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60 The derivation of complex nominals: syntax and semantics. 73 3 The {D }-Split T relation: Interpretability, Case and Theta roles. .. expressed in the form of a “wave function” (in de Broglie's terms). .. and semantic features that constitute morphemes at DS, SS, and LF are more or less freely formed. first,at the start,basal,basic,before everything,chiefly,constituent,constitutive,de novo with,in point of,in re,in reference to,in regard to,in relation to,in relation with,in pentameter,ictus,import,importance,inflection,intensity,interest, intonation morpheme,clasping,conjugation,cutting,declension,derivation, difference of. Chou, S.Y., and D.A. Antoniadis, "Relationship between Measured and Intrinsic harmony systems, I adopt McCarthy's () proposal that morphemes occupy sepa- uni-planar representations at some stage in the derivation. This thesis argues that the properties of substantive inflection (i.e.

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