Hiyori and shinji relationship questions

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hiyori and shinji relationship questions

What is the true nature of their relationship? He has such a fondness for me, Hiyori thought as Shinji carried her over his "She was asking us questions!. This category contains questions about Shinji Hirako. What relationship does Hiyori have with Kirio Hikifune, Shinji Hirako, Kisuke Urahara, Sosuke Aizen. Hiyori puts up quite a fight against having him as captain and even kicks him in the balls. relationship between Kisuke and Hiyori and also the insight that Shinji has in Here, Aizen questions inquisitively about the promotion and Kyoraku.

Hiyori, still spluttering over her tea, mustered a filthy glare before looking away. Wow, on top of Lisa asking invasive questions every time the conversation turned to guys inevitable with Mashiro in the partyshe really wished Lisa didn't have to read those lewd books in public like that, during the busy lunch hour no less.

Mashiro chose this moment to awaken from her food-coma nap and rose from the tatami, hair messy, eyes squinted. Lisa adjusted her glasses and closed her totally-not-a-porno novel with a crisp snap. Hah, Inconvenience was an understatement, sometimes Hiyori would take one look at that slouched-over beanpole and wish Squad Eleven would run rampant in the squad twelve barracks and flatten the place.

This was too much. She was like a tiny little furnace in the middle of the bustling establishment, metaphorically burning a hole into her sakura-patterned zabuton with her tiny little rage. Hirako Shinji sauntered into the bustling teashop and flopped into the seat next to Hiyori with a flourish of his Haori.

Not wanting to deal with Shinji making fun of her for an entire lunchtime, Hiyori made to leave the buzzing establishment. That just made her madder. All too aware of the onlookers staring in their general direction, and the searing heat of Shinji's calloused palm against her wrist, Hiyori's face burned. The urge to shunpo the hell outta here was growing, what with the appearance of this very old and perennial nuisance. The possibility of the torrid conversation that Lisa and Mashiro continuing was not a pleasant one to Hiyori to boot.

Hiyori looked at Mashiro's pouting form, morosely stabbing at the melting blocks of ice in her cup, and sighed. What a drama queen. Mashiro stole a glance at Hiyori in turn and fought back a wry smile.

He continued, "It's just… I think there's something special between you and her.

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Like special bond, but not as a 'brother and sister 'relation or friendship. Kinda special relation like…" "Oh, ya must be kidding me.

hiyori and shinji relationship questions

I rather die than be her boyfriend! He is lying to you. I saw he slept with her last night. So Hiyori-chan finally gave her virginity to you?! What a shame that she chose you…" blurted Rose. It's not what ya thinkin'!

Why the hell ya asked me bout that in the first place?!! You know, Hiyori look like in my sisters age and that temper of hers is just like…" said Ichigo. You think why the infamous lewd like him could possibly fell in love with Hiyori?! Shinji couldn't take the conversation anymore so he yells to his friends to stop whatever they were talking.

Shinji almost fell out in shock and embarrassment when Rose gives his conclusion,"of course it's obvious that Shinji has a Lolita complex. Lisa sighed and shook her head. In second Hiyori was standing in front of them, complaining about something with Mashiro.

Suddenly an idea struck in Lisa's head. Oh yeah, Lisa hit the nerve as she had expected. Hiyori is the easy one to be played. Is Hiyorin in love with someone? Is that someone is…Oh My! Might give you some ideas. I'm not into little whiny brats like her! Says the man who makes faces when he knows he's lost a verbal war! Definitely an old married couple.

They know each other way too well, push each other's buttons too easily. If they really hated each other, one of them would have killed the other by now. It's been over a hundred years of living together, for crying out loud. Betcha anything they don't act like that with other people normally. He's got a point.

You only get that pissed off at Shinji, and we all know Shinji does those antics just to get a rise out of you.

Shinji later turns this back on Ichigo, suggesting he has this situation with Rukia. Beware the Nice Ones: All of the nice characters, and Orihime in particular. Cazador de la Luna Ichigo's inner hollow of course. He insists Ichigo is as well. Also per usual, Zaraki Kenpachi and Madarame Ikkaku. Urahara's bankai includes a spell that can call down a Rain of Blood and turn it into a Flechette Storm. It also allows him to control the blood of everyone he's ever killed, which is implied to be a lot of people.

Ichigo uses Sai, the weakest of bakudo, against Aizen. Though it only holds him for a second, that's long enough for Soifon's attack to connect. Boxing Lessons for Superman: Tessai trains Ichigo in kido after the latter acknowledges that he's functionally helpless against them. Ichigo spends a fair amount of time training to increase his skill rather than his strength, such as learning various ways to use Zangetsu and Getsuga Tenshou.

Break Them by Talking: Zen'i does this to Ichigo about how for all his power and experience, Ichigo has no idea what to do with himself if he's not fighting.

