Falen and julie relationship help

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falen and julie relationship help

AdvertisementA woman flies to France to confront falen and julie dating her straying fianc raquo br on STARmeterPaul Wesley has been in relationships with Phoebe Tonkin and Marnette Patterson. Help keep Paul Wesley profile up to date. I'm so glad I haven't paid attention to this season and only started watchin 2 to 3 weeks ago. I hate every girl there especially that parrot lookin. First off, what is this relationship with Julie and Falen? Side note: I Then she decided to jump on the band wagon and help jump Andrea.

She talks to her husband about moving to a new home to show others how successful they are. Whether her husband can afford to or not, most logical families would not move in an effort to portray an image to irrelevant people that surround them. Buying a home should be a move you make because 1. So Toya strikes me as inconsistent, inauthentic and insecure of her status as it compares to Mariah. And in fact, besides both of their backgrounds growing up in lower class neighborhoods, she really cannot compete with Mariah.

There is NO comparison.

BGC9 - Julie & Falen hooking up

Now, Toya was overheard doing what she does best, talking about one of the other ladies. Not only is this very low class of her, it is also none of her business to spread whatsoever.

Andrea Airs It Out (BGC, Ep. ) |

This conversation is what starts the ball rolling to the fight of the season. Mariah hears of this through her sister, Lake and her mother Lucy does not hold back her negative tone when it comes to addressing Toya at first sight.

Mariah and Kari Wells, wife of Dr. Duncan Wells, are both hosting a joint birthday party for their husbands who were both born in October.

Julie And Falen Sitting In A Tree (BGC, Ep. 912)

Once Mama Lucy sees Toya at this party, she addresses her. Not about the comments that Toya made concerning her granddaughter, but negative comments to Toya in general just so she is aware of her feelings toward Toya. Playing respectful and being annoyed at the same time, Mariah walks off with Toya and lets her know that she is not to confront her about her mother, especially not at her husbands party. It does not stop there. Now that part was funny, but everyone including me was completely thrown off.

Especially at a black-tie event. They were literally wearing ball gowns, five-inch heels and mink. It is not until then that the guest reach them and attempt to break up the fight, which goes on and on because they are locked on each others heads pulling weave as hard as they can muster. Many try to step in unsuccessfully as they lock on to each other even more.

falen and julie relationship help

Haha there was some tension between them, so I was happy to see it squashed. Obviously now, Erika's absence would make me happy instead of sad. When Erika accused me of telling her to talk about Rima's son, I had to roll my eyes.

We all saw on the show that Mehgan was the one who did. Tanisha saying that I was the one to instigate most of the issues was just the truth. I absolutely manipulated situations in my favor.

Julie Gets It (BGC, Ep. 916)

She had no idea prior to my stating it. At least I gave to charity: My friendship with Mehgan ended because she's a miserable two-faced unappreciative beast who is no fun to be around.

falen and julie relationship help

I just went into attack mode. I totally understand why they were upset, but I think the way they ALL ganged up on me at the same time was completely revolting.

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  • Andrea Airs It Out (BGC, Ep. 916)

Then they all came gunning for me. When people were apologizing and hugging, it pretty much took every ounce of my strength to hold back from vomiting all over the stage. What a joke hahahahaaa. The reunion was just another excuse for the girls to make something else all about me, and for that, I thank them. People will never understand what it's like to be on BGC because they only see such a small portion of our experience.