Environment strategy relationship and its performance

environment strategy relationship and its performance

Allocation of Managerial Effort: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Decision Strategies, Environment and Performance. By James R. Freeland, Charles. The aim of this paper is to clarify the relationship between environmental question: how does a firm's environmental strategy influence its performance?. Environmental scanning as a moderator of strategy-performance relationships: moderating role of scanning activities in the strategy-performance relationship.

environment strategy relationship and its performance

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environment strategy relationship and its performance

The mediating role of both hotel environmental marketing strategy and competitive advantage on the link between organizational factors and hotel performance in Samui Island hotels. Using effect size—or why the P value is not enough. Journal of graduate medical education, 4 3 Policies for enhancing corporate environmental management: Business Strategy and the Environment, 21 5 This argument is the basis on which the current study was conceived with the main objective of determining the effect of environment-strategy coalignment on the performance of publicly quoted companies in Kenya.

Four specific objectives emanated from this main objective: Out of these four objectives, seven hypotheses were stated and tested.

The study employed a cross-sectional survey design targeting companies listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange as at 30th June Through structured questionnaires and interviews, data were obtained from 23 out of 53 companies that were targeted.

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Secondary data were obtained from published sources. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data and test hypotheses on the effect of the external environment on corporate performance, the effect of organizational strategy on corporate performance, the effect of environment-strategy co-alignment on performance, and moderating effect of firm-level institutions on the relationship between environment-strategy co-alignment and corporate performance.

The study results showed that the surveyed companies experience varying degrees of external environmental complexity, dynamism, and munificence. These environmental dimensions tended to be mostly manifested in economic factors, competitive rivalry, market factors, technological factors, regulatory factors as well as threat of new entrants.

Consequently, these factors appeared to have great influence in the companies' strategic decision making.

Firm Strategy, Business Environment and the Relationship Between Firm Level Factors and Performance

However, the results for the effect of external environment on corporate performance were statistically not significant. The results also revealed that the companies leaned more towards the strategic orientations of futurity, analysis, defensiveness, and proactiveness as well as pursued market development, product development, and diversification strategy types to a large extent.

In spite of these results, overall results were statistically not significant for the effect of organizational strategy on corporate performance except for the effect of organizational strategy on total net assets. There were mixed results regarding the individual effect of external environmental dimensions on the various organizational strategy variables. Statistically significant as viwell as statistically not significant effects were reported.