Elliot and olivia relationship

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elliot and olivia relationship

I'm talking about Law & Order: SVU's longest tension-filled relationship between onetime partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson. I don't know. Elliot and Olivia confess to each other that they put their personal relationship ahead of their jobs. Benson requests a new partner when she hears what Stabler . Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler that Will and Alicia both voiced about their almost relationship throughout the.

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Move across the country to start over in California and be near his kids. Yes, it's a farewell, something fans did not get for Benson and Stabler on screen.

elliot and olivia relationship

So the saltiness, I guess, can be expected in relation to that. But when you think about it, the character has grown exponentially since Stabler retired after season When new showrunner Warren Leight came in, he revitalized the show and characters, actually giving them arcs that showed growth. Sure, some of that growth came from trauma, but the effects weren't ignored when the hour ended. Mariska opens up about Benson's long journey and what's ahead Benson has been through the wringer—and then some—and she has grown for the better.

The character was allowed to flourish without being tethered to Stabler. The "Whatever" about their relationship was very present. Did they love each other? Were they in love with each other? Were they too close?

The Stablers: Did Elliot Cheat?

These are all valid questions. Without Stabler and their very safe dynamic, SVU took risks with the characters and storytelling that helped redefine the show while keeping the key aspects that make it one of TV's most beloved dramas for 16, going on 17, seasons.

Hargitay has turned in routinely great performances with the material that would probably not be available to her had Meloni remained with the show.

She has changed in the last four years more than she had during the previous 12 seasons.

elliot and olivia relationship

In the seventh season, Elliot told Dr. Rebecca Hendrix that he had never cheated on his wife.

elliot and olivia relationship

It wasn't until the separation when Elliot started to check around. Elliot has had two female official partners: Jo Marlowe and Olivia Benson. While Elliot and Jo were partners, he was a rookie and already married. Jo knew well of Elliot's interrogation skills and was very happy to be working with him again- she had missed their stakeouts.

elliot and olivia relationship

Elliot and Jo did flirt and seemed close- but it never extended to an affair. Although she was curious if it had happened with Olivia: Elliot did care for Jo; he was devastated when she left the force to attend law school.

They hadn't spoken to one another for 15 years until she was transferred to fill in as the ADA. Eliot did share many Jo stories to Olivia- but she always assumed he was talking about a man!

Elliot also talked about Kathy all the time.

Why Didn't Elliot Stabler Ever Get Together with Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU?

Then, after 20 years of marriage, Kathy left Elliot, filing for legal separation and had custody of the kids Elliot did have visitation. He was devastated and angry.

elliot and olivia relationship

Not long, Olivia along with Elliot ran into Dr. Rebecca Hendrix- she used to be a cop, attended the Police Academy with Olivia until she couldn't handle the job anymore and became a Doctor instead. While working with Rebecca, Elliot liked her work ethics and sided her point of view from Olivia's, and flirted.

Elliot Stabler

Olivia noticed, told him to keep his rebounding outside of work. After Rebecca was fired from the hospital becoming a full time psychiatristElliot wished her well.

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A year later, he turned to Rebecca for help after fighting with his former partner, Pete Breslin. Elliot was still angry and hurt over Kathy's departure.