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Hell attempts this on the nature of humanity, which leads to a Shut Up, Hannibal! Zaraki Kenpachi, of all people, does this to Ayumu—again, of all people—after the latter's zanpakutou is destroyed. Brought Down to Badass: After sealing away a significant portion of his power, Ichigo can still bring captains to their knees.

Upon learning about the Arrancar and Aizen, Tatsuki wants to help, only for Ichigo to casually display his power and explain that his enemies are far stronger than he is. When Karin starts developing powers of her own, Kon explicitly tells her that if she tries to fight in the current crisis, she will die. Not might die, will die.

Some Seireitei nobles decide Ichigo is too powerful and decide to blackmail him by threatening to send his mother to Hell if he leaves the living world. While Ichigo complies at first, when he's forced to break the deal, they follow through and now have a being in the same weight class as Yamamoto furious with them.

Kon shows his more serious side from his debut episode when he talks to Karin about Ichigo. Ichigo blocks Gin's bankai in the same manner he deflected Byakuya's: The Turn Back the Pendulum arc of the manga includes souls breaking apart and disappearing, and Urahara mentioning an experimental gigai he's inventing that could re-stabilize a crumbling soul. For when the soul's pieces are totally scattered far apart already, such as those souls making up the desert in the bottom level of Hell, Urahara reveals here that he came up with an experimental spell to pull them back together.

The Hougyoku's ability to read people's hearts is used to set up a system for letting souls out of Hell: Ichigo and Ishida point out to Orihime that the only reason the Gotei 13 haven't done anything to them before is that there was the threat of Aizen to worry about and they needed the help.

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Way earlier in the fic, Hitsugaya accuses Ichigo of distrusting the Gotei 13, and Ichigo retorts that if Aizen weren't the bigger threat, the Gotei 13 would be coming after him and his friends. Soul Society might tolerate me long enough to put Aizen down, but guess who'd be next? Especially since I'm just a human being living here. Soul Society might tolerate the existence of a human who could defeat some of their best Shinigami, since we humans live a short time anyway.

But a human who could defeat some of their best Shinigami and then have the additional power to push him beyond Taicho [captain] level? The togabito can use their chains as weapons or shields. Ulquiorra reveals that crossing the Despair Event Horizon will unlock the Resurreccion: When Uryuu makes note of the canon red shinigami and white ordinary humans and quincies colorations of spirit ribbons, he also mentions that hollows appear black and togabito appear purple.

When Orihime is kidnapped, Ichigo makes another deal with Cazador they fight for control a week early and if Cazador wins, Ichigo won't challenge him again. Unlike their previous fights, Ichigo refuses to banter and immediately goes for the kill.

Urahara has an experimental Kido spell that can pull a dispersed soul back together, but it requires WAY more reiryoku spirit energy to use than he has personally. So, all of the shinigami currently around add their power to his in order to use the spell. According to Urahara, the reason Aizen never came after him until he already possessed the Hogyouku was because he knew Urahara prepares a counter for every power and ability he ever encounters.

hiyori and shinji relationship questions

Zommari's over-reliance on his Amor comes back to bite him when Uryuu uses Gritz to entrap him in stone walls too far away for him to punch and then shoots him before he can charge a Cero. Curiosity Killed the Cast: When it's learned Ichigo's mother is a quincy, Yamamoto asks that information be suppressed lest Captain Kurotsuchi decide to "commit suicide by Kurosaki.

When Orihime is captured and taken to Hueco Mundo, she uses her powers to slice a hole in the wall and escape, meeting Ichigo and the others halfway.

The Kido Corps are charged with creating a kido to deal with Hell. Their possible solution is so dangerous that they plan to destroy all records of it after it's used along with making the underlying principles forbidden to anyone but the Kido Corps captain.

Dark Is Not Evil: Cazador and Zen'i are merely parts of Ichigo's soul. The blue desert in the fourth layer of Hell is made of togabito that have died permanently or have been killed by Hell who can also revive them from this state. Shuren was on the receiving end of the latter and does not get revived. Ichigo handles his hollow by making a deal to fight for control every two weeks with the loser helping the winner until their next fight.

Aizen is killed during his final battle against Ichigo. Subverted with Grimmjow; they thought he'd died, but he actually became a togabito by eating one and inheriting its chains. Hell can revive within seconds of being killed. Ichigo has suicidal thoughts and is happy to be run through by a sword after seeing his mother get her head crushed and various illusions of her blaming him for all the pain she ever experienced in his lifetime.

Thankfully, Yuzu and Karin snap him out of it. Mashiro lampshades Ichigo's affinity for this trope: How to beat people up and then make them your friend.

Aizen of all people seems to go through this shortly before his death. According to Ulquiorra, this is the secret to unlocking Segunda Etapa. Orihime kills Barragan by rejecting his existence. When Ichigo first wins his battle with his inner hollow, he claims the latter's sword for himself, and from then on is able to use both Zangetsus as once.

hiyori and shinji relationship questions