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guru and chela relationship

Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Guru-chela relationship: the possibility of a therapeutic paradigm." by J S Neki. It has been suggested that the guru-chela relationship may serve as a model for therapy with Indian patients. This paper examines this traditional relationship. Guru-chela relationship. El Morya speaks about the guru-chela relationship in his book The Chela and the Path: Chela is a term meaning student or disciple of a.

The true Teacher teaches the chela how to come to grips with his karma—past, present, and future.

Guru-Chela Relationship with the Ascended Masters - MP3

He shows him how to study the law of causation in his own life and to trace undesirable conditions of the present to the core of past actions and interactions with individuals, family members, and the world at large. Thus the reactions of the past produce the ramifications of the present; and step by step the chela is taught to withdraw from the fabric of consciousness the blackened threads of unwise sowings of the past, that he might reap a more abundant harvest in the karma of the future.

To do this the chela must transcend the former state of consciousness; else he will repeat the same mistakes. To transcend that state, he must break through the paper bag of his own finite awareness—the cul-de-sac of mortal reason in which he has been floundering for centuries of incarnations.

Thus when the pupil is ready for the breakthrough, the Teacher appears. For, you see, by cosmic law the Ascended Masters must take on as their chelas those who move and act in conformity with the will of God on the path of self-discipline and self-immolation. As is often the case, the Ascended Masters remain behind the veil, which means simply that because of a lack of surrender or a lack of development in the chela, they retain a certain anonymity and prefer to remain elusive to the outer consciousness, almost playing hide-and-seek with the chela.

And this is a means of keeping the chela in hot pursuit of the Guru; for it is the striving—the intense striving—for oneness that is the mark of the overcomer.

guru and chela relationship

As you meditate upon your place upon the path, upon the circumstances of your life—what you are, what you desire to be, where you are and where you desire to be—consider that love is the fulfilling of the law of the path of chelaship. They are indeed experiencing physical fitness, and so a physical benefit, but this is but one facet — the least of which — that is Yoga.

But simply being receptive to a thing does not make one a student of that thing, let alone able to expand past the perimeters of that thing. DVDs are strictly physical, so that when watching, the owner of the DVD simply mirrors the movements seen.

This can be harmful in several ways. Not only can the watcher hurt them self in a singular pose, but they may also create injury through repeatedly making the same mistake.

Then, through repeated mistakes in movement, they create habit, which as we all know, are difficult to break free from.

guru and chela relationship

So when the DVD practitioner meets a Yoga teacher, they must first be taught to break free from a harmful habit before they can learn the correct way of movement.

This can create mental turmoil in the way of ego, where the student feels they are doing it right and the teacher is wrong, so they will resist the one-on-one instruction either consciously or unconsciously on both a physical and mental level. And this is just one example — a physical one that but briefly touches upon the realm of mind.

Guru–shishya tradition

So when my students ask me to recommend a DVD for home practice, I suggest they do at home what they learn in the Shala. When they relate that they cannot always remember the many steps that are necessary in the correct approach to any given pose, I tell them to move freely, to follow that feeling they get while at the Shala.

This cannot be had from a DVD. Hatha Yoga is a physical practice, as seen in the word hatha [2], but this should not be mistaken to mean that it exists outside of Yoga; hence the inclusion of the word.

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Hatha Yoga has, from its timeless past, been a teacher-student practice. It was meant from its beginning to be a means of building an interpersonal relationship.

First, teachers must be capable, which means identified by their teacher as ready to teach.

guru and chela relationship

Then the student must be capable, which means receptive to learning, to include situational constraints where applied by a teacher. What most in the West fail to realize is that only through a teacher-student relationship is the student able to work independently. The one-on-one approach in the teacher-student model is not just advantageous for the student but for the teacher as well. At the most basic level, the teacher learns from the student. This happens when the teacher listens to the student, considers what they the teacher knowsthen relates that in a way the student can understand.

For myself, I have explained the same concept hundreds of different ways, all to aid the individual student I am speaking with understand the basic concept I am relating. Simply put, we all do not learn the same way, so being a teacher means being fluid enough to adapt and adjust their knowledge in such a way to make it understandable to any given student. A DVD cannot do this. In fact, after a few viewings it becomes repetitive, so boring to the student; and before long, sits on the shelf collecting dust.