Garrus and tali relationship

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garrus and tali relationship

While it may be implied that other relationships may happen, there isn't a scene to walk in on for them. In any case, they don't involve your. Whether or not Shepard pursues a new relationship comes to a head in the third game, Tali demonstrates the usage of the emergency induction port. Garrus and FemShep are an overwhelmingly popular romance choice. Hello! Am I the only one who feels romancing Tali or Garrus is wrong? I mean, they're Shepard's best friends (like literally, they're there for you.

In Mass Effect, the player is railroaded through dialogue choices and you have to actively try not to end up in bed with someone.

In the second game, though, Bioware slows down and the romances gain some introspection. The characters are so well-crafted and so expertly realized that in the end it doesn't matter that they're aliens.

garrus and tali relationship

My own romance preference has always been for Quarian engineer Tali'Zorah. I originally switched from playing a female to male Shepard when Mass Effect 2 was released precisely because it was revealed that Tali would be a romance option.

I'm not alone, based on the legion of "Talimancers" clogging up message boards everywhere attests. The character has an extremely vocal and occasionally creepy following. I kept Tali in my Shepard's crew for the first game mainly because her hacking skills enabled me to get into locked chests and doors. In the second game, though, she stopped being a walking Quarian Wikipedia entry and became one of Shepard's staunchest supporters.

It's touching to watch her character gain confidence through interacting with the player and the rest of the crew, and she radiates fierce devotion to Shepard "You are real," she tells him near the end of Mass Effect 3 after he's given cause to doubt his own humanity. Similarly, Garrus is a ridiculously popular romance choice among FemShep players.

Even though both Garrus and Shepard express a bit of incredulity at the idea of getting together and I'm still not sure how they're supposed to, you know, do itthe pairing works beautifully. It helps that voice actor Brandon Keener imbues Garrus with exactly the right mix of charm and earnest bashfulness.

I see Garrus as Shepard's best friend, whether male or female; they're together for the majority of all three games, and it's easy to see how circumstances might drive these two warriors into each others' arms.

garrus and tali relationship

The scene where Shepard and Garrus say goodbye to each other before the final battle is absolutely wrenching, and actor Jennifer Hale's broken-voiced delivery of the final set of lines is dead-perfect. When asked about his views on C-Sec and some of his old cases, Garrus mentions a particularly gruesome case involving a salarian doctor, Dr.

Saleonwho escaped the Citadel with hostages because the authorities wouldn't fire on his vessel, despite Garrus telling them that the doctor would only use the hostages as test subjects. This incident caused him to start losing faith in C-Sec policy. Shepard can offer to track Saleon down as an assignment —the experience gives Garrus some food for thought.

garrus and tali relationship

If Shepard doesn't take Garrus as a party member for that assignment, Garrus later regrets missing the opportunity to take down Dr. Homeworlds Edit After the Battle of the CitadelGarrus is disappointed when the public accepts the official line that the threat posed by Sovereign and the geth has ended and goes back to living as if the tragedy never happened.

Frustrated with C-Sec's red tape, Garrus quits and goes after a local drug smuggler on his own. The smuggler reveals that his supplier is on Omega.

garrus and tali relationship

Garrus heads there, where he thinks he can actually make a difference. Upon arrival at the station, Garrus stops a vorcha from mugging an elderly human couple, who thank him and call him a "real-life angel".

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At AfterlifeGarrus meets Sidonis and the two agree to form a squad to combat Omega's criminals. Garrus assumes the moniker of "Archangel" and spreads the word of what he's doing by going after thugs personally.

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Before long, Garrus' squad expands to twelve members, including himself, Sidonis, a salarian explosives expert, a batarian tech expert, and various former mercs, security consultants, and C-Sec agents. Together, they declare war on Omega's criminals but are careful to avoid civilian casualties. Even when the gangs unite against Garrus' squad, they are unable to stop them. Eventually, the squad's success earns them a surplus of credits. Some members want to settle down and live comfortably, but Garrus pushes them to use their funds to hit parts of the station that were previously out of reach.

Instead of listening to his squad, Garrus pushes them to their limits, hoping to completely purge Omega of crime.

garrus and tali relationship

At some point, Sidonis is captured by the Blue Suns and forced to trick Garrus into leaving the squad's hideout to strike an alleged Blood Pack gun running operation in the Kenzo District.

Garrus finds no trace of the operation, and returns to the hideout just as the gangs bomb it and gun down the rest of his squad. Garrus remembers his arguments with his father and decides that he was mistaken to ignore what his father tried so hard to teach him, that he had to be strong enough to do the right thing even when it was difficult.

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We see Ashley and Liara, and to be honest, I'm not impressed with either of them. As such Tali has an air of mystery to what's under the mask. So that is part of it. Second reason, and this applies more to both characters, is they are two of the more likeable characters from the first game with a lot of fans. Tali could whine about the geth kicking her out of her home, or about being away from the flotilla, etc, but instead she learns what she can and enjoys the ship other than your first conversation with her.

Garrus was a character kind of standing on the edge of his decision to follow the law or be a renegade. I loved him because more than anyone else I felt like Shepard actually led him somewhere in each of the games I played, whether down a path of light or dark. I never got that feeling from Wrex or anyone else on the team nearly as much as I did from him.