Improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Nurse Managers Must Model Relationship Skills

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Confusion: If the pattern of authority relationship between line and staff For improving the relationships between the two and to resolve their conflict, the. The relationship between organizational trust and nurse administrators' . the performance of the nursing staff to be in a satisfactory manner and in the line with employees and gaining their trust to the organization are needed to improve the. Line and staff relationship are most two common terms used in business. Here the brief about them.

Proper selection of individuals, division of duties, evaluation appropriate, salary, and wage payment proportionate to the done work are considered as the requirement of productivity.

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Due to the complexities and problems of the present era, managers have become aware of the fact that the organizations have to look for loyal workforce; on the other hand, they should not care to dismiss their employees or reduce their number even in hundreds or thousands of people if necessary. The results could pave the way to increase the quality of nursing services and improve the hospital performance. It will provide the managers with knowledge of organizational trust indicators and productivity while they try to eliminate the possible defects and prepare the hospital for performing successful changes and increasing providing better services.

A sample size of people was selected through random sampling method. The questionnaires were distributed among examines by researchers who tried to attend for clarification if needed.

To observe morality in research, the examines agreement to participate was acquired. Impartiality and avoiding bias by researcher, utilizing newest informative and scientific resources, observing objectivity while analyzing data, and avoiding distortion of data and keeping questionnaire data confidential were also considered. To verify the questionnaires validity face and content method and authority opinions were utilized. Staff authority enables those responsible for improving the effectiveness of line personnel to perform their required tasks.

Line and Staff personnel must work together closely to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


To ensure that line and staff personnel do work together productively, management must make sure both groups understand the organizational mission, have specific objectives, and realize that they are partners in helping the organization reach its objectives. Size is perhaps the most significant factor in determining whether or not an organization will have staff personnel.

As an organization expands, it usually needs employees with expertise in diversified areas.

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Although small organizations may also require this kind of diverse expertise, they often find it more practical to hire part time consultants to provide it is as needed rather than to hire full time staff personnel, who may not always be kept busy. A plant manager has line authority over each immediate subordinate, human resource manager, the production manager and the sales manager.

However, the human resource manager has staff authority in relation to the plant manger, meaning the human resource manager has staff authority in relation to the plant manager, meaning the human resource manager possesses the right to advise the plant manager on human resource matters.

Still final decisions concerning human resource matters are in the hands of the plant manager, the person holding the line authority. Harold Stieglitz has pinpointed 3 roles that staff personnel typically perform to assist line personnel: The Advisory or Counseling Role: In this role, staff personnel use their professional expertise to solve organizational problems.

The relationship between organizational trust and nurse administrators’ productivity in hospitals

The staff personnel are, in effect, internal consultants whose relationship with line personnel is similar to that of a professional and a client. Staff personnel in this role provide services that can more efficiently and effectively be provided by a single centralized staff group than by many individuals scattered throughout the organization.

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Staff positions serve the organization by indirectly supporting line functions. Staff positions consist of staff personnel and staff managers.

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Staff personnel use their technical expertise to assist line personnel and aid top management in various business activities. Staff managers provide support, advice, and knowledge to other individuals in the chain of command.

Although staff managers are not part of the chain of command related to direct production of products or services, they do have authority over personnel. An example of a staff manager is a legal adviser.

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He or she does not actively engage in profit-making activities, but does provide legal support to those who do. Therefore, staff positions, whether personnel or managers, engage in activities that are supportive to line personnel. Three types of authority are present: Line authority is the right to carry out assignments and exact performance from other individuals. Line authority flows down the chain of command. For example, line authority gives a production supervisor the right to direct an employee to operate a particular machine, and it gives the vice president of finance the right to request a certain report from a department head.

Therefore, line authority gives an individual a certain degree of power relating to the performance of an organizational task.

improving line and staff relationship in nursing

Two important clarifications should be considered, however, when discussing line authority: The head of a staff department has line authority over his or her employees by virtue of authority relationships between the department head and his or her directly-reporting employees. Staff authority is the right to advise or counsel those with line authority.

For example, human resource department employees help other departments by selecting and developing a qualified workforce. A quality control manager aids a production manager by determining the acceptable quality level of products or services at a manufacturing company, initiating quality programs, and carrying out statistical analysis to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Therefore, staff authority gives staff personnel the right to offer advice in an effort to improve line operations.