Dib and gaz relationship

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dib and gaz relationship

Dib and Zim are usually portrayed as mortal enemies, sometimes as rivals, and like Zim and Gaz they do have a surprising amount of things in common, such. Dib and GIR are rarely seen interacting, despite the fact that GIR is Zim's sidekick Gaz and GIR'S Relationship · Dib and Professor Membrane's Relationship. The relationship between Gaz and Zim in the series could be accurately Not unlike Dib's disregard for GIR, Zim often brushes his mortal enemy's little sister off .

The Professor is a man of science and logic, so he finds Dib's obsession with the paranormal silly, and believes it is only a temporary phase that Dib will grow out of.

dib and gaz relationship

He even went so far as to say "So, I find you here, son. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

dib and gaz relationship

You know better than to use my tools for your parascience! However, these moments of shame are usually very brief, because most of the time Membrane is so busy he forgets he even has a son.

Dib and Professor Membrane's Relationship

It could be argued that Dib's sister, Gaz, is the "favorite child". There are several times in the series that he doesn't recognize Dib when he is Dib and Membrane in the Nightmare Realm standing right in front of him, instead calling him "little boy.

dib and gaz relationship

There is only one day a year that Membrane spends time with his son, their annual "Family Dinner Night. However, later issues swing back and forth on this - in Issue 5Membrane knowingly aids Gaz is finding an alternate universe ruled by gamers she can enslave and torture Dib in, just because she says it's "for science", while his alternate universe counterpart chooses Foodio over Dib when the gamers comes for him.

dib and gaz relationship

In Issue 12a message from Membrane's future self reveals that he left Dib behind when he and Gaz fled Emperor Zim's conquest of Earth albeit on Dib's insistence. However, his investigation of the giant new Deeleshus Weenie stand shows that he was uncertain enough to check out the evidence Zim had brought before him.

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When Tak emerged from the depths of her new base, she showed a colder and unfriendly side to her, being very curt with Dib when he asked her what's going on. She attempted to wipe the memories of both Dib and Gazalthough she realized that they are smarter than the rest of the humans when it doesn't work. Their meeting in her base was the last interaction they had with each other, although Dib did speak to Tak's ship on some occasions, which had her personality downloaded into it.

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In the comics, Dib and Tak's ship have spoken on multiple occasions, their interactions always involving the ship insulting both Dib and Zim, who are both hated almost equally by the ship.

Dib and Tak in class Even after Tak was revealed to be an alien, Dib refrained from using derogatory terms that he often uses to describe Zim, such as "space monster" or "alien scum".

It is possible that he respects her more than Zim, considering that she proved herself to be much more clever than Zim, and inadvertently provided him with a ship. He only ever mentions Tak after her debut episode when he speaks of her ship, which he simply refers to as "Tak's ship".

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He treats the ship with a certain reverence, and it can be implied that he is impressed with her for building it. However, he made no other reference to her throughout the rest of the series other than that he planted a spy bug in Zim's base while he was helping him defeat Tak.

dib and gaz relationship

Although Tak would have made another appearance in " Top of the Line ", it is unknown if she would have ever returned to Earth, or if she would have encountered him again.