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Entourage s06e12 - Give a Little Bit Episode Script. I'm not really giving you relationship advice, cos you and Sloan don't really have a .. I can't trust you. Sloan McQuewick is a major recurring character in the HBO series Entourage and returned in the (film). She is the daughter of Terrance McQuewick and is. Too bad, like so many relationships, trust became an issue and it ended Now 87% of you thought Sloan was clearly hands down sexier than.

You don't want to tell me. We've been together for 23 years and you don't want you don't want to tell me. You know the number on my checking account, for God's Go fuck yourself.

That is not so hard. Did you see that, kids? I'm putting for a birdie. I found your ball, Mr Gold. That's good work, Lloyd. It's only cos you guys questioned my handicap. I know how stable you normally are. You didn't get in my head. Only I can get in my head. Why don't we give your head a break and just call it off? No, my head don't need a break. In fact, to prove it, let's double the bet.

A handicap's a handicap and I'm gonna play under mine. What are you doing, Turtle? I got bored of E and the octogenarian, so I thought I'd join you guys. You got a good one here.

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Damn, I forgot about you, Tom. I only brought three. I'm used to the heat. Were you at the Giants' Super Bowl victory parade last year? And I just want to say something from the both of us. Yeah, yeah, sweetest girl in the world. We met at this charity event a few years ago. We should go out sometime. Yeah, or just come over to the house. Why don't you stop staring at the guy like you want to fuck him, Turtle?

I'm trying to win some money. When we're done with you, you ain't gonna have nothing left but that SAG pension. Should we bring anything? A nice bottle of wine or dessert or something?

I'm telling you, it's the club. Leighton Meester Apr 24, at 8: Singing virgin turned sex symbol and probable ode to Brittany Spears Justine Chapin. Never be the first, never be the last.

Seasons 2 and 5 Why: Autumn Reeser Aug 25, at 8: Seasons 6 and 7 Why: A tight ass, high six-figure salary, and enough talent in the bedroom to literally drive a man to insanity? Malin Akerman Oct 18, at 9: The man is on a crusade to ruin his relationship with another woman he has no business talking to, let alone fucking: Aside from that, sexually adventurous girl up for numerous group sex opportunities. The kind of woman you would hate to date but would LOVE your girl to be best friends with.

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Kat, while clearly abusing her mother in law, answers the door in tiny pink underwear and slinks out to talk to the guys. Maybe the best natural rack of all time, the sort of milk duds that make you wish you were her infant child. Eh, that sounds kind of weird. Cool with Billy fucking around, going to strip clubs and whorehouses. After Turtle somehow interprets the divorce of her parents to be primetime for a move, she quits.

Maybe the most outrageously unrealistic pull in the history of the show. Fit and stacked, regularly braless with nipples that could cut glass, you know she can handle herself between the sheets.

Turtle totally disappointing a hot girl but then nailing her again….


Taylor Cole Oct 15, at The kind of woman we will end up marrying, the second time around, leaving us with a pile of debt and unanswered questions.

But the best sex of our lives. Sofia Vergara Feb 4, at 9: She completely rebuffs his advances, causing an epic meltdown and the interrogation of all on set. Maybe the best tits and ass combo of any member of the list. Sophie Monk Feb 19, at 7: Linen designer staying at the Palm in LA. After returning from Colombia E is once again heartbroken, a recurring theme in the series. Three time Maxim cover girl says a lot, as does her personal success and willingness to fuck within 15 minutes.

Also appreciate her assumed preference to do all physical work during the sex itself.