Guts and griffith relationship quiz

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guts and griffith relationship quiz

quizzes · groups · video galleries . It was kinda hinted at when Griffith meets Guts again at Godo's place that Caska can actually .. I think that's probably why the further it moved away from the Guts-Griffith relationship, the less interested I found myself. . What about her feelings towards Guts and Griffith?. He killed some of her friends, she was jealous of the way Griffith acted towards Romeo and Juliet's relationship came to an end by suicide. I am kinda new to this community so hello. I am all caught up on all the content as well. Do you think Griffith loved Guts in a why and.

One interpretation is that Griffith does love Guts, there was a lot of emphasis on where Guts is locate in Griffith heart. So if Griffith do love Guts, why does he cared so deeply for Guts? Is it because he only view a friend as someone who is equals to himself as Guts did?

Guts & Griffith - The Driving Force Behind Berserk

Or was it when Casca later say that "a man can't live in isolation with nothing more than a dream! Griffith was lost when you have left his side"!. Perhaps Griffith found a true friend, or someone to help him pushed away the loneliness. When Guts leave Griffith, is leave Griffith in a terrible despair that fracture his mentality to make rational decision, such as his solace was gone, his heart was broken, such is why Griffith want revenge on Guts for breaking his heart.

Another interpretation on their relationship is that Griffith and Guts are in a master and slave relationship, Griffith was the master and Guts were the slave.

Berserk, Vol. 6 by Kentaro Miura

In a way, is was a dominatrix relationship, where Griffith was the one who have Guts on a leash and own Guts souls and body. Some examples of this is Griffith did show many possessive toward "Gut" like his toys.

He even told Guts "you are mine" when he defeated Guts during their first meeting. In a way, I think is Griffith fetish for dominance over guts. When Guts left him, is was like a Slave rebellion against his master, which Griffith saw was unacceptable, he was like, "how could Guts do this do him, Guts was his"!!!!.

Berserk, Vol. 6

The mentality of possession Guts in his hand were part of his dreams of dominance as well. In it own way, the relationship between Guts and Griffith is very complex, is one of the most beautiful relationship I ever seen in an anime medium I ever see, I really enjoy their relationship as it develop throughout the story.

As you can see, the world always have a shade of black and white, human beings in society are mostly taught to see the concept of good is the right thing, such as helping other or contributed to a community to make a better place in the world. Human being are also taught to despise evil as well, the atrocity of evil.

As you can see, there is two divided line between the two, good and evil. However, it one looks closer, there is a shade of grey as well. Not everything is black and white, there is shade of grey as well.

The reason such as is hard to talk about the shade of grey, so human being would stick to one side of either black or white. Yet let look at evil, evil would presume to be with the activities such as violence, rape, drug, etc.

Now the word of "Evil" goes back to a very long times, the most popular verse was Satan or Lucifer from Christianity. Now back to the topic at hand, Griffith, seeing his actions during the massacre of the Band of Hawk, the people's would label his actions as immoral and consider Griffith as complete monster. An evil person with no redeeming qualities, while I do believe that Griffith does throw out his moral compass when he reach that point. I do believe, when I dig deeper into Griffith mind, I find some shade of Grey myself.

guts and griffith relationship quiz

My thought In my opinion, I would not label Griffith as a "Evil" character as many people would label him as, and I know I'm making a very controversial statements by saying this, and in no way I'm justifying his actions.

I'm just saying I'm not going to judge him as an evil person. I would classify Griffith as a tragic character who have fallen to deep in his own ambitions that lead him to the path of evil. He is not Evil at the beginning or plain evil, but a tragic figure, an action that he cause lead to an undesirable consequences.

why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

Now let me explain this in more detail, when we first see Griffith, he was a very feminine individual, however, once we see his mentality. Griffith is shown to be very ambitious and obsessive for his dream of conquest, a perfect comparison to Griffith is Richard the Third, from William Shakespeare Machiavellian character, who ambitious dream lead to his rises and tragic fallen.

Griffith obsession of his dream for a kingdom was a goal that I think show him to be a tragic character, not like a tragic hero who have redeemed quality that invokes sympathies from the audience, but a character with an ambitious flaw that you know will lead to disastrous results. His own dream was like a urge for booze or casual sex, in is own way, is was an iron bond that is forge around Griffith, a burden that he carry with him for the rest of his life.

His obsession also lead to this question, how far can you go? Are you willing to walk pass morality and ethics to achieve your dream, are you willing to go as far as necessary to achieve your dreams??

Griffith character, to break every boundaries that human morals have set, to achieve his goal. The tragic thing is that he is a slave to his own dreams, no matter how much guilt he have rack up for murdering the people he would consider his family, his dream and ambition drive him to far, leading to this horrible tragedy he have committed.

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Another tragic thing I saw is when Guts left him, you can really see Griffith really broke down, he is a shell of his former self sort to say, when Guts leave him. Griffith was shattered like glass, he have loss one thing close to his heart or sorts to say, his heaven and souls.

So when he was banging Princess Charlotte, there was no love or comfort for the princess, only Griffith way to cope with losing that dominance over guts.

guts and griffith relationship quiz

Just one mistakes has sent Griffith world crumbling down, he have loss his best friends, the band of the Hawk, and he is torture for 1 or 2 years. Huge abs, naked bodies and giant flaming demons with horns are all over the place. There's also a lot of rape and child rape at thatand a lot of homophobic and misogynistic slurs many of them come from the main characterall of which may be considered natural for the world where the book is set, and yet all these things feel unnecessary and aren't handled particularly well, in my opinion.

There's also a moment in this book where a strong, competent woman warrior the only female character in the book who has at least some depthwho was also the commander of an army for a long time, loses a fight because she's having her period. And of course, this is the moment where the main character steps in and saves her. Seriously, was this manga written in 19th century?! Because sometimes it feels like it was! So here I am. Not really enjoying this book, not really hating it.

I think it's just not my thing. Continuing reading would mean that I'd have to order the rest of the volumes, and there are a lot of them 38 and counting!

Who knows, though, if I somehow get my hands on the following volumes, I might still give them a read.