Gattaca vincent and anton relationship

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gattaca vincent and anton relationship

My quick thoughts on the characters and their profiles in the Movie Gattaca. Anton is better than Vincent at everything (physically anyway) and Vincent is seen. p>Andrew Niccol's feature Gattaca follows this general outline, p>Vincent and Jerome's relationship not only raises questions about the. All the people at Gattaca crowded around to see what was going on. Vincent wants to be blood brothers with Anton cutting his hand with a shell but .. After the dinner she went on with Vincent their relationship changed.

Even though cinematic visions of the future tend towards the dystopic, they can often end on notes of liberation.

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Such liberations can be world shaking, as in Metropolis or The Matrix trilogy, or they can be more personal and ambiguous, as in Blade Runner and Brazil, or, even Planet of the Apes Once again, Gattaca follows a relatively moderate path. Irene and Vincent choose to embark on a romantic, and it is implied, procreative relationship despite their demonstrable genetic defects.

gattaca vincent and anton relationship

On the one hand, this represents a rejection of social norms. On the other hand, not only is their no implication of this choice being part of a widespread social movement, but there is no post-script informing the audience as to what becomes of their relationship and their children, assuming they have any.

Rather, the revelation is embodied by Dr. However, while constituting something more than personal freedom for a single individual or couple, there is no suggestion that small forms of resistance such as those practiced by Lamar are aimed at actually overthrowing the dominant order so much as ameliorating it. The retrospective and the primer are the most notable of these extras. In addition to Hawke and Law, the look back on the film also includes producer Danny DeVito and a number of behind-the-scenes craft people, all of whom are justifiably proud of the work done on the film.

However, while Andre Niccol is praised repeatedly for his dedication and vision, you never get to hear from him directly. Indeed, the feature largely looks at the science independent of society. Along the same lines, while the film clearly associates genomism with racism, it also implies that the former has supplanted the latter. Manipulated babies are becoming more accepted.

Throughout the years this will become more common, possibly eventually making manipulated babies the only population.

Also, our personal information is becoming more and more publicized, just like their health records and everything were publicized. I don't think anything was right in that movie. I think the fact that the parents got to choose the baby was extremely wrong.

The fact that they discriminated against the "invalid" or the unhealthy ones, in order to get a perfectly normal job was wrong. It seemed that if you weren't "valid" and had perfect health, history, etc you were basically an outcast because you could possibly have a. You and your spouse are having a child and are at the Genetic Clinic pictured in the movie. What characteristics would you want for your child and what would you ask to be excluded?

gattaca vincent and anton relationship

Why would you make those choices? I wouldn't choose to have my child chosen from the Genetic Clinic. Basically because of my religion and believes that's not okay with me in any way.

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It's basically determining the future. She sees this as being a mundane task that is below her capability and she wishes to do something more. She does not show her emotion and fits well into the idea that workers can become like robots.

gattaca vincent and anton relationship

While she is very secretive and does not like sharing personal information, she eventually opens up to Vincent by giving him one of her hairs, allowing him to know who she is. As people are judged by their genes.

gattaca vincent and anton relationship

Vincent though, lets the hair fall. This is part of the cause for her secretiveness. Not being worthy of his attention or love. I think that Anton is also quite stern and serious, and also very set in his ideas and the way he wants things.

He also seems to be overbearing in getting what he wants.

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He makes sure that he is in charge of the family and that his wife knows it. He wants to make all the decisions. Jerome Eugene Morrow Jerome was a valid who had genes that could be considered as being optimum. There were no defects and as such could get almost any job that he wanted.