Gemini best and worst relationship matches

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gemini best and worst relationship matches

Gemini and Taurus match. Taurus and Gemini aren't really the ideal couple in a typical sense, but when their individualities coincide in an accepting relationship . Though a horoscope can encourage us to go after the type of relationship we desire, only astrology can truly reveal your best match and zodiac. Cafe Astrology offers Sun Sign Compatibility: Matches for Gemini. SCORPIO thrives on intensive, direct experiences and is best suited to a life style that.

This is an astrology love match that is bound to be full of surprises, and that will suit both Gemini and Aquarius just fine, as both thrive on a diet of variety and change.

Gemini & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

Their mutual love of society and communication also ensures that these two will enjoy a warm relationship that has a strong element of friendship about it as well, helping it to last a lifetime.

An Aries-Gemini match is an astrology love match that will be full of activity, verve, and vitality, as both signs possess an excess of drive and energy that they will delight in expressing together. As a result, Pisces is easily hurt and is just too sensitive and broody for fun-loving, playful Gemini.

The result is often a relationship that is full of miscommunication, mistrust, and instability with little chance of success or harmony. Although these two are similar in that they approach life from a mental standpoint, they do so in completely different ways. On the one hand, two Geminis are much better than one when it comes to building a relationship full of great conversation, adventure, fun, and fascinating ideas.

Sagittarius love the chase but Virgos hate it. When these signs come together, there is always uncertainty surrounding the relationship.

Sagittarius can be almost too carefree and they rarely think of how their actions affect those around them.

gemini best and worst relationship matches

Sagittarius beings also tend to disappear, something that does not go over well when dating a Virgo. This is why the best match for you is the emotional Pisces. Both Scorpios and Pisces are very imaginative people and together they tend to live in their own little bubble. Both signs are very friendly which leads to great conversation. The sensitive Pisces is very honest, a trait that means an immense amount to Scorpios.

The worst match for a Scorpio is Aries. Aries people are full of fire and Scorpios need their partners to have a softness. Aries always want it their way and that does not sit well with you Scorpio. Aries and Scorpios are much better as friends or business partners then they are at romantic relationships.

Gemini Sun Sign Compatability Matches

This is why the best match for you is Aquarius. Aquarius beings are full of facts and knowledge, something that tends to impress you.

Both signs are very positive and hard working as well as passionate and energetic. The worst match for a Sagittarius is a Taurus.

Those born under this sign tend to be very practical, which does not leave a lot of room for spontaneity, which leaves you bored. You are fiery and they are much more down to earth, making your way of being in a relationship very different from one another.

gemini best and worst relationship matches

If you are an Aries, your best match is Libra. Libra is a great pair for you because they match with you emotionally. Libras are naturally independent and give you the perfect amount of space, which is something necessary for you. Libra people do not like jumping into relationships.

gemini best and worst relationship matches

This forces you, Aries, to work for it a little, something that feeds your hard working nature. Libras are fun-loving people and enjoy spending time out on the town.

Gemini Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

Together, you will share many new experiences together, something that is important to both of you. On the other hand, your worst match is Taurus. Taurus people hate the chase when dealing which relationships, something that you Aries, enjoy.

People born under this sign like to know where they stand when entering a relationship which is often draining for Aries beings. In the past months together we have always been affectionate with each other. She is so perfect for me.

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I just want to be there for her and support her in anything she does. For whatever reason, I always ended up with one, but every time I tried, it would end in disaster.

I feel alone a lot of the time. I feel like I have no one to talk to, there are days where I just want to be spoken to so badly. Which has really made me worried about our future.

It pisses him off, but I always say, we are just roommates that sleep in the same bed. Each time that we have been close to calling it quits, we wind up back together, nothing settled, nothing gained….

gemini best and worst relationship matches

The good parts consist of us goofing off a lot, joking, dancing around like dorks, etc.