters. Taichi had to carry her back — topless — so she could get her towel.

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It was one of the things she really missed about him. Him laughing, them bickering, him showing off… the list goes on. It was hard enough that he had to leave for 8 long years, but him becoming a stranger after all that… "You remember, right? Our last night here? Taichi didn't reply, but a sudden flicker of emotion betrayed what he'd been trying to forget ever since he saw her… 3 years ago, Okinawa trip.

You should stop drinking now. She was a terrible drinker, becoming immediately drunk after her second bottle and amusingly forward and violent the moment she finishes the next. They were on their last night in Okinawa after a 3-day summer vacation with 3 of his friends in the Medical School. All of them brought their girlfriends, and since Taichi had none, he tagged her along. They were seated at the front porch of their lodge. Are you the only one allowed to down on this?

Her face was red due to intoxication, and any guy who didn't know her would probably find her cute and easy. She couldn't even lift a spoon. Taichi could tell the mood shift, as Chihaya's shoulders shook slightly. Her mother had a heart attack.

And as if that wasn't hard enough for her, Arata had to study abroad like him, and she somehow needed to bear with all the stress and depression alone. It's no wonder why she lost another Queen match.

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They stayed like that for close to half an hour, just enjoying each other's presence. It had been countless months since they last saw each other, and they would have to part for another year again in 3 days' time.

Let's go back inside, okay? Chihaya meanwhile, looked like she was in deep thought. Taichi did a double-take. Why in the world would you want to know? Just the word itself got his mind reeling in a circus, and he didn't need to be reminded of his own experience — or the lack of — especially by the person he least expected to have this conversation with. He knew he had to find a way to exit this conversation before it gets anymore awkward.

He'd be the only one anyway, as Chihaya tends to get amnesia after she sobers up. Let's just go back. A Perfect combination, his drunk self was fighting to say. Why yes, that would be appropriate for you to say, you jerk. He thought icily towards Arata, as he sat beside her. As pure as she was, Chihaya knew nothing of romance until Arata came along. But even when they became a couple he knew there was nothing but Karuta and more Karuta for both of them, so he knew she's trying her best to change that.

Secondly, he's a jerk if he's asking you without your consent. So don't ever do it if you don't feel like it. He would've added not to do it unless she's 40, and he's thinking of adding just that when she asked, "But you never had thoughts of that? His unguarded mind thought as his eyes automatically locked with her eyes. His friends had been wondering how he could remain friendly with her for so long, when, as everyone says, they could actually pass as a couple with the way he treats her.

It was hard enough that the only girl he ever loved will end up doing it with another man. To be reminded of that fact made it twice as hard to bear. He turned to her in surprise at the question. If you only knew…he thought wryly. This night is a revelation, he thought. He may have wanted to hear this from her so much he must've been daydreaming.

But since he didn't want to sound retarded by acting surprised with her every query, he decided to just go along with her. There'd be no harm, right? Chihaya was never the possessive type outside of Karuta, so it's a wonder why she'd be jealous of anyone pining after him.

You've always been there for me… and if you were to find someone else, I'm afraid… you won't be there for me anymore