David cameron and obama relationship bill

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david cameron and obama relationship bill

Barack Obama and David Cameron Photo: PA Tony Blair, Labour prime minister , and Bill Clinton, Democrat President Obama and David Cameron have furthermore written a joint article in . Association has filed on the Obamas' meeting with William and Kate. David Cameron believed Barack Obama, a man with whom he appeared to share a warm and respectful relationship that even verged on a.

And that money is coming, of course, from taxpayers, from the government, and from farepayers as well. More generally though, he has strongly supported deregulation of the private sector, promising an immediate deregulation bill upon election. He has also pledged to remove Britain from the European Union 's social chapter and to withdraw unilaterally from certain directives stemming from the European Union.

He has said that Britain must not be a "soft touch" and has called for a crackdown on "access to justice". Comparing coalition austerity measures with the Opposition'sthe Financial Times commentator Martin Wolf commented that the "big shift from Labour I don't happen to take that view. It turns out he has been leery since before that time of the adjective "Islamist" used to describe the type of terrorism seen in some Muslims: We do need greater understanding of the true nature of the terrorist threat.

There's too much complacency about it among non-Muslims, and too much denial of it in the Muslim community. But our efforts are not helped by lazy use of language. Indeed, by using the word "Islamist" to describe the threat, we actually help do the terrorist ideologues' work for them, confirming to many impressionable young Muslim men that to be a "good Muslim", you have to support their evil campaign. MI5 investigations had employed this data over the past decade to catch drug dealers, paedophiles and fraudsters and prevent miscarriages of justice.

The legislation carries a 2-year sunset clause. If people are walking around with Isil flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause, they will be arrested and their materials will be seized. We are a tolerant people, but no tolerance should allow the room for this sort of poisonous extremism in our country. We have taken some big steps but I plan to take more steps if I'm elected as a Conservative prime minister after the next election.

The Government needed to restore Britain's ability to deport extremists, said Cameron, but it was crucial to overhaul the European Convention of Human Rights to do this. Like the rest of the public I'm sick to the back teeth of people who come here, threaten our country, who stay at vast expense to the taxpayer and we can't get rid of them. I'm delighted on this occasion we've managed to send this person off to a country where he will face justice. Now we should learn every lesson.

How do we stop these people coming in? How do we get rid of them more quickly? How do we make sure they don't spend so long at taxpayers' expense? I'm as frustrated as the rest of the country when these things happen.

I'm delighted that this man at least is on an aeroplane and on his way to face justice. It is quite right that we have proper legal processes, although sometimes one can get frustrated with how long they take. I think it is very important that the deportation and expulsion arrangements work promptly and properly, particularly when people are accused of very serious crimes.

At the time, the News of the World headlined its report of the speech "Hug a hoodie, says Cameron", [65] coining a phrase which came into popular use, although Cameron never actually used the phrase.

Cameron afterwards stated that he never advocated hugging "hoodies" [66] and on 17 MayCameron labelled the speech as the "most misrepresented thing he had ever said". Persistent unemployment among some groups. Poor quality public space. He argued that people were attracted towards extremism for four primary reasons, and later set out four planks of a response.

Among other items, he promised a Counter-Extremism Bill, empowered parents to cancel the passports of their children, said that the government would publish a Counter-Extremism Strategy, reiterated his goal to promote identity politics, and offered a revitalised Cohesive Communities Programme.

If the wrong decisions are taken, the new [counter-extremism] law risks provoking a backlash in affected communities, hardening perceptions of an illiberal or Islamophobic approach, alienating those whose integration into British society is already fragile, and playing into the hands of those who, by peddling a grievance agenda, seek to drive people further towards extremism and terrorism.

There's no easy answer. I don't think this is something that can or should be addressed through a government edict, but the BBC, as our national broadcaster, has both the responsibility and the opportunity to give a lead. Abortion[ edit ] Cameron suggested in May that the current time limit be cut from 24 weeks after conception to 20 weeks.

david cameron and obama relationship bill

The procedure would cause the germ-line to be interfered with and changed and human embryos could be destroyed in the process. It is unclear whether the UK would be violating international agreements on germ-line interventions and there has been no informed debate on the issue. Heirs to the throne will also be free to marry Roman Catholics, a choice which would have required their abdication in years gone by. Cameron stated that "Forced marriage is abhorrent and little more than slavery.

To force anyone into marriage against their will is simply wrong and that is why we have taken decisive action to make it illegal. The statutory changes came into force in June In the magistrates' court, the maximum prison sentence would be six months. InCameron accused Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair of being against family values and of "moving heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in our schools".

The Washington Post's Anthony Faiola says that Obama arrives in the UK as " the British are wondering whether their deeply indebted nation can maintain its subtantial international role ", a debate, he says, that may foreshadow issues raised in next year's US presidential campaign.

Michelle and Barack Obama are standing with their hands on their hearts next to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh as they receive a gun salute. It's actually quite dramatic. Now Obama and the Duke of Edinburgh are inspecting the guard of honour. It reminds me a bit of when you try the wine in a restaurant — it's pretty unlikely you're going to say it's not up to scratch.

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That gun salute is still going on. The guard of honour are beginning to march away. Obama and the Queen are chatting politely.

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It's pretty windy out there and the Queen and Camilla are having to hold on to their hats. The Press Association has filed on the Obamas' meeting with William and Kate, something the news agency described as "their first royal duty as a married couple".

The PA report continues: There were no television cameras nor reporters in the room for the meeting. A Clarence House spokeswoman said the couples spent around 20 minutes together, chatting informally.

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Alexandra Topping has this video of Obama's motorcadeand this interview with Obama supporter Moses Edewor, who is on holiday from Nigeria. And here is a video from Flickr user brmurray of the motorcade arriving at Buckingham Palacecomplete with off-camera voices in the crowd asking "Did you see him?

david cameron and obama relationship bill

While the Obamas and royals enjoy an "informal" Buckingham Palace lunch for 60, Sam Jones is outside Westminster Abbey, the next stop on the itinerary, from where he sends the following: A dozen police carriers around Methodist Central Hall and the ever-present chopper droning overhead.

Abbey choristers waiting to go in as the last security sweep finishes up. Abbey towers a beautiful chalk white against a cloud-smudged sky. A cool breeze shakes the chestnut trees in Dean's Yard.

If only that bloody helicopter would hush itself Sam Jones is now in the Abbey: Have run gauntlet of US secret service agents stereotypically huge and ominous and Met officers very polite and friendly and am now in Abbey cloisters. White House press corps has extremely stylish passes — twinge of envy The prize for the most bandwagon-jumping Obama-related press release so far goes to Cherish PR, which promotes a dating website by asking: Michelle and Barack Obama — how do they do it?

They build an alliance with each other A famously strong partnership, the trained lawyers have managed to successfully juggle work, children and a punishing schedule. What's the secret to their very happy 16 year marriage, and how can working couples who might not be in the spotlight maintain the right power balance in their relationship? I like that reference to "working couples who might not be in the spotlight".

It's important not to forget the little people. Those keen to pinpoint exactly how an essential relationship differs from a special one will be tracking Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices closely. The President's wife has proved herself to have a talent for projecting a style which underscores and illustrates the Obama political message, whilst also showcasing her own personality. From the colour and glamour she brought to the campaign trail to the casual style she brings to appearances at her vegetable garden or with her daughters, she has proved herself adept at matching the look to the message.

Today's outfit for the palace visit will perhaps play better at home than it will in Britain: But to modern British eyes — post McQueen wedding dress, post Pippa madness — it looked somewhat stiff and upholstered. The First Lady was in girlish, almost princessly sheeny florals; the new Princess, by contrast, looked a vision of modern, transatlantic glamour. The dress, the blow-dry, the deep tan: Obama's motorcade is leaving Buckingham Palace now — following the same route to Westminster Abbey, but in reverse, as the royal wedding three weeks ago.

How the 'special relationship' between Britain and the US became something to fret over

Michael White was on the Buckingham Palace lawn for the beginning of the state visit and some hours before: Gosh, at my time of life you forget to live blog the drama, let alone tweet the views. Old habits die hard. But better late than never. Those of us who were assigned to watch the official start of the state visit on the Buck House lawn had to arrive two hours early and were gently chilled in winds gusting in over the high garden wall.

The White House press corps, always an important part of the imperial court which is the travelling White House, were ushered in first: I've been on the White House zoo plane and they always get treated like minor royalty - though in Ronald Reagan's day Mrs Thatcher insisted that they all go through immigration - network TV stars and all - just like everyone else.

They got cold too and our very own royal rat pack - Fleet St's royal reporters - got special treatment too, freezing much closer to the expected action than the unwashed rest of us. The BBC's Andy Marr, who is making a three-part TV series for the Diamond Jubliee next February and the book tie-inwas at our end - about a football pitch away - so he could do a little piece to camera about the US-UK relationship with the Guardsmen and band pounding away behind him.

When not required on camera he was busy reading the Koran on his Kindle for Start the Week. Does that man never stop? He had 18 minutes on camera with the president on Sunday - for his Marr on Sunday show - which turned out to be 23 minutes because his ear piece stopped working. Time hung heavy until the official party trooped out of the Palace a few minutes late and the soldiers, resplendent in ceremonial tunics, did their stuff.

david cameron and obama relationship bill

A hard-headed snapper on the viewing stand with me said " No matter how often you see them, it's still a stirring sight.

Some details of the exchange of gifts between the heads of state. Barack Obama gave the Queen a handmade leather-bound photo album containing chronological highlights of the visit of her parents to the US in — the first visit to US by a reining British monarch. In return the president was given a selection of letters from the royal archive and Michelle Obama was given a brooch. Obama has got in a bit of trouble over gifts before. InGordon Brown gave the president an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet, while Obama gave him a set of 25 DVDs, which was seen as an insufficiently thoughtful present.

The Obamas are leaving Westminster Abbey now, to screams from the crowd. Next stop Downing Street. David Cameron and his wife Samantha are just coming out of the door to greet the US president. The president and prime minister and their wives greet one another in front of 10 Downing Street see below. The Press Association has some more details of the Obamas' visit to the picture gallery at Buckingham Palace today left.

Barack Obama was shown letters and artefacts charting Britain's loss of its American colonies, and joked: Barack Obama looked at a handwritten manuscript by George III from in which the king proclaimed "America is lost", and the president was shown a photograph of HMS Resolute, timbers from which were used to make the desk in the Oval Office.

I think we got a pretty good deal out of that," Obama said. One display in which the late Queen Mother excitedly declared she had eaten hot dogs during a stay with the Roosevelts in provoked laughter from the US president, the news agency reported.

The then-queen declared in a letter to her daughter Princess Elizabeth: He tried to travel incognito under the name Lord Renfrew. Here is the news agency's best quote from Michelle Obama at the abbey: It's a pleasure to be here again. And here's what Barack said: She gets to come to all the fun places. So nice to see you. Obama and Cameron are now leaving Downing Street after that brief meeting. The more substantial meeting between the two leaders will take place tomorrow.

Barack Obama and David Cameron are visiting a secondary school in south London, the Globe Academy, Southwark — something not announced beforehand. Looks like Ed Miliband will have to wait.

david cameron and obama relationship bill

Michelle Obama's visit to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington, north Londonin which she talked movingly about what the pupils could achieve even if they came from poor backgrounds, was a big hit for her in A Labour source has just been on the phone to give some details of Barack Obama's upcoming meeting with Ed Miliband left.

Miliband has met Obama several times before, most often at the Copenhagen climate change summit when he was climate change secretary. On the agenda for the Obama-Miliband meeting today is: On political strategy, the source said they would focus on "the need for parties to capture a sense of optimism and national image What Obama did and what Ed hopes to do.

Alexandra Topping has more on the gift-giving: Getting the gift right on formal state occasions can be a political minefield, as Barack Obama found on his last visit to the UK. The president was loudly derided in some parts of the British press for giving the then-prime minister Gordon Brown a measly film DVD box-set, which, the snipers argued, could not even play in the UK, because of the DVD region code.

david cameron and obama relationship bill

On this state visit, however, clearly a lot of thought has gone into making sure there were no opportunities for a present faux-pas. Perhaps bearing in mind that William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were likely to be all gifted-out after their recent nuptials, the Obamas presented the newlyweds with six MacBook Notebook computers donated to their chosen charity, Peace Players International in Belfast.

Obama and Cameron's BP Chat

The Queen's present was somewhat more personal - a collection of rare memorabilia and photographs in a handmade leather bound album telling the tale of the visit of her parents - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth - to the United States in Green-fingered Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were presented with a selection of plants, seedlings and seeds from the gardens of Mount Vernon, Monticello and the South Lawn of the White House, as well as jars of honey from the White House beehive.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, a fan of carriage driving, that well-known sport much beloved of the Duke of Beaufort, received a custom-made set of Fell Pony shanks, each adorned with the presidential seal, in addition to original horseshoes worn by recently retired champion carriage horse Jamaica. The Obamas were given a selection of letters from the royal archives to and from past US presidents and English monarchs, and as an added bonus Michelle Obama also received an antique brooch made of gold and red coral in the form of roses.

Obama is now on his way back to Buckingham Palace to meet Ed Miliband. Apparently Obama signed the visitors' book in Westminster Abbey "24 May ". Well, he's got a lot on his mind. And was a big year for him. Education correspondent Jessica Shepherd sends some details about the Globe Academy, the school in south London that David Cameron took Barack Obama to see this afternoon.

While the school started out as a Labour project — and was opened in by the then children's secretary Ed Balls — it has rapidly become the coalition's destination of choice for launches of youth-related initiatives. In April, Nick Clegg announced the government's new social mobility strategy on a tour of its classrooms, while a year earlier during the general election campaign, Cameron used the same spot to tell the public of his plans for a national citizen service.

Michael Gove, the education secretary, paid a visit in September to open some of the school's new buildings, including one named after the hedge fund millionaire Paul Marshall. As if that wasn't enough, the Globe's executive principlal is the politicians' favourite headteacher, Sir Michael Wilshaw